RPFramework by RPFramework team

The RPFramework team released an updated version of the RPFramework on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    RPFramework is by no means a mission that you can start playing on with your friends. RPFramework is an actual framework that you can build your own mission or mod on. RPFramework consists of a server sided addon that your server needs to run, a mission and a pack of addons that your players need to have. These addons are a requirement due to RPFramework using Arma 3's own inventory system.

    The idea behind RPFramework is to resolve the issue of people constantly using missions that aren't meant to be used the way they are using them and that is why RPFramework is released under MIT License . This allows users to do anything they feel like doing with the framework and it frees users from the worry of having permission to modify it or monetize it.

    • Added mining module
    • Addon changes
    • Added an array for custom object names

Written on 2017-02-08 21:11 by Armaholic  

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