Author: zGuba
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Requirements: Extended eventhandlers (xeh) by Solus & Killswitch and displayEventHandler by s-Hole (both included)

Version: 1.16A
Signed: Yes, key included

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Date: 2009-06-07 18:00

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Compact Fix Pack

Legend of MP compatibility markings:

Clientside - install for client
Clientside only - useless for dedicated servers
Common - install both for client and dedicated server for full functionality

Clientside road accidents and overruns handling. You will be notified when you get ran over by another player's vehicle.
Thanks for solution to Issetea and Fewo.
Common. The more people use it, the better.

Enables radio commands menu for BMP-2 and ZSU-23-4 commander's position. Hold spacebar and press [F] to switch weapons, [R] to switch ammo type.
Common. Affects locally created vehicles.

"Death camera" effect. Fully optional.
SP only.

ZGB_Faces_Civilian, ZGB_Faces_RACS, ZGB_Faces_SLA, ZGB_Faces_US
RACS one excludes black faces from RACS soldiers, Civilians one does same, US one reduces their percentage to a more realistic level. SLA one adds them to SLA troops.
Suggested combinations: Civilian-RACS-US or SLA only, as they act completely opposite. I've recently fixed the class bug.
Thanks to Alienmad462 for doing the thing unstuck.
Common. Affects locally created units.

Only for conditions in scripting. Function detects height above ground with large positive error.
When the function reports unit to be close to the ground, you're sure it is at least that close.
BIS getPos has variously sized negative error issued by objects between ground and unit.
Cannot be used to set object position relative to other's or even itself.
Template of use: _getPosAlt = vehicle _unit call ZGB_getPosAlternate; _maxUnitHeight = (_getPosAlt select 0) select 2

100/1000 grids and 6 digit military coordinates system for Sahrani, Southern Sahrani and Rahmadi.
Thanks to Jinef!

100/1000 grids and 6 digit military coordinates system for Porto and United Sahrani.
Thanks to Jinef!
Requires Queens Gambit.

Adds horns to driver position for armed M939, HMMWVs and UAZs, disabling firing control from driver's seat.
There's minor animation bug with UAZ driver swapping position with gunner.
Common. Affects locally created vehicles.

Adds horns to driver position for Queens Gambit armed cars, disabling firing control from driver's seat.
Requires Queens Gambit.
Common. Affects locally created vehicles.

Modifies position and appearance of GPS and IR Scanner.

ZGB_LanguageFix and ZGB_LanguageFix_Bin
Multilingual vehicle and weapon designation fix. It's made similar way as my previous one Polish language fix. Languages affected:
English, Czech, German, Polish, Russian, French, Spanish, Italian.
Polish players would also gain some bonuses like better radio stringtable or Armory comments for civilian cars.

Improved version of Inkompetent's Real M136. Uses bunch of scripts, config tweaks and tricks, and used M136 model.
Thanks to Inkompetent!

Adds ejection effect to BIS jets and Ka-50, disconnecting rotor blades for Hokum and three kinds of ejection seats for jets.
Please read the license at the end of this file.
Thanks to Mandoble!

Fixes Javelin tearing on some machines, adds new tractor animations, and probably fixes MP motorcycle flipping, if there's any significant flipping in ArmA 1.14.
Comparision test between BIS and these ones is needed - up to You!
Clientside only. The more people use it, the better.

Addon version of OFPEC Lightbulbs. Creates fancy effect for nearby street lamps.
Thanks to Mandoble and Planck!

For people encountering "Missing sound..." when playing Warfare. Neutralized developer's bug of using OFP style array sounds[] in cfgSounds.

New, unique models for salvagers and supply trucks.

Core of Compact Fix. Contains commander optics fix class, improves 2A42 and Su-34's S8 launchers rate of fire, disables optics enforcement and IR tracking of static weapons.

Press your "Compass" key while doing night missions in armored vehicle or airplane. Use Page Up/Down keys to adjust brightness.
Compatible with s-Hole's and based on s-Hole's NightVision.
Thanks to s-Hole!

Adds weapon and magazine classes ready to be used by addonmakers.
As a reward You get Su-34B with KAB-250L bombs.

Unfinished SQF version. I've no time to make it work properly.
Thanks go to Franze, william1 and Frederf!

Life saving pontoons for all aircrews ejected over sea.
Thanks to Mandoble!

Most addons require ArmA 1.14 and Extended EventHandlers by Solus & Killswitch

1. Disable or delete addons from previous versions of Compact Fix to avoid version conflicts.
2. Put @zCF1.15 and Dta folders into Your ArmA directory
3. Add @zCF1.15 to your -mod=...; string in ArmA launching link.
4. If You don't have Queens Gambit, disable or delete addons with _QG.pbo filename ending.
5. If You are using beta patch 1.15, replace @zCF1.15\Dta directory with @zCF1.15\Dta1.15 folder.

Included .pbo files:

This is a signed addon. The serverkey for serveradmins is included in this download.
With version 1.14G a new server key has been created!! Server admins should update the key since the old ones will no longer work!

Example mission:
Download the ZGB_Collisions demo from here.


Change log:
v1.16 fix
- ZGB_Launchers: missing features
- missing signatures
- ZGB_Optics_Fake missing scope definition

v1.16 - thanks to A.C.E. Development Team.
Further config & scripting improvements and support for beta 1.15 patch.
- A.C.E. compatibility increased and support for beta 1.16 patch
- Launchers: SLX Mod RPG-7 ironsights added
- WarfareTrucks: SLX Mod fixed windows
- PontoonFix: disabled IR signature and added quiet engine sound for Zodiac and PBX
- VNV: passengers cannot use vehicle nightvision right now.

- Flares: signed sprite version

- AdditionalWeapons: unused yet, moved to LeftOut
- Pontoons: moved to LeftOut due to unexpected problems with development
- Vehicles: caused conflicts with other gameplay mods. Discarded

Credits & Thanks:
Thanks on this release go to Franze, Frederf, Mandoble, Solus and William1!

Forum topic:
- BI forums

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