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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 0.90.40

Short description: Script that adds dynamic civilians to a map.

Date: 2016-02-04 18:53

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Engima's Civilians


Engima's Civilians is a script that adds dynamic civilians to an Arma 3 mission. Civilians spawn near player(s) and are removed again when they are far away. Works on maps with enterable buildings.

You can customize how many civilians there will be, civilian unit classes, the maximum number of groups to use, minimum spawn distance, maximum spawn distance, and blacklist markers to define areas where no civilians will be. You also add callbacks if you want to do something when units spawn or being removed. Script works in singleplayer, multiplayer, hosted, dedicated, for JIPs, and on any map with enterable buildings.

Also released as CPack "Engima.Civilians" for the TypeSqf Editor.

1. Copy folder "Engima" to root of your mission folder.
2. Create the file "init.sqf" in your mission folder (if you don't already have it). Add the following line to the top of the init.sqf: [code=auto:0]call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "Engima\Civilians\Init.sqf";[/code]
3. Customize the script in the file "Engima\Civilians\ConfigAndStart.sqf".

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Here is the simplest example that starts the civilian script with all default parameters. This code are to be put in Engima\Civilians\ConfigAndStart.sqf.
[] spawn ENGIMA_CIVILIANS_StartCivilians;

Here is an example that uses all parameters and first saves them in a variable named "_parameters". The function call (or spawn) that starts the civilian script is beneath. This code are to be put in Engima\Civilians\ConfigAndStart.sqf.
// Set civilian parameters.
_parameters = [
	["UNIT_CLASSES", ["C_man_1", "C_man_1_1_F", "C_man_1_2_F"]],
	["DEBUG", true]

// Start the civilian script
_parameters spawn ENGIMA_CIVILIANS_StartCivilians;

Documentation and a complete reference of set up parameters can be found in file "Engima\Civilians\Documentation.txt".

How to update from older version:
1. Back up your own customization file (Engima\Civilians\ConfigAndStart.sqf).
2. Replace the folder Engima\Civilians with the corresponding folder in the download package.
3. Replace the original ConfigAndStart.sqf with your own ConfigAndStart.sqf that was backed up in step 1.

1. Open the CPack console and run command "update Engima.Civilians".

- First version.

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