Author: rsoftokz
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Requirements: Ravage Mod, Community Base addons A3
Island(s): Altis, Chernarus, Chernarus Summer, Chernarus Winter
Playable options: N/A

Version: 0.0.5P Hotfix

Date: 2016-01-23 05:38

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ROADS is a survival oriented, single player,semi randomized and open to whole island mission based on the original showcase of RAVAGE.
you'll be alone trying to find the essentials to survive.
Made exclusively for RAVAGE (required) , the mission is also MODS-Friendly (at least all mods supported by RAVAGE-see below, section "recommanded mods" )

what's inside ROADS:
all you find in RAVAGE:
    - post-apocalyptic world
    - bandits
    - renegades
    - survivors
    - abandonned vehicles (need repair and refuel )
    - radiations zone
    - survival loot and system to survive (need to eat, drink,heal and rest )

....but no Zombies (for now. see below why) and no color filter....

and more:
    - time factor x1 (default RAVAGE: x4)
    - 14 random aeras for starting points for the mission (even you spawn in the same aera when you restart the whole mission, you will never be at the same place)
    - chemlight on player system (require chemlights in inventory) in mission files -should be added in RAVAGE functions in further Ravage's updates-
    - modified places all over the map to simulate a world of survivors
    - bandits camps, here and there
    - bandits bases, a few ones
    - bandits patrol, everywhere
    - "Survivors style" quadbikes (in some places, not many of them, with low % of chance to be spawn to random them on each mission (re)start )
    - SFX about atmosphere: never ending sand storm
    - SFX about some assets : IE -NVGs, if you find some, are mostly damaged due to radiations and will help to roam through the night but not to fight as the image will be highly altered.
    - hours of fun enjoying roaming all over Altis for some stuff to survive... and some fight.

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/Missions folder.

About ROADS:
ROADS is the very first mission I make to public release

I hope you'll be kind enough to understand I have lot to learn about mission making and scripting and I share here what like to do since I discovered Arma and the ability to mod and edit the game.

I hope you'll enjoy this work which was previously just made for my son to play Ravage at home without thinking it might be public shared one day.

Why Zombies are not present in the mission for now?

because I wanted, in the first glance, a survival oriented mission, based on the novel "The ROAD" and my son didn't want zombies. (but he asked for them a few days ago ;) )

Yes Ravage is certainly the next "DayZ" like mod for Arma 3 (and/or some other mods still WIP too), but the most interesting thing to me is the survival aspect of RAVAGE more than the Zeds aspect.

How to play ROADS:
Thruly, everyone has is own way to play a mission, but some advices might help.
the best tools to survive are.... your mental and your brain.

Observe, Understand, Think and Act. (and sometimes, just Run.....)
keep the essential for the instant moment and let the other things for later (one thing at the time, one time for each thing )

survive and fight....

Future plans:
on Ravage's side as the mod is WIP:
    - please follow news on RAVAGE thread.

on ROADS side too , as it is also WIP:
    - maybe a special mate.....
    - caching system for added objects and items to save some CPU/GPU ressources
    - a story line
    - a task (for now the main goal is to survive the longer you can, see the "day counter" when you open the inventory)
    - several alternative ends depending of your game

Known issues:
- "missing locations" error on Chernarus maps, for this reason lights are "ON" at night and most spawning functions of RAVAGE might fail (wrecks, random squads)
- some errors messages due to CUP terrain pack (click OK and go on playing the mission )
- spawning at the begining of the mission without dead buddy and burning truck: restart the mission.

Recommended mods:
Enhanced Movement improved movements to climb, jump... but also enhanced NVG SFX to improve the specific effect made for the mission (damaged vision )
Incognito by RYDYGIER (winner of MANW contest with PILGRIMAGE) will allow you to stay incognito in some specific occasion... and maybe to be stealth enough for some actions
MOCAP hand to hand close combat, takedown.....will help with Incognito to be close enough to bandits and to kill them with bare hands
TRYK's Uniforms custom uniforms to improve the atmosphere of RAVAGE
Nato-Russians SF Weapons for weapons by Massi
USSOCOM-75th Rangers-DEVGRU for weapons, winter uniforms, NVG and alternative helos by Massi
UK Special Forces for weapons, winter uniforms, NVG and alternativea helos by Massi
Italian SOF for weapons, winter uniforms, NVG and alternative helos by Massi
Russian GRU OMON Spetsnaz for weapons, winter uniforms (AIs only) and extra helos by Massi
Flay Archery by Mr Flay
EricJ_Weapons for weapons, Accessories and Uniforms by EricJ
RH Pistol pack for weapons by Robert Hammer
RH Accessories for weapons accessories by Robert Hammer
M4 Super 90 benelli Shotgun for weapons by Purple
Spanish Army mod FFAA for weapons and NVG by FFAA Team
GPNVG-18 mod for NVG by Teeha and Warlord554
B&T MP-9/ MP-45 for weapons by Alwarren and GvsE
RHARD_MK18 for weapons by Robert Hammer and ArdVarkdb
Specialist Military Arms for weapons by Blasenchamber
JSRS3 DragonFire for upgraded sounds by JSRS Studios;
MH-47E for alternative helos by Konyo.

see also RAVAGE's Thread "recommanded mods section"

v0.0.5P Hotfix
  • HOTFIX about chernarus summer and winter pbo files: error related to xcam source.

  • v0.0.5P
  • mission ported to Chernarus maps (CUP TP and Chernarus Winter A3)
  • due to CUP Terrains Pack latest update (V.1.0.1, _Core and _Maps) some Ravage functions might not work properly on Chernarus maps (missing locations, will not spawn properly bandits random squads, wrecks and more...)
  • re-written scripts to match new RAVAGE Update V.0.1.34 (no more LV2/Lv3 uniforms)
  • re-arranged map (triggers, objects)
  • re-written spawn gear for player: now player spawn with random uniform on mission start and two blue chems.
  • re-written uniforms selection for AIs to match Chernarus_Winter map (winter uniforms from massi, Tryk mods) -most of AIs will have warm clothes, some still in summer/spring clothes
  • randomized anti personnal bounding mines spreading on whole map (approx 400 mines all over the map, randomly)
  • script to modify Chernarus maps on some specific places (more building from Arma 3 config added, bandits base and camps, fortified bandits seized fuel station ) more than 4000 objects added (not visible on map)
  • weapons and accessories from SMA (mod compatibility extended)
  • ambiant helos flights with random type of helos (compatibles with massi's mods and KYO MH-47E)
  • tweaked additional Trashloot system - now compatible with CUP_terrains pack classnames- extended aeras to search - places might be searchable once or twice before declared "empty "
  • tweaked RAVAGE loot system (percentage of chance to spawn items)

  • v0.0.4
  • new ROADS loot system based on Larrow 's script:
      you can now search in Trash piles or containers (some types, not all of them) for items, uniforms (LV1 military/sf grade and LV3 radiations protective), ammos and weapons.
      those items are from RAVAGE mod and/or all compatible mods listed for ROADS and RAVAGE.
      no mod dependency unless RAVAGE and CBA_A3 required.
      search in the same aera is limited and cannot be searched again when empty before defined time.
      tweaked loot list for the mission to stay survival
  • lighter mission.sqm file : most of predisposed AI removed from map. spawn triggers for Bandits camps instead.
    FPS style dropping but less than previous versions. weather and atmosphere spotted to make FPS dropped too in certain conditions. still working on FPS save solutions.
  • possibility to rearm your armed car: find ammos from other armed vehicles if weapons on each veh have same ammos.
  • extended gearlist to RHARD_Mk18 mod (weapons)

  • v0.0.3
  • minors changes and improvements to predisposed objects and AI on map
  • ZBE_Cache installed to save FPS on game ( testing)
  • script implemented to add a wider range of gears and weaponry to spawned AI by making a bigger mod compatibility without mods dependency. Only RAVAGE is required, all other mods are optional ( see the mods list on ROADS thread )
  • new weapons added like compound bow from Flay_Archery mod ( should be fun with new RAVAGE hunting function) or RH pistol pack or wider choice of already existing mods compatible with RAVAGE.

  • v0.0.2
  • "chemlight on player" now inclued in Ravage's functions since RAVAGE UPDATE V0.1.3.2 - function deleted from mission files
  • RAVAGE original tutorials added to mission files

  • Forum topic:
    - BI forums

    - Ravage Mod
    - Community Base addons A3
    - Community Upgrade Project - Terrains Complete (Optional)
    - Chernarus Winter A3 (Optional)

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