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Version: 6.1
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Short description: This is a little config mod which adds a new version of the M2A4 Slammer tank for BLUFOR.

Date: 2016-06-21 13:18

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M2 Slammer Firepower Upgrade


I have created a little config mod with adds a new tanks based on the M2A4 Slammer tank for BLUFOR. It's my first mod like that so not everything works perfectly, so if you have any suggestions how to fix, or improve, certain elements, feel free to weight in. It was done mostly to figure out how to properly edit the config files.

NATO found the existing M2A1 firepower to be lacking. To fix this issue the "Firepower Upgrade Conversion Kit" has been developed for the M2A4 Slammer with was already upgraded with the TUSK (although M2A4 only had 105mm main gun). Along with the improved armor of the M2A4 variant, the additional firepower of the M2A6 is something to be respected. It can still carry troops as well, making it a unique jack-of-all-trades armored fighting vehicle.

However, recent high intensity conflicts have shown that a highly trained and motivated enemy, as opposed to usual goat pushers NATO likes to stomp on, can withstand suppression from .50cal MG's. To rectify this, two further modifications to the M2 Slammer has been designed, based on the successful M2A6 Firepower Upgrade; the M2A7 and M2A8. For both, the gunner's 12.7mm coaxial machine gun has been replaced with 20mm autocannon, with has much bigger shock & terror impact on the infantry. The "Designated Infantry Combat Killer" variant, the M2A7, sees commander with 20mm Grenade Machine Gun instead of usual .50cal. The 20mm GMG have been proven useful in dealing with the infantry in cover. The M2A8 is a slight variation of the M2A7. Not happy with decreasing the long range engagement capabilities of the commander's weapon system in M2A7, the NATO engineers came up with the idea of mounting and "Advanced Suppression System", in a form of an 20mm autocannon, for commander's use. While the cannon lacks some of the splash damage 20mm grenades had, it allows for a long range engagements, retains most of the shock value, and can serve as an anti-air weapon.

3 new Slammer variants: M2A6, M2A7 and M2A8

The main features of M2A6 Slammer Firepower Upgrade:
new standalone tank for BLUFOR (just for compatibility's sake), the M2A6
improved armor of the M2A4 variant
M2A6 can still carry troops
enhanced optics for both, commander and the gunner. 2 new extra zoom levels and the commander gets an additional ultra wide default zoom (old one is still included)
FLIR modes changed to black and white
120mm main gun
ability for main gun and gunner's MG to lock onto ground targets (MG can lock onto air targets as well) with impact point calculation and automatic leading for moving targets
12.7mm coaxial machine gun for the gunner (Ma Deuce still got it) with 3x500rnd magazine with ability to lock onto air and ground target, impact point calculation and automatic leading for moving targets
commander's MG now has impact point calculation
ability to launch guided anti-tank and anti-air missiles, in both wire guided as well as fire-and-forget modes
commander has a fully functional laser designator available for designating targets for other M2A6's, aircraft and such
commander can fire 82mm mortar rounds, 8 shells in total
AI gunner, once locked onto laser designated target, keeps following it allowing for guiding really tricky shots as a commander
the M2A6 AI crew is aware of laser designated targets and will engage them, meaning UAV or infantry designation for the M2A6 is possible

The main features of M2A7 Slammer Firepower Upgrade Cannons Infantry Terrorizer:
further firepower enhancement of the M2A6
all of the advanced M2A6 features (laser designator, CCIP, 82mm mortar, etc.)
12.7mm coaxial MG has been replaced with a 20mm autocannon
commander's MG has been replaced with 20mm Grenade Machine Gun

The main features of M2A8 Slammer Firepower Upgrade Cannons Advanced Suppression:
further firepower enhancement of the M2A6
all of the advanced M2A6 features (laser designator, CCIP, 82mm mortar, etc.)
12.7mm coaxial MG for both commander and the gunner have been replaced with a 20mm autocannons

To install the M2 Slammer Firepower Upgrade you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

B_MBT_01_FU_F - M2A6 classname
B_MBT_01_FUC_IT_F - M2A7 classname
B_MBT_01_FUC_AS_F - M2A8 classname
cannon_120mmFU - new gun classname
mortar_82mmFU - commander's mortar classname
HMG_127_FU_Hull - gunner's machine gun classname
HMG_127_FU_Commander - commander's machine gun classname
20mm_cannon_FU_Hull - M2A7 & M2A8 gunner's autocannon classname
GMG_20mm_FU_Commander - M2A7 commander's grenade machine gun classname
20mm_cannon_FU_Commander - M2A8 commander's autocannon classname
ultra_Wide - new, additional, minimal zoom level for commander
extra_zoom1 - extra zoom classname
extra_zoom2 - new additional maximum zoom classname

Known issues:
1. I have created a new gun based on vanilla 120mm, the classname is "cannon_120mmFU", its rather important as some script might require the gun classname to function properly (smart tanks for example). Also the model of the M2A4 is unchanged, meaning the gun still has 105 model, but it's not really all that noticeable.
2. For some reason the commander's weapons only get lead indicator when target is locked in by the gunner and for that target only. I think it's some engine limitation.
3. The AI likes to fire AT missiles first, so M2A6 only gets 2 AT missiles
4. Sorry, but this one is rather janky. I couldn't get the artillery computer working for the commander, it only worked for gunner and he didn't have the mortar available to him. You will need to eyeball it when firing. Also due to how turrets and such work, the mortar shell is fired from the commander's MG.
5. It's pretty random what weapon AI will use to fire at the laser marker, they like to fire AT at it. Also, they do not always spot the marker, so moving it around their field of view might get their attention.
6. With the new autocannons AI REALLY likes them for some reason, so far it may fire them at targets like APC's and such. If anyone knows how to limit that: drop an info.

* automatic leading and rage correction for the gunner returns
* 140mm gun changed to be more like a World of Tanks autoloader: 4 shots in the magazine, 5.5s delay between shots, 20s magazine reload
* lowered pitch on the 140mm firing sound to make it sound more powerful
* added muzzle flash to 140mm (just artillery firing effect didn't have that for some reason)
* added magazine reload sounds to 140mm
* nerfed splash damage of the 140mm FAE (thermobaric) round, from 50m to 30m
* changed ammo composition for the A9 with 140mm, now it has 4 round magazines with overall ammo count same as before, more or less
* AT missile magazine to be bigger

* new variant the M2A9 with a new 140mm main gun. The new gun is bigger so commander lost his mortar in this variant and the passenger compartment was converted into ammo storage. The added weight makes the M2A9 slower then the other variants (it just doesn't get the improved engine other variants got, it behaves like vanilla M2A4). It still gets the 20mm autocannons as secondary guns
* new 140mm gun gets new ammo as well with better stats then 120mm shells
* new 140mm FAE shell. This thermobaric round has a low damage, but huge splash radius, ideal for taking out large groups of infantry
* improved the engine on the M2A6, M2A7 and the M2A8. The tanks feels a bit more nippy especially on slight inclines.
* lowered artillery charge of the commander's mortar to 30%. 50% made it shoot too far and it was hard to lob shells over close obstacles
* removed the automatic leading correction for gunner. I discovered it could mess with your aim, the new lead indicator is shown instead, same as with commander

* new additional zoom levels for commander and the gunner. The commander also gets a new extra wide zoom level
* FLIR modes for commander and the gunner changed to black and white
* commander's mortar: reload time increased to 6 seconds (from 1.8), artillery charge dropped to 50% (from 70%)
* 20mm cannons got another slight buff to RoF (still slower then 20mm GMG)
* reduced magazine number for 20mm cannons and 20mm GMG, removed 1 magazine each

* fixed an issue in with commander's weapon systems were automatically corrected for targets aimed by the gunner. Now commander only gets target lead indicator, so he can fire at other targets without aim being messed up.

* fixed some of the 82 mortar issues: removed 2 firing modes so you only have 70% artillery charge, now you only need to press button once to change from mortar. Removed firing effect from the main gun
* fixed AI sounds for 20mm cannons, now they are same as player's
* 20mm cannons got a tiny RoF buff
* decreased the amount of ammo for

*fixed the air rate of fire and sounds for autocannons, hopefully without braking it in other ways

*two new variants for the Slammer, M2A7 and M2A8. Both now sport 20mm coaxial canon. The M2A7 is the infantry killer variant with 20mm GMG for the commander. The M2A8 has 20mm cannon for commander instead

* M2A6 now has it's own custom version of the .50's for both commander and the gunner. Both sport impact point prediction and gunner's MG can track air targets as well as automatically give lead to locked moving target. Those are custom in order to not create any possible compatibility issues
* cleaned up config a bit

- fixed ballistic computer prediction, for now main gun can only lock onto ground targets, AA missiles work as they did

- initial release

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