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Version: 0.1 Beta

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Date: 2008-04-30 06:11

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O/A-10A CAS and FAC

This is an enhanced version of the BI A10. It is hoped that the A-10A CAS will enhance gameplay by providing direct support to ground units. Other improvements stem from the author's desire to increase realism and game immersion.

A-10A CAS:
    2 LAU-130/A 19 Round rocket lanucher (imported from AH-1Z)
    10 Mk82 with Mk82 triple rail
    Ripple counts 1, 2, and 4 (.01 sec delay)
    4 LAU-131 7 Round FFAR - armed with WP smoke rockets
    Common launcher rails removed
    JAWS paint scheme for A-10A CAS
    Removed compass HUD
    Removed external lock (white box/diamond)
    Removed speed/alt/armor/fuel from upper left (unit info area)
    Changed HUD AGL to English (feet)
    Changed pilot field of view to 0.6 (closer)
    Mk82 has IR lock (to simulate CCIP)
    Raised gunsights to .01 (was .07)
    Fixed flight panel speedometer to read knots
    Fixed gear lock light (daytime) - trade off; loss of indicator at night)
Extract the pbo file to your ArmA's Addons file or (as we always recommend) use mod folders to keep your mods organized and to prevent errors in the future.
Check our FAQ for a clear explanation.

Included .pbo files:

Known issues:
There is no damage model at this time.
Texture issues: LAU-131 and Mk82 rails not seen when canopy is closed

The OA-10A is intended for MP use only. Since the WP smoke rockets are still considered a weapon, AI controlled craft will shoot smoke rounds at targets in a vein attempt to destroy them.

Credits & Thanks:
3D Models - Original models by Bohemia Interactive (See included readme file). Modified by Solomani
Textures - Solomani
Configs - Solomani
Scripting - Thanks Spinor!

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