RPFramework by RPFramework team

RPFramework team informed us they released in the BI forums of their modular roleplaying mission, server, and addon framework for Arma 3.

  • Added saving variables for physical items while they are in trunks
  • Garage to a module
  • Client_fnc_vehicleHitGet and vehicleHitLoad now only return and take in damage values not the hitpoint names anymore
  • Garage checks for vehicles blocking garage spawn
  • methLab smoke now ran on all clients
  • Hunger and thirst are now saved and are now global variables assigned to players
  • Fixed being able to buy your own house
  • Fixed multiple things with Jail module
  • Fixed Police+ DB saving " and ' marks correctly
  • Vehicle shop now works better and more precisely
  • Added distance checks for a lot of interactions in modules RE-IMPORT RPFRAMEWORK.SQL AND RPFRAMEWORK.INI!

Written on 2017-01-06 21:11 by Armaholic  

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