Author: R3vo
Author Website:

Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.8
Signed: Yes, server key included

Short description: This modification adds new funcitonalities to 3den.

Date: 2017-03-25 12:15

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3den Enhanced


This modification adds new functionalities to 3den, without creating any dependencies for players. That means, mission builder can use this mod to make their lifes easier without making the lifes of the players harder by forcing them to download additional mods.

Advanced skill settings for units
Advanced damage settings for vehicles and units
Set captive attribute
Quick garrison functionality
Enable music while editing
Ambient animation attribute
Ambient combat animations attribute
Random patrol attribute
UAV intro attribute
Time multiplier attribute
Global view distance attribute
Disable grass globally
Advanced fog settings (Decay, Density & base altitude)
Save gear on respawn functionality
Enable Dynamic groups attribute
Stance attribute
Arsenal attribute
and much more..

To install the 3den Enhanced you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:


Known issues:
- It' possible that a script error pops up when using the garrison function for the first time. If that happens, open the editor preferences and press ok to save the new values properly. That solved it for me.

- Mod is still heavily WIP, some features might be removed, others replaced by vanilla solution

Feedback is always welcome and will help me to find bugs and improve this modification.

This mod is now avaiable on GitHub, if you'd like to add your own ideas, feel free to do so:

- scripting examples by Foxhound International (Help section)
- readded the UAV intro (establishing shot), hopefully working more reliably than before
- the intro text attribute now supports a new type of intro text used in the Apex Protocol campaign
- readded the "hide terrain objects" context menu entry
- added tool to export GUI base classes (debug tool)
- added tool to view default GUI Grids (debug tool)
- added tool to delete vehicle crews quickly
- added link to Gunter Severloh's Ai Compilation List
- added Czech translation thanks to XerXesCZ
- added French translation thanks to Artenis
- new tool to create "debug triggers" to make testing missions easier for beginners
- fixed issue with invisible logic creation causing low FPS in missions with many players
- improved random patrol function
- sound volume and random music attribute will no longer run on headless clients
- various tooltip improvements
- the log faction names tool was moved from the menu strip to the context menu
- tools in the menu strip are now better sorted
- some tool icons were improved/changed
- improved measure-distance function
- fixed the reverse direction tool
- serveral small improvements to the briefing editor functions
- line pattern tool will no longer change the rotation
- value of the FPS gauge is now rounded
- FPS gauge is now updated every second instead of every 1/2 second
- default value of the 3DEN Radio volume was changed from 100% to 25%
- preference menu was overhauled
- default values for the tools were tweaked to make more sense
- fill area tools will now use screen center as origin
- garrison radius attribute is now using a edit control
- multiple improvements of tooltips and display names
- most placement tools can now be accessed via CTRL + numpad
- circular pattern tool uses now center of the screen as initial position
- improved session timer code
- custom status bar controls have now the same visual style as the vanilla controls
- mission stats tool now displays the number of simple objects
- context menu entries are now only shown when necessary
- improved tooltip for the "on event" attributes
- game info tool now also logs architecture (x64,x86)
- fixed missing localisation when using the garrison function
- removed obsolete variable from fn_getModuleDescription.sqf
- toggle Map IDs would only work when the map was opened manually beforehand
- 3den Radio was overhauled and can now be controlled via a custom GUI
- improved position of session timer (Should not overlap with other controls anymore)
- improved German translation (thanks to KiritoKun223)
- units traits attribute is now using a new control type
- garrison radius is now using a new control type
- random patrol was renamed to Task Patrol and moved to the group attributes
- task patrol is now using BIS_fnc_taskPatrol
- updated stringtable.xml
- tutorials
- preload arsenal settings
- warning messages
- set z = 0 tool (It's available in the context menu -> transform)
- log class name tool (Functionality already exists)
- ambient animations (Too many issues in multiplayer and general incompatibility with Eden)

- tool to display module description
- save gear on respawn (readded)
- fixed issue with toggle grass function
- fixed the dynamic group attribute
- a few new help links

- warning messages would not be displayed properly
- added missing server key

- fixed position of song name display
- display for name of currently played song is now integrated into the EDEN statusbar, should now properly scale with different resolutions and display sizes
- improved delay attribute for intro text
- some config clean-up
- improved behaviour and speed mode control of random patrol
- improved speed mode control for ambient flyby
- improved some tooltips
- fixed bug caused by event att.
- fixed some inconsistencies in the configs
- various improvements to the Random Patrol code with the goal to improve reliability
- replaced some of my own translations with ones from BIS
- improved code of remove NVG attribute
- various function improvements
- improve unit traits attribute (Attribute needs to be saved once, to apply the new values)
- advanced skill was missing its Enh TAG
- fixed issue where the garrison function would sometimes recieve a wrong data type
- added tutorial for the garrison functionality
- added ... to all menu strip entry which open a subfolder or new page. Mainly to be on par with the BIS design guidelines
- new icon for the tools folder
- Free Hostage action is now using the vanilla hold action system
- unit which has the "Make Hostage" att. enabled, will now automatically change its animation in Eden
- ambient animation should now work in mp again as expected (fingers crossed)
- sorted all tools into new folders
- improved shortcuts for tools and context menu entries
- some more stringtable cleanup
- some more function improvements
- waypoints of the random patrol attribute are not visibel anymore
- The Log Game Info tool now also exports information about the resolution and UI scale
- all translations are now tagged with "ENH" to make them unique
- serveral localisation tweaks
- serveral tweaks to the random patrol function (random patrol attribute)
- fixed an issue with grass not being visible
- the code for all mission attribute was overhauled. It should now properly execute for each JIP player without effecting players which were ingame already
- added tool to set all selected entities to ATL/ASL 0
- select new song button for the 3den Radio (Implemented into the status bar)
- one can now set the combat mode and formation of a random patrol
- current song name played by 3DEN Radio is now display as a tooltip in the status bar
- added disableAI "Path"
- added tutorial for the garrison function
- added tutorial for 3den Radio
- added shortcuts for various tools and context menu entries
- added help entry redirecting to youtube tutorials
- a warning message is now shown when patrol radius is smaller than 51 m to prevent unexpected behaviour.
- session timer
- a tool to show amount of objects placed in a mission
- a new tool which retrieves all product information and formats it so it can directly be used inside a bug report etc.
- added help link to KK's Blog
- added Briefing Editor
- added loadout tool. Select one or multiple units and use the "Copy Loadout" tool. Then select the units you want the loadout to apply to. If multiply loadouts were saved. A random one will be selected for each unit
- warning message when new scenario is opened (If accepted it won't appear again)
- added tool to measure distance2D, 3D and travel time between two points
- added tool to quickly place units in a line
- added tool to quickly reverse direction of selected units
- added circular pattern tool
- add tool to quickly change mission time to daylight for editing, using the tool again, will reset the time back to where it was. Does not effect the original time set via the intel attribute
- added tools to change orientation of selected objects to exactly north, east, west or south
- added help entry which links to the Mission Presentation Wiki page
- context menu entry to set player as trigger owner of selected trigger/s
- added help entry which links to kylania's scripting examples
- moved help entries into seperated folders
- attribute to force unit to walk
- tool to quickly export inventory of selected units in a config format used for CfgRespawnInventory
- added version attribute to CfgPatches for internal use
- improve the way the dev branch warning is displayed
- added tool to display FPS while in Eden
- added a tool to export and import eden camera params, like position, direction and pitch/bank. Mainly for debug purpose, but be creative.
The output can also be pasted into BIS' Splendid Camera
- added tool to quickly toggle Grass on/off (This will not effect the mission in any way)
- removed suppression level att.
- removed fatigue level att.
- removed obsolete entries from the stringtable.xml
- removed side attribute from ambient fly by (Will always be civilian anyway)
- removed rainbow att. (Functionality was not 100% clear to the user)
- removed "hide map object" context menu entry (The code is not properly optimised and reliable yet)
- clear vehicle cargo att. A vanilla solution got introduced
- removed unit insignia attribute. A vanilla solution got introduced
- removed advanced fog settings. A vanilla solution got introduced
- remove stance att. A vanilla solution got introduced
- advanced ending attribute (Needs further testing)
- unit marker attribute (Not reliable)
- establishing shot attribute (Not mp compatible, most likely not fixable)
- removed save gear multiplayer attribute (on respawn the gear set in Eden is not automatically reapplied)
- duplicated entry in stringtable.xml
- removed some none-working animations

- CfgPatches was changed to the up-to-date format
- 3den Enhanced tools now have their own folder
- Default insignia is an empty string now
- Some code improvements for the insignia control
- Overhauled most control configs
- Fixed script error which would appear when 3den preferences were not confirmed and the garrison function was used
- Replaced garrisonRadius combobox with slider control
- Fixed aspec ratio of loiter attribute
- Reduced size of insignia attribute (Please report any issues, controls might overlap)
- Moved most of the code from control configs to global functions
- Preferences are now applied when a preview ends, or a new scenario is created.
- Ambient animation attribute is now easier to use:
- To change the type of animation, simply select the new one and press Ok. The new animation is instantly applied.
In older versions, one had to deactivate the animation first.
- Activate checkbox from ambient animation att. removed, is now handled by the animation type checkbox (Above changes also apply to ambient combat animation att.)
NOTE: There are still quite a few bugs with the ambient anims. However, those I most likely will never be able to solve. We simply need a better BIS function.
- Improved code execution for multiplayer missions (Thanks to KK for his note on the remoteExec wiki page)
- Respawn tickets are not always set to 0 when untouched
- Corrected some localisations
- Blacklisted another music track in the playMusic fnc
- Improved advanced fog attribute
- Replaced custom control for view distance att. with a edit box
- Improved view distance code
- All class names are now using the Enh TAG.
- Removed activate checkbox from intro text attribute. It can now be disable by leaving the delay undefined(empty)
- Changed config name of save gear attribute
- Improved code for hide terrain object trigger
- improve Enh_fnc_playMusic, it now filters out classes which have no soundtrack defined and it's slightly faster
- Insignias are now also read from the local missionConfigfile
- Tool to recompile functions
- Five animations
- Several new functions for internal use
- Attribute to deactivate thermal optics for given vehicle
- Attribute to deactivate night vision optics for given vehicle
- Added tool to quickly export faction names
- Added icon for "log" context menu folder
- Added icon for "3den Enhanced" tool folder
- Added attribute for OnKilledEvent
- Added attribute for OnRespawnEvent
- Added attribute for OnDamagedEvent
- Added attribute to set the fleeing value for a unit
- Added unit marker attribute
- Flyby mission attribute
- Added setMass attribute
- Added advanced briefing att.

- fixed position of time multiplier attribute
- time multiplier edit box is now properly formatted
- fixed position of song name display
- fixed position of view distance setting attribute
- removed some obsolete code from control configs
- added attribute for rainbow probability
- added insignia attribute
- added preference attribute to enable preloading of the Arsenal -> Preferences-> Misc
- added translation for rainbow attribute
- added translation for insignia attribute
- corrected camouCoef & audibleCoef tooltip

- fixed a bug which would reset the unit traits controls

- one can now define a delay for the intro text attribute
- attribute for unit traits
- added hostage attribute:
A unit can now be taken hostage. Every player including JIP will have an action to free the Hostage.
Mission designers can check whether the unit is hostage or not by retrieving the following variable:
_unit getVariable "Enh_isHostage"; (true,is hostage/false,isn't hostage)
- UAV intro center position attribute tooltip was using a wrong string
- removed the tooltip from Advanced Damage Attributes
- UAV intro loiter direction is now using a better control
- added German translation for "Hide Map Objects" context menu entry
- added German translation for unit traits attribute
- added German translation for intro text delay
- updated French translation (thanks to solentis)

- completly overhauled the garrison function
1. Select the units/objects you want to place in houses and place them near the buildings
2. Open the Context menu (right click on one of the selected units) -> select Edit -> Garrison Buildings
3. Objects/Units will now be automatically be placed inside buildings, you'll recieve a msg in case some units/objects could no be placed
4. The size and coverage of the area can be changed in the preferences menu of Eden

- custom compositions
- function to quickly garrison placed building. Settings can be changed in the preferences
- attribute to toggle map object IDs on/off
- attribute to turn off/on vehicles engines
- English, German and Italian (partially) translation
- attribute to disable BIS revive for specific units
- attribute to remove all FAKs from a unit
- mission attribute to initialise BIS Dynamic Groups
- mission attribute to create an establishing shot
- mission attribute for display text on mission start
- currently played song of the playMusic preference attribute is now displayed at the bottom of the screen
- attribute to play random music at the beginning of the mission -> Scenario Attributs -> Music,Sound & Radiosettings
- attribute to set respawn tickets for all sides
- version check. Player will now recieve a warning if game version is greater than required version and dev branch is used
- version check function
- french translation
- added check to prevent vanilla fog to be overwritten by advanced fog
- music loop is not restarted every time the preference settings are confirmed
- some attributes were executed where not needed
- completely overhauled the task patrol attribute, one can now set the number of waypoints, radius of the area, behaviour of unit/group, and speed of unit/group
- removed an unwanted radio sound from playMusic function
- all functions, variables and attribute properties are now using the same tag (Enh_)
- various function improvements
- some categories where renamed
- tooltips where improved
- save gear on respawn attribute was moved to mission settings -> respawn and will now be applied to all playable units automatically
- changes logo which is display in the expansion menu
- improved fn_logClassName.sqf
- added improved control for view distance setting
- time multiplier settings uses a custom control with slider and edit box
- removed toggleMapIDs attribute from Preferences and moved it to the Menu Strip -> Tools
- added ID icon for ToggleMapIDs tool
- new server key
- log classname function would not return classname of logics and modules

- removed composition tool
- removed custom triggers (If used, remove those from your mission, otherwise it won't run without 3den Enhanced mod, sorry for the inconvinience that caused)
- time multiplier to environment attribute
- advanced fog settings to environment attributes.
- remove map attribute
- remove GPS attribute
- ambient combat animation
- view distance and disable grass option to environment mission attribute (Will be executed globally and for JIP playes)
- quick links for:(Can be found in the menu strip -> help)
- Arma 3 Assets
- Arma 3 Function Overview
- 3den Enhanced Forum thread
- ability to quickly copy class name of selected unit to clipboard
- ability to quickly set random rotation for all selected entities
- attribute to force walk
- attribute to disallow sprinting
- rearranged attributes into different classes
- mission attribute for radio, music and sound volume
- suppression attribute
- fatigue level attribute
- attribute to enable headlights of empty vehicles
- renamed some attributes
- save gear now also works on dedicated, not only on hosted server (Thanks to larrow!)
- crew in immobile is now only shown for vehicle entities
- fixed typo in ambient animation tooltip
- ambient anim attribute is now using combo boxes
- allowCrewImmobile attribute has been tweaked
- shortened ambient anim init time
- removed some ambient animation that would not work, e.g sit and treat_injured

- release

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