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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.1
Signed: Yes

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Date: 2008-05-25 23:31

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SWM standalone Ghillie Sniper Addon Pack

Ghillie Sniper`s for all Side`s (WEST, EAST, RACS) with div. colorized Ghillie-Suite`s, two new Battledress textures (us marpat and british camo) and face-groups with camo-face`s.

This comes included with a replacement file for ech different model.

    - US Woodland
    - US ghillie Sniper M24
    - US ghillie Sniper M107
    - US ghillie Spotter M16A4 ACG GL

    = US Acu (desert)
    - US Acu ghillie Sniper M24
    - US Acu ghillie Sniper M107
    - US Acu ghillie Spotter M16A4 ACG GL

    - US Marine (marpat digital camo)
    - USMC ghillie Sniper M24
    - USMC ghillie Sniper M107
    - USMC ghillie Spotter M16A4 ACG GL

    - Rac`s: standard Rac`s camo (Desert)
    - Racs ghillie Sniper M4SPR
    - Racs ghillie Sniper M107
    - Racs ghillie Spotter M16A4 ACG GL

    - (british camo)
    - UK ghillie Sniper M24
    - UK ghillie Sniper M107
    - UK ghillie Spotter M16A4 ACG GL
    - standard SLA camo
    - SLA ghillie Sniper SVD
    - SLA ghillie Sniper KSVK
    - SLA ghillie Spotter AK74GL
Extract the file to your ArmA\Addons directory or as we always recommend use mod folders to keep your mods organized and prevent errors.
Check our FAQ for a clear explanation.

The replacement.pbo`s replace the Snipers with a Ghillie Sniper model in different variations:
    - swm_gsniper_replm_st_all.pbo - replace all standard Inf. Snipers with Ghillie Snipers
    - swm_gsniper_replm_sf_all.pbo - " all sf,commando,speznaz Snipers with Ghillie Snipers
    - swm_gsniper_replm_sf_west.pbo - " replace the sf sniper with Woodland Ghillie Sniper
    - swm_gsniper_replm_sf_racs.pbo - " replace the commando sniper with UK Ghillie Sniper
    - swm_gsniper_replm_sf_sla.pbo - " replace the speznaz sniper with sla Ghillie Sniper
    - swm_gsniper_replm_usmc.pbo - " replace the usmc sniper with usmc marpat Ghillie Sniper ( need`s ARMA 1.14 )
Included .pbo files:
- swm_ghillie_sniper_pack.pbo
- swm_ghillie_sniper_replacement.pbo

This is a signed addon, serveradmins can download the serverkey from here.

Most important changes, bugfixes:
- New Models: US Woodland and US ACU (desert)
- New: div. face mask`s,
- New: the pants are on the boots,
- optimized suite, head, hood and neck part,
- [fixed] some bugs in 3DModel corrected.

- New: div. textures for the gloves
- changed, optimized: Colors for Ghillie Suite`s and Battledress, rvmat`s, nohq`s, _as, _smdi ect.
- [fixed] glowing Hands and Face by Night(NVG).

- changed: config, camouflage value is changed to: = 0.1; (avoid detection by AI)
- changed: name,vehicle class for GB Ghillie Sniper. is now UK Ghillie Sniper
- more different replacemet`s

- first public release

Thanks to all helping friends and hands
BIS for the mlod-model
all the modders, scripters and designer from the BIS-community
special thank to Lodu and Darkgiver

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- Armaholic forums
- switzerland-mod forums
- BI forums

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