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Requirements: Community Base addons A3

Version: 0.3.1
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This is the Stand-Alone Module of my HALO/PARA Infiltration System from my SpookWarCom Project. This Module will allow the player to setup transport and perform a combat parajump into any area of the map you desire.

Date: 2019-02-08 22:16

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L.E.A.P - Low and Extreme Altitude ParaJumps

Von Quest

This is the Stand-Alone Module of my HALO/PARA Infiltration System from my SpookWarCom Project. This Module will allow the player to setup transport and perform a combat parajump into any area of the map you desire. Both low-altitude parajumps, and high-altitude HALO jumps are supported. For the more extreme HALO jumps, special equipment is needed to survive the harsh and dangerous environment of the low-oxygen, sub-zero atmosphere.

I must stress this is a fictional project. Some creative liberties are taken for better gameplay and immersion. Do not expect a 1:1 simulation of a true military freefall operation. This is a GAME.

NOTE: This is a complete overhaul and full re-write of the last versions. Numerous features and old options have been temporally removed to speed up this release. They will be added back in later.

1. HellJumper 3G - NextGen Altimeter - Day & NightGlo, Altitude in Ft and M, Temperature, SaO2, GPS NAV, Weather Radio Transceiver, Digital Clock, Compass Readout, etc.
2. Dragonfly Rebreather - HALO/UBA O2 System - 2-1 Semi/Closed System, 2.66kg Divesorb Pro, 0-32m : 1h, Integrated NITROX Bailout Regulator. Rugged design for HALO/HAHO and Water Infiltration operations. Up to 1 hour of Dive Time down to 32m water depth in any temperature if needed for Combat Diver Ops.
3. MA-2 POA Bottle - Portable Oxygen Assembly - Often called the "walk-around" bottle. This ensures you purge your body of nitrogen before decompression of the cabin at high-altitudes, to avoid decompression (or the "bends") sickness. Interfaces with the Dragonfly Rebreather Rig System.
4. Reserve Parachute - Backup Chute - Adds an extra layer of safety. Also enables the user an option to cut-away if needed to continue a freefall option. Can also interface with the Sentinel MK2035 if needed.
5. Sentinel MK2035 - Automatic Opening Device - Opens the RESERVE CHUTE if there is a FAILURE. Activated once the Main Parachute is pulled, then monitors the decent rate via micro air pressure change. If the decent rate is still too fast, the Reserve Parachute is fired off in just a few seconds.
6. AR3 (ARR) - Automatic Ripcord Release, MSL - M452 Pressure-Sensing Aneroid System. Monitors barometric pressure (above-sea-level) then activates the Main Parachute at a pre-set pressure setting by the user. Can be used as safety backup or to pinpoint a chute opening at an exact altitude to coordinate precision combat maneuvers or ensure all teammates are in sync for ParaJumps, HALO, and HAHOs.
7. ASTRA-M (EAAD) - Electronic Automatic Activation Device - Search Mode: 1000' - 1500' AGL. Uses a complex synergistic system and GPS monitoring to open the Main Parachute at approx 1200' (above-ground-level). Sacrifices stealth for safety due to the higher opening setup and built-in GPS computer.
8. Hawkers 3H Ballistic Helmet - HALO/HAHO Headgear System - Interface w/ AIROX-Q Receiver on the Dragonfly Rebreather Rig. Offers a safe, stable and reliable oxygen delivery environment. Drastically reduces the odds of loss-of-life, if catastrophic failure or loss of consciousness occurs at any time during the jump in dry or wet landings.
9. Icarus Tactical Jumpsuit - HALO/HAHO Thermal Insulated - Onyx Black, Waterproof Gore-Tex. Protects the user from EXTREME cold temperatures at HALO operating altitudes down to -70*. Includes extra large pockets for storage of gear, magazines, equipment, etc.

1. XC-130 Nightmare - A mysterious one-of-a-kind Black-Ops customized C-130 maintained and operated by the shadowy group of your choice. It does not exist... I'm not allowed to discuss it...
2. XHR-1 "Vampyre" Stealth Drone - Top Secret extreme altitude Reconnaissance Autonomous Drone. Runs on a pre-programmed flight plan via defense satellite uplink. Little does the enemy know, it also has cargo space for Sub-Orbit H.A.L.O. Operations when infiltration into an advanced modern battlefield is needed.
3. MC-130J Commando II -- by SGT Fuller (supported)
4. C-17 Globemaster III -- by SGT Fuller (supported)

Note 1: ONLY the XC-130 is currently included. Will add back in support for the others later..
Note 2: The XC-130 is having Landing Gear issues. It will NOT TAXI if using as a "normal" aircraft. Do NOT try and use yet. The LEAP System will operate as normal though.

1. EFX! Numerous immersion and role-playing effects that emphasize the extreme and dangerous environment of a combat HALO infiltration into hostile enemy territory. Sound EFX, Wind Buffeting, Decompression Sickness, Jump-Lights, Radio Chatter, Vibration, Extreme Cold, Hypoxia, etc.
2. S.A.M.s. Surface-to-Air Missiles to simulate Enemy Air-Space! Random SAMs scattered around the map with random and varied generated technology systems. Radar Ranges from 3km to 10km. Guidance and Tracking systems are also randomized from 1km to 50m error rates depending on Aircraft Altitude.
3. JumpPack - Gear-saving, and places your Combat Backpack onto your Front for Full Combat Gear Jumps. After you pass inspection, your loadout is saved and you will be issued a Parachute while your current Backpack is attached to your front for both low-alt ParaJumps and high-alt HALOs.
4. FlightPlan - Select your "Green/Go" JumpPoint via Mouse-Click anywhere on the Map. After you are geared-up for the jump at the ground plane, you will be teleported into the aircraft at random altitudes. Choose between low-alt, no-gear needed standard jumps OR high-alt, specialized gear HALO jumps.
5. Fog-of-War - Turn ON for random Flight Error at extreme altitudes. Simulates Pilot Error, Wind Drift, Map Variance, Mis-calibrated Equipment, etc. Actual JumpPoint will vary from the FlightPlan.
6. Cargo Drop - Option to have Cargo Loaded onto the Jump Plane for certain jumps. Ammo Crate, SDV, and ATV Cargo Drops are possible. There is even an option to set a timer on the Cargo to trigger Blue Smoke and Chem-Light to aid in locating the cargo once on the ground.

To install the L.E.A.P - Low and Extreme Altitude ParaJumps you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

For usage instructions and information of how to use these L.E.A.P - Low and Extreme Altitude ParaJumps please refer to the included documentation and/or example mission.

1. Please DO NOT ask about Dedicated Server Support. I have absolutely ZERO plans to support this at this time. If I ever (chances are small) get to that point, it will not be until v1. Unless you are willing to help and code the necessary changes and upgrades yourself, please don't ask.
2. Please remember this is WORK-IN-PROGRESS. Feel free to ask questions in this thread. And PLEASE Read the Docs included.

Support my work:

Credits & Thanks:
*BIS - for an amazing (and frustrating) hobby!
*dr_strangepete - early stages and gear-saving
*cobra4v320 - early stages and gear-saving
*Mikero - Dev Tools; Utility
*Alwarren - Dev Tools (Blender)
*Sabre[DUST] - donating a C-130
*killzone_kid - tutorials and info

License / Disclaimer:
1. Use At Your Own Risk. This is a mod/addon for use with ArmA3, the mil-sim/game from Bohemia Interactive Studios.
3. Any changes or alterations, in whole or in part, in ANY way; is strictly forbidden. LEAVE ENTIRE SYSTEM INTACT, AS-IS!
4. DO NOT RE-DISTRIBUTE. DO NOT UPLOAD ANYWHERE. The ONLY Mirror host site currently approved officially is
5. *WARNING* - Use on Monitized Servers is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN!

ADDED: User Select Gear for ParaJump Inspection
ADDED: User Select Gear for HALO Inspection
FIXED: Dropped Chute too far away from feet
FIXED: ParaJump now Automatic Ramp, Signal, etc
FIXED: AR3, Baro Pressure ASL...AAD
FIXED: Error if setting to 0 for Damaged Gear Option
TWEAK: Added a few Helper Hints; reduce confusion

0.2.8 Beta
ADDED: Upgraded Dragonfly Rig graphics
ADDED: New Basic Jump Helmet
ADDED: Accessories can get LOST on Jump (user option)

REMOVED: Required HALO Gear, Jump with Normal Uniform
CHANGED: several misc tweaks

0.2.7 Beta
CHANGED: RADAR floor is set to 200m ASL (HALO under)
CHANGED: Several RADAR tweaks, code tweaks, etc
ADDED: FLAK PODs!!! *kaboom*
ADDED: Transition Cut Scene
FIXED: Broken audio & efx trigger (hotfix rewrite)

0.2.6 Beta
FIXED: classname preventing PASS on HALO Inspection

0.2.5 Beta
FIXED: Bad Map Config on custom User Maps
FIXED: Missing Re-Breather Error
ADDED: Moved RADAR Air-Defences into LEAP
CHANGED: Increased SAM Activation/Launch
CHANGED: SAMs & RADAR now have set Height!
CHANGED: Intel increased to 5min

0.2.4 Beta
CHANGED: Default Keybinding: SHIFT + L
CHANGED: Crate Name
ADDED: Dragonfly Rig w/ GAS System (FROGS)
ADDED: SAMs are now 2x more accurate if ParaJump
ADDED: Fog-of-War for BOTH HALO and PARA Flights
ADDED: SAMs (if POOK SAM Pack) spawn at SAM Sites
ADDED: SAM Teams at 30% of SAM Sites

v0.2.3 Beta
FIXED: Several Cargo Drop Bugs
FIXED: A.I. Backpack Items
FIXED: Possible Helmet Bug (?)

v0.2.2 Beta
ADDED: Cargo Drop - Weapons Crate
ADDED: Cargo Drop - CRRC (Zodiac)
ADDED: Cargo Drop - Mini-Sub: SDV
ADDED: Cargo Drop - ATV 4-Wheeler
*For the XC-130 ONLY

v0.2.0605 Beta
ADDED: A.I. Support added back in
FIXED: A.I. Backpacks Supported now
FIXED: Clunky Cargo Ramp Animation

v0.2.0414 Beta
- first release

- Community Base addons A3

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- BI forums

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