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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Stratis, Virtual Reality
Playable options: N/A

Version: 2.3.0

Date: 2016-01-07 19:15

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Sealand is a randomly-generated "Mother Base"-type mega-structure that includes COOP and TvT game modes. 100 square meter cells are built on-the-fly to connect and form a huge base off the coast of Stratis. Sealand evolved out of my "Dungeons" project from last year.

Package content:
1. sealand-generator-standalone - Stratis
This is the bare bones Sealand generator. Merge the lines from init.sqf and description.ext into your mission and copy the functions folder into your mission's base directory. Six markers from mission.sqm are also required.

2. sealand template - VR
This can be opened in the editor with the X-Cam addon running. It sets up a 100 x 100 meter area in the Virtual Reality map. The top of each light pole indicates where connections to other cells should be made. There are five "shapes" you can make: adjacent (north & east), NSEW (all four directions obviously; currently there is only one of this type and the generator script only expects one), one (north), straight (north & south), and triple (north, west & east). The generator rotates the shapes when building Sealand as needed.
Edit the array in input-existing-cell-script.sqf by copying an existing cell (from /functions/sealand/fn_adjacent.sqf, for example), or just blank it out to make one from scratch. Save to script, locate the new .sqf file in your Arma 3 folder, remove unnecessary bits, and copy the lines to the appropriate shape function file (set up in the right array format).

3. sealand - Stratis (folder)
This is the mission folder that can be accessed by the in-game editor. Opening it in the editor will start it in COOP mode, as that is the default parameter. The central NSEW cell always starts in grid 070-070, but you can change this in /functions/opec/fn_start.sqf (because you may wish to port this to another map, for example).

4. sealand - Stratis (pbo)
This is the packed mission for use on a game server. Remember to check the parameters on the mission slot select screen before starting.

COOP mode currently features one VIP rescue task and several Kill HVT tasks. Vanilla spectator mode is started upon death.

TvT mode has unlimited respawn and ends when a faction scores enough points (kills). The scripts attempt to respawn you in a cell currently in your faction's zone of control. The "Special Snowflake" civilian slot cannot rack up points for his faction, but has anywhere-access to the Virtual Arsenal and a certain super-power.

The medical system is Farooq Revive v1.6. comfy blanket developed the Platinum Patrol script.

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/MPMissions folder.

Check out this Imgur album of various screenshots taken of Sealand.

Please feel free to give me a shout by email or catch me on Teamspeak:

Known issues:
1. Generation of Sealand could get "stuck" while trying to finish on rare occasion. Restart the mission. My guess is this has to do with hard-coded suspension of scripts that take too long to complete.
2. Player gets stuck in a swimming animation while climbing ladders. Find another way up.
3. The action to climb ladders can be difficult to acquire when swimming. Find another way up.
Feel free to tinker with the code and send me feedback!
4. Seagulls cannot be disabled without running an addon. Sorry, they can be annoying.

Credits & thanks:
Killzone Kid
Various members of /a3g/ for their help testing
Bohemia Interactive

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