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Requirements: No addons required
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Version: 1.1

Date: 2008-04-02 06:30

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LSD Deathmach-pack #1
Lost Soul Division Clan

Contains 3 maps:
    - Postal Bagango
    - Postal Paraiso
    - Postal Ortego
    - Hotel
These maps are for 21 players and you fight in paraiso, ortego and bagango, while Hotel is for 15 players.

Added actionmenu functions:
    - Commit suicide
    - Lucky or not? Its a bit like lottery, you "check" what you got in your pocket... so you can find a few nades, a medipack, or other stuff.. in worst case you die, or you get a good gun ;) This function is just to make it a bit more funny, not just only running around and kill.
Copy the pbo file(s) to .\ArmA\MPMissions (installation) folder.

Change log:
- small script bug which created an error during the time change. So the map was only playable in the night.

The scripts are really simple and easy to handle, if you want to fight in a other town just move everything on the map to the new town.
There are 50 blank markers, these are the respawn points.. place them well and its done (copy also the scripts in the new mission folders)

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