Automated doors A2 by Heeeere's Johnny!
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Heeeere's Johnny! sent us the Arma 2 version of his Automated doors script.

    Quote :
    This is a backport of Automated Doors for Arma 3 to Arma 2.

    Supported maps:
    • Altis/Stratis (combined in one file)
    • Chernarus
    • Takistan
    • Zargabad
    • Utes

    At some point, I got annoyed of having to walk really close to a door and sometimes even having to scroll, if my default action is something different, to get the right action to finally open it. Maybe there's some people out there feeling similarly.

    • all doors open and close automatically
    • usable in Singleplayer (client side) or in Multiplayer (server side only)
    • support for dynamic locations where this script should only work
    • support for side specific locations, where this script only works for players of the respective side
    • actions for the following features:
        - enable/disable automatically closing doors
        - enable/disable "Automated Doors" completely
        - irreversibly* remove all actions related to "Automated Doors"
    • globally force doors to stay open, no matter what the player's actions say
    • can be terminated and restarted without trigger-leftovers or action-leftovers
    • minimized server load due to need-based dynamic object management

Written on 2016-01-20 19:52 by Heeeeres Johnny  

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