Author: oOKexOo
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Requirements: Community Base addons A3

Version: 1.2.2
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: Ares is a mod aimed expanding the tools available to Zeus so that it is possible to create more varied and compelling missions.

Date: 2019-06-21 08:04

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Achilles is a gameplay modification for Arma 3. It expands the Zeus real-time editor with many new additions as well as provides bug fixes.

Achilles started as an expansion to Ares mod, which was created by Anton Struyk. Achilles became the de facto successor to Ares at the point the latter was no longer updated. Achilles has already grown into a splendid project, but new additions are still to come!

To install the Achilles you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Recommended and/or optional addons and mods to use with Achilles:
- Advanced Combat Environment 3 (ACE 3)
- Advanced Rappelling

- The add-on is a modified standalone version of Ares Mod.
- DO NOT RUN this mod with Ares at the same time. All features from Ares are included anyway.
- ACE3 and Advanced Rappelling are optional, but are requiered to unlock certain additional features.
- Moreover, only Zeus need to have the add-on installed as it was the case for Ares Mod.





* Fix: Fixed a critical issue that causes stances not to work.

* Change: Locked vehicles can be entered by remote controlled AI (same as "Locked for Players" in Eden).
* Change: Advanced Weather Module: Takes current weather data as default values; Rainbow slider.
* Change: Add objects to Zeus: Only adds objects to the Zeus player that used the module.
* Change: Adjusted name of Patrol/Loiter module to emphasize that loiter is not restricted to choppers.
* Change: displayName config parameter is now used when selecting ammo types when using the Fire Mission module. This improves user-friendliness and allows easier selection of muntion types.
* Feature: Attribute window: Sliders show actual value as a tooltip.
* Feature: Achilles_fnc_showChooseDialog, a revised version of Ares_fnc_showChooseDialog (the latter is kept for compatibility reasons).
* Feature: New useful global veriable: Achilles_var_latestModuleLogic.
* Feature: Option to give suicide bombers vests to make it look more realistic.
* Fix: CAS Bomb Strike: Module was listed twice and cluster bombs were not available.
* Fix: Hotkey for remote control and switch unit features did not work while the map was open.
* Fix: Set map position to camera position after loading interface.
* Fix: Fix weapons not being removed when Pylon Loadout is changed (by @CoxLedere).
* Fix: Fixed an error when suicide bombers were used when the disabling type was selected.

* Change: Removed Zeus wind sound effect for remote control (by @CreepPork).
* Change: If Ares is enabled at the same time, Achilles will just spawn a warning message and not block Zeus entirely.
* Change: Skill slider range is no longer hard-coded. It takes the range as in 3den instead (see BIS forum[]).
* Change: Renamed vehicle attribute button "AMMO" to "LOADOUT" to make clear that ammo has to be adjusted with the slider.
* Change: Dynamic Loadout interface makes use of the new getCompatiblePylonMagazines command (=> better preformance).
* Change: Faction whitelist option was temporarly removed due to instabilities (actually it was already removed in 0.0.8, but not mentioned).
* Change: Swich Unit hotkey was changed due to conflict with MCC (new hotkey: Alt + 2xLMB).
* Change: Improved Achilles initialization for Zeus Game Master missions.
* Change: Replaced Achilles_fnc_addCuratorInterfaceEventHandler by CBA event handler system with "Achilles_onLoadCuratorInterface" and "Achilles_onUnloadCuratorInterface" as keywords.
* Fix: "Switch Unit" module does not work properly for drones => introduced exception handling.
* Fix: "Switch Unit" and "Remote Control" were triggered by 2xLMB without an additional key in certain cases.
* Fix: "Switch Unit": face of the controlled unit were overwritten by the player's settings.
* Fix: Debug logging was still present for the bomb strike module.
* Fix: Achilles_fnc_arrayMean had no exception handling for empty arrays.
* Fix: Paradrop: Exception handling did not work for 3rd party add-on chutes (= unit had 2 chutes instead of one; see Steam).

same, but with cleanup

* Change: Carrier base gets added automatically; Deletion will affect all carrier parts (the carrier is not movable though).
* Change: Intel: The map only opens for the player that picked it up. Who actually gets the intel as well still depends on the settings.
* Change: Heal and injury modules check for ace_medical instead of ace_main (by @CreepPork).
* Feature: Promote player to Zeus; This module is only available for admins when the execute code module is disabled; The rights are lost when the player respawns or disconnects (by @CreepPork).
* Feature: Function Viewer Module (Dev Tools).
* Feature: Switch Unit, an alternative to remote control, which gives full control over the unit (hotkey: LSHIFT + 2xLMB).
* Feature: Side as a group attribute (new attribute button).
* Feature: Change Zeus vision mode brightness (feature inspired by ACE3; ALT+PAGE UP/DOWN by default)
* Feature: IED and Suicide Bomber modules (by @CreepPork).
* Feature: Implemented Achilles_fnc_addCuratorInterfaceEventHandler.
* Feature: Added "allow fleeing" parameter to AI ability module.
* Fix: USS Freedom: Spawned twice in certain cases.
* Fix: Vanilla cycle waypoint issue for copied units (waypoint ended up on map origin).
* Fix: Ammo slider (vehicle attributes): Did not handle dynamic loadouts correctly.
* Fix: Align object horizontal (default key: X): Did not execute Achilles_fnc_HandleCuratorObjectEdited.
* Fix: Dynamic Dialog Side Control: Clicking on current selected side led to unintended behaviour.
* Fix: Canceling selection option: Did not work properly for a few modules.
* Fix: "Selection option" and "specify position" modes missed exception handling: Exiting Zeus interface.
* Fix: "Specify position" in recent tab was also executed for Zeus modules and multiple times for groups.
* Fix: "Create/Edit Intel" did not handle newline characters (Hotkey: LSHIFT+RETURN).
* Fix: Create/Edit Intel: Dialog title did not describe the exact action (create, spawn or edit).

v0.0.7d (Achilles Expansion (alpha version)
* Change: Several critical modules can no longer be added to Zeus (prevents unintended deletion).
* Change: Specify position (spawn attribute) was improved (it is now a valuable tool for placing objects on a carrier).
* Feature: Dynamic loadout as a vehicle attribute (ammo button).
* Feature: Deep copy works for dynamic loadouts.
* Feature: Spawn USS Freedom.
* Fix: Specify position (spawn attribute): Did not work for "Recent" tab.
* Fix: Vehicle respawn system was broken after 1.70 update.
* Fix: Set Date module was broken after 1.70 update.
* Fix: CAS modules: Most planes did not show up after 1.70 update.
* Fix: CAS modules did not support planes with dynamic loadouts.
* Fix: Earthquake module: Missing text in dialog (by CreepPork)

v0.0.7c (Achilles Expansion (alpha version)
* Change: Removed versioning form the steam workshop title.
* Change: Add Simple Objects to Zeus was removed, since it is not reliable atm (will be reintroduced when ready).
* Fix: Lock door module: Timing issue with add lock door logics (logics ended up at [0,0,0] at low performance).
* Fix: Lock door module: Exception handling in the case not sufficient lock door logics could be allocated was missing.
* Fix: Lock door module: Houses that the module was reapplied were no longer locked.
* Fix: Zeus interface: Scrolling down to the bottom of the right module tree shifted the entire right tool bar.
* Fix: Un-garrison module was broken.
* Fix: CAS modules were broken in certain cases (e.g. Achilles was loaded to the server).

vAlpha 0.0.7
* Change: ACE injury module: Adjusted damage levels.
* Change: Removed side restriction for vanilla CAS modules.
* Change: Radial searches are now conducted in 2D (ignoring z) instead of 3D (e.g. damage buidlings).
* Change: All dialog windows are movable now.
* Change: Module "Hint" makes use of "MESSAGE" control type.
* Change: Forced advanced hint window for selection option.
* Change: Cargo Attributes: Larger dialog window.
* Change: Replace icon for CAS Target.
* Change: Replace waitUnit delete by "deleted" event handler (e.g. advanced compositions).
* Feature: Make object invincible module.
* Feature: Suppressive fire module: Line-up is now an option and no longer handled automatically.
* Feature: ACE injury module: injury types, pain level, blood volume and hearth rate.
* Feature: Add/remove Zeus objects can now handle simple objects (EXPERIMENTAL - DO NOT YET SUPPORT FEATURES SUCH AS COPY/PASTE, ADV. COMPOSITIONS, SAVE MISSION SQF, ...).
* Feature: Show config and animation viewer modules.
* Feature: Vehicle garage from Eden editor.
* Feature: Create TPs: Custom names can be given to teleport flags.
* Feature: Hint Module: Support XML syntax (allows including images).
* Feature: Recovered vanilla CAS bomb strike module (dunno why it was hidden).
* Feature: Vanilla CAS modules: Implemented general config solution => support any 3rd party add-on.
* Feature: Implement additional ambient animations (see comment by [GHC] RandomMusic).
* Feature: New options for garrison module (max # men & placing radius)
* Feature: Set date module.
* Feature: Attribute window for light sources: RGB, radius and attenuation.
* Feature: "Lock door" module (including breach option, inspired by Sushi Breach Script[]).
* Fix: Went missing in previous versions: Instant occupation does distribute large group (>8 members) on different buildings (@Grezvany13).
* Fix: ACE injury module: Untreatable unconsciousness.
* Fix: Suppressive fire module: Did not work for non-local units.
* Fix: Add/remove Zeus objects: Exclude curator module from being added to Zeus interface.
* Fix: Locality issue with vectordir and -up changes (e.g. Spawn Advanced Compositions).
* Fix: Pressing attribute buttons (e.g. arsenal) undid changes of attributes in the main window.
* Fix: Effect modules were placed by setVehiclePosition algorithm (inaccurate position).
* Fix: Punishment module was missing.
* Fix: Force AI to chute: Exception handling for units that already have a chute was missing.
* Fix: Syntax error in dynamic dialog cfg (fixed by @shukari)
* Fix: Missing error message for modules such as "Hava a seat".
* Fix: Flaws in garrison building position search algorithm (see #37[])

* Change: Artillery fire support module: Removed workaround (BIS fixed it).
* Fix: Add/Remove objects to Zeus: Type "Unit" did not select soldiers. Moreover, it did select empty vehicles.
* Fix: Ares Compositions did not work properly in 1.68.
* Fix: Damage Vehicle Components: Did not work for local units.
* Fix: Cange Skills/Traits: EOD label was missing in ACE version.
* Fix: Cange Skills/Traits: EOD and engineer did not work for ACE.

--- Hot fixes ---
* Fix: Spawn attributes ticks were not updated after reopening zeus interface.
* Fix: Target/LZ/RP logics default value was always the same & wrong message.
* Fix: Static artillery from third-party add-ons did not fire multiple rounds.

Still same version, but removed source folders.

Change: Create Intel: Simulation of new created intel is no longer enabled.
Change: Ammo box inventory is no longer opened automatically on spawn.
Change: Add/Remove editable objects: Extend search pattern to static turrets for type "units" and "vehicles".
Change: Update ACE module category name to ACE3 3.9.0.
Change: "Bind variable to object" module: Global variable is optional.
Change: Enlarge Attributes window to prevent the need of scroll bars.
Change: Intel: enlarge description section.
Change: Maximal # rounds for arty changed to 10.
Change: Improve inventory dialog (improved performance by caching data; separated virtual arsenal (VA) from normal inventory; numpad keybinding: +/- (useful to make fast changes), * = VA, / = weapon sepecific); double click on weapon => weapon specific; sorted alphabetic, press letter/number to switch between entries; include faceware)
Feature: Fire Support: Attack chopper CAS (target logic + module; might be laggy)
Feature: Names of target/LZ/RP logics can be specified.
Feature: Ares_fnc_showChooseDialog: New control type: "MESSAGE" (see Achilles Wiki)
Feature: Settings: Auto-collapse module tree is optional
Feature: Implement scroll bar for Ares_fnc_showChooseDialog
Feature: Pre-placing mode (Allows defining spawn position prior to spawning the asset/module; especially useful for carriers).
Feature: Additional way to spawn vehicles without crew.
Feature: Edit unit attributes: Change unit traits (Medic, EOD, engineer); Vanilla & ACE3 version.
Feature: Change Ability: PATH (by @Grezvany13).
Feature: Attributes window: Changed attributes are applied on all selected units/vehicles/ammo boxes/groups (as in Eden editor; real game changer!).
Fix: Healing module did not work for non-local units.
Fix: Patrol/Loiter Module: Fails when chopper is not in the air.
Fix: Ares_fnc_ShowChooseDialog: Variable scope issue (BIS forum)
Fix: If fog decay was set to 0 a strange behaviour was observed (see youtube).
Fix: Achilles object attributes are incomptatible with "Set Attributes - X" modules.
Fix: Damage vehicle components: Not all components were available and some component names went missing.
Fix: Translation corrections for German (by @KiritoKun223)
Fix: Factions with apostrophe in the name lead to errors (fixed by @shukari).
Fix: Unessecary creation of dependency on achilles_data_f_achilles when placing compositions in Eden (BIS Forum).
Fix: Mines were still revealed to players (0.0.5 only removed the map markers...).

* Change: Garrison module: Replace searching pattern "House" by "Building" (=> more buildings are available e.g. Tanoa WW2 bunkers).
* Change: Moved "Create/Edit intel" module from "spawn" to "scenario flow" category (see #40)
* Change: "Destroy Buildings" Module was changed to "Damage Buildings" Module (=more options).
* Change: "Patrol" module was changed to "Patrol/Loiter (Heli)" => Loiter waypoint for aircrafts.
* Change: Default assigned hotkey to eject passengers has changed from `LEFT SHIFT` + `G` to `V`.
* Change: For logged-in admins the "execute code" module is in any case available.
* Change: "Bind variable to object" variable is no longer public, but still global.
* Change: Postpone initialization of global functions to the point they are needed (like CED version).
* Feature: Toggle street lamps module
* Feature: Autocollapse Tree (see #26)
* Feature: Apex symbol in front of apex objects and warning message.
* Feature: CBA settings framework (by @Grezvany13).
* Feature: Settings: Helmet & DLC icons for module tree (by @Grezvany13).
* Feature: Settings: Zeus vison modes (by @Grezvany13).
* Feature: Settings: Set available factions for module tree (especially useful for addons like CUP).
* Feature: Settings: Customizable hotkeys.
* Feature: Waypoint: Paradrop waypoint.
* Feature: Waypoint: Improved fastroping waypoint; ACE3 or Advanced Rappeling (AR) is needed. The latter is used if both are loaded. (Note that ACE3 fastroping does not work properly in MP in contrast to AR)
* Feature: Reinforcement Module: Type of waypoint can be selected: Land, fastroping or paradrop.
* Feature: JIP option for execute code.
* Feature: Module "Change Altitude": Change altitude for aircrafts, divers and submarines (Note: In some cases you have to place a waypoint to get the desired effect!).
* Feature: Improve "Add objects to Zeus" module (shorter radius, Filters)
* Fix: Non-local surrendered units stuck after release in cetain cases.
* Fix: Implement solution similar to CED (see #27).
* Fix: Player manned vehicles cannot be edited (see [BIS forum](
* Fix: Advanced attributes do not work for non-local units (see #38)
* Fix: "Garrison building instant" module does not work for non-local units.
* Fix: Suppressive fire does not work properly with move waypoints.
* Fix: Mines were marked on map (check ACE3 solution?)
* Fix: Mortar only fire one shell (see #36)

* Feature: Updated Russian Translation (by Igor Nikolaev).
* Fix: Single unit player teleport option was broken.

Fix: Player edit menu was broken.

* Change: Teleport player: Teleport entire vehcile is now optional.
* Change: Instant occupation does distribute large group (>8 members) on different buildings (by Grezvany13)
* Change: Revised equipment module category.
* Change: Chatter module now sets mouse cursor on text box automatically.
* Change: Remote control chatter: Acces to zeus chat was not avialabel.
* Change: Sort player and group lists in alphabetic order (Player Module Category).
* Change: Suppressive fire: group lines up perpendicular to target direction (except in combat).
* Feature: A few new Advanced Compositions from Apex Protocol campaign.
* Feature: Updated Russian Translation (by Igor Nikolaev).
* Feature: Achilles Dialog windows can be moved.
* Feature: Damage vehicle components button is implemented (edit vehicle menu).
* Feature: Behaviour careless and combat modes (from "hold fire" to "fire and engage at will").
* Feature: Set ammunition slider (vehicle and unit edit menu).
* Feature: Headlight/Searchlight option (vehicle edit menu)
* Feature: Unit edit menu: Arsenal and Skill button; set unit name for chatter module
* Fix: Suppressive fire:
- Broke down when more than 2 "suppression target modules" were available.
- Unit did not cease fire if group mate is in line of fire.
- Suppressive fire: Units went "crazy" in mechanized and motorized groups.
* Fix: Logger for loading achilles modules was not removed.
* Fix: Client side script errors reported in RPT log file.
* Fix: Wind force of 0 is no longer possible (prevents flares from being stuck in the air).
* Fix: Remote controlled units were not able to untie a surrendered unit or pick up an intel.
* Fix: Create intel Module:
- Issues that occure when multiple intels were created (not fully proven to be fixed).
- Script error due to wrong variable locality.
* Fix: Compatibility issues between Ares and TFAR (not fully proven to be fixed)
* Fix: Script errors in surrender unit module.

Change: Heavily reorganized scripts and compartmentalized pbo similar to vanilla add-ons. This might lead to unintented losses of some functionalities (please report!)
Change: Optimized the way the add-on is initialized
No script runs at all when player is not Zeus.
Loading of modules is now directly coupled with the Zeus Display.
Change: Russian translation extended (by Igor Nikolaev).
Change: Warning message in case Ares is loaded too.
Change: Save SQF Module is now based on world positions (not final yet!!!)
Change: Replaced BIS_fnc_destroy City by the Achilles function in the earthquake module.
(Fix: earthquake undid previous destruction)
Feature: Create Advanced Compositions: Now supports turrets
Feature: Options for suppresive fire module (Stance, Fire Mode, time)
Feature: Surrender with Apex Progress Bar Action and more options
Feature: Create Intel now supports Apex Progress Bar Action
many new options are possible e.g. hacking laptop/get intel from enemy unit/pick up intel or whatever
Feature: Option to teleport zeus instant in teleport player module
Feature: toggle destroy buildings for earthquake
Feature: Transfer ownership module (allows transfering units/objects to server)
Fix: Intels could not be properly edited
Fix: RHS reinforcements were broken due to renaming of Vehicle Classes in the last RHS update
Fix: Switch player side was broken
Fix: Several functionalities did not work on non-local units (e.g. players):
"LEFT CTRL + G" - eject
Ambient Animations
Note: The functionalities should now even work on players.
Fix: Spawn Light Source and Peristent Smoke Pillar did work for clients without Achilles
Fix: Injury Module (Vanilla Version): random option led to death with high probabilty
Fix: Script errors caused by canceling selection option
Fix: Compositions were not accessible in Eden editor (fixed by S. Crowe)
Fix: Custom Modules could not be added in mission init phase (e.g. init.sqf)
Fix: Units could not properly have a seat on chairs from advanced compositions
Fix: Animal Category is back, although it will be replaced as soon as the new animal spawn module is finished
Fix: ERROR IN FIELD MANUAL: Wrong hotkey for Deep Copy/Paste
Fix: Flagpole teleporter did not account for height.
Fix: There were several bugs in case custom add-ons were not unlocked for Zeus
Could not move and delete target logics
Ares modules were not avaiable in recent modules
Fix: Error message was missing when fire support modules had a lack of possible targets

V.0.0.2 (Achilles Expansion (alpha version))
* Feature: More ambient animations + combat ready option
* Feature: Spawn Mines/Explosives module.
* Feature: More waypoints are avaiable.
* Feature: Russian translation (not complete yet)
* Feature: Advanced compositions system
* Feature: Object modification modules: change hight, attach to.
* Change: Surrender Unit module can be applied on multiple units.
* Change: List option for teleport dialog is aviable again.
* Fix: Locality issues for ambient animations.
* Fix: Ambient animations could not be terminated.
* Fix: Errors in stringtable (Earthquake + Reinforcement).
* Fix: Copy mission SQF module from Ares was missing.
* Fix: Disable simulation module from Ares was missing.
* Fix: Effect modules did not spawn at the exact defined position.
* Fix: Teleport Module did not teleport vehicles.
* Fix: Advanced Waypoints (ACE fast-roping, Land, ...) did not work.
* Fix: BIS campaign compositions included vehicles and ammo boxes.
* Fix: Search and occupy building script did not work anymore.
* Fix: Last choices in some dialogs were not saved properly.
* Fix: Cancle button was to small for german translation.

v0.0.1 (Achilles Expansion (alpha version) - compared to Ares 1.8.1)
* Feature: Avaiable languages: English, French, German (not yet completed)
* Feature: More vanilla music is aviable in the "Play Music" module.
* Feature: Music defined in description.ext are added to "Play Music" module if a valid "musicClass" is defined (e.g. "Lead", "Action", "Stealth", "Calm")
* Feature: Some modules have a selection mode avaiable which allows applying a module selectively on multiple objects.
* Feature: Added some Advanced Hints for the Field Manual.
* Feature: Animation (Module)
* Feature: Chatter & HQ chat (Module + direct aviable for remote controlled units)
* Feature: Advanced Weather Settings (Module)
* Feature: Earthquake (Module)
* Feature: Suppressive Fire (Module)
* Feature: Destroy Buildings (Module)
* Feature: Bind variables on Objects (Module)
* Feature: "Execute Code" module has now built-in params (position and under cursor target)
* Feature: Create Light Source / Persistant Smoke Pillar (Effect Module, also avaiable in Eden Editor)
* Feature: Chatter Module (HQ and unit) + automatically open chatter window while remotecontrolling unit
* Feature: Sit / leave chair (Module)
* Feature: AI ability (Module)
* Feature: Access to vehicle cargo (extra button in edit vehicle dialog)
* Feature: Launch countermeasure / pop smoke by selecting a unit and hitting countermeasure key.
* Feature: Deep copy/paste units (CTRL + SHIFT + C / CTRL + SHIFT + V)
* Feature: Eject Passengers (including players) with SHIFT + G (or para drop in case of aircrafts)
* Feature: Zeus can write hints
* Feature: Zeus can switch side in order to talk with a specific side in side chat.
* Change: Spawn Reinforcement Module is now based on configs => general compatibility with other mods (tested with RHS and CUP)
* Change: Reorganized module categories (not final!).
* Change: New Dynamic Dialog interface with more variety options.
* Change: Summarized existing modules such as teleport and effects.
* Fix: Module tree is no longer collapsed when switching the taps.
* Fix: The modules will now show up as soon as "Zeus" module category shows up too
* Additional fixes and change in code structure

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