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Requirements: Many

Version: 00.57.04
Signed: Yes

Short description: Survive in a 225²km open world, gather supplies and explore. How long will you survive?

Date: 2016-03-09 09:34

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Desolation Mod


Survive in a 225²km open world, gather supplies and explore. How long will you survive? Go Solo, team up with friends or take on the world as you choose your path in this brutal and chilling landscape using whatever means you stumble upon to survive.

With this modification and its linked dependencies you are able to play on all maps and servers running the Desolation Mod.

Official Website:
Official Server List and Installation Guide:
Official Launcher:
Official Servers:
| Taviana EU1 - - 2302 - (Available) (80 Slots)
| Taviana EU2 - - 2312 - (Offline)

To install the Desolation Mod you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

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Credits & Thanks:
Desolation is a ArmA III modification made by OPTiX
Special thanks to the developers of the following mods:
(Modified) Ryan's Zombies and Demons, Sam's Weapon Pack, HLC Weapon Pack, RLS Vehicle Pack, Community Upgrade Project Terrain Pack, Community Upgrade Project Vehicle Pack, Community Upgrade Project Units Pack, XAM Environment Sounds, xCam, FDF Podagorsk, LAxemann's Mount, Hidden Identity Pack, TRYK Clothing, Taviana (, ORIGINS Mod

License / Disclaimer:

PATCH 0.57.04
- Hopefully fixed a bug where you could respawn after death with full gear
- Fixed a bug where you could access a houses inventory
- Fixed a bug where you would spawn with military gear

PATCH 0.57.03
- Specific loot spawn rates have been increased

PATCH 0.57.02
- Bug where side chat would still be enabled
- Bug where players would respawn at their old position
- Lowered loot spawn rates
- Spawn points on Napf

PATCH 0.57.01
- Napf has been added to the map pool
- You can now manually save the storage containers of buildings
- Added AUG variants to US helicopter crashsites
- Added new clothing and backpacks
- Flies now appear on corpses (sound effect not implemented yet)
- You can now disable various ambient sounds by pressing F7 (game session bound)
- Added blur effect to spawn menu
- New map interface
- New player list interface
- Zombies are now handled by clients (experimental), this may improve overall performance of servers and the behaviour of zombies
- Desolation Launcher now takes more existing directories into account when verifying files
- Increased overall zombie count
- Improved auto-save algorithm
- It is now easier to find the items needed for a building
- Plane crashes now contain AK variants
- Helicopter crashsite loot has been redone
- Supply drops now have randomized loot
- Butane torch probability increased
- Loot spawn script improved
- Loot probabilities have been redone
- Side chat disabled on hardcore servers
- Bug where relogging fast enough after death would spawn you with your old loot and at the old position
- Bug where using the "Access Inventory" action at buildings would not open the container correctly
- Bug where loot wouldn't save in storage containers
- Bug where vehicles and buildings would spawn in at the same time resulting in exploding vehicles and/or different positions after restart
- Bug where the loot spawn script would not take the last item of a spawn list into account when creating loot piles
- Bug where the auto-save script on the server would not save vehicles before restart correctly
- Taviana

- Hatchet now does not longer attract zombies
- Fixed a issue with base building weaponholders
- Base buildings inventory now works properly
- Improved overall performance

- Temporary downgrade to Taviana version 3

- Loot spawner now uses a delay to prevent lags while loot spawns
- Added experimental base building
- Added 3 new blueprints for house upgrades
- You can now equip your hatchet as a weapon
- Player now has godmode until fully spawned ingame
- Added new checks to zombie scripts, this should fix long range hits
- Added LOS checks to zombie scripts
- Areas that spawned zombies can now not spawn zombies again within 10 minutes
- You can now manually save vehicles, tents and stashes via action menu
- Recoil has been increased
- Weapon sway has been reduced
- You can now push boats
- You can now rotate your character in the main menu by pressing [NUM4] or [NUM6]
- Added Mi8
- Added Merlin
- Added more boats on Taviana
- Added Carry All Woodland Backpack to military loot tables
- Added German Flecktarn Backpack to military loot tables
- Added MP5A3 to low military loot tables
- Vehicles now save their height
- Added database debug logs to rpt for server owners
- Disabled NVG and TI equipment on vehicles
- Disabled helicopter radars
- Crashsites may now contain blueprints
- New scrap metal textures and model
- Vehicles stuck in water will now respawn upon next restart
- Zombies may now drop items on death
- New entreable buildings (Taviana 4.1)
- Tweaked zombie hit detection distance
- Tweaked lightning on all maps
- CZ550 in residential areas is now less common
- Reduced font size in crafting menu
- Changed/Removed sounds temporarily
- Zombie spawner will now check for LOS for all players before spawning a zombie
- Replaced zombie sounds
- You now experience less sway after running
- It is now easier to lose zombies
- Pushed final zombie hit checks from server to client
- Various sound effects

Updated to newest ArmA 3 build
Updated to newest CBA build

0.55A RC1
[Added] Taviana support
[Added] Enhanced Movement Mod instructions to the F2 help menu
[Added] AI patrols at Sector B
[Added] New vehicles
[Added] Mountain Dew and other food
[Added] Ambient helicopters
[Added] Ability to craft ghillie suits
[Added] 4 new uniforms to the character customization menu
[Changed] You now die faster of starvation and dehydration
[Changed] You now gain hunger and thirst slower
[Changed] Ambient sounds
[Changed] Servers updated to newest version of CUP
[Changed] Servers updated to newest version of CBA
[Changed] M14 DMR redone
[Changed] Tents now work without the ammo box inside them
[Changed] You can now only craft items with the exact required recipe
[Changed] Vehicle interaction now displays damage in percent
[Changed] All items masses
[Changed] Crashsites rarity
[Removed] Ghillie suits from military loot tables
[Removed] Several ambient sounds
[Removed] Birds sound when firing a weapon
[Removed] All DayZ Mod assets
[Removed] Debug messages that were still in the release canidate
[Fixed] Bug where the CJ130 would crash on the ground
[Fixed] A bug that made animals disappear after getting shot
[Fixed] "Session Lost" issues
[Fixed] Issues with tents and stashes

Arma Enhanced Movement
CUP Terrains - Core
CUP Units
CUP Vehicles
CUP Weapons
HLC AR15 Pack
HLC Core
HLC M14 Pack
HLC MP5 Pack
HLC Springfield M1903A1

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