Author: OTK and sansey
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Version: 1.0

Date: 2008-05-01 07:30

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OTK and sansey

It was quite a week! One day they attack, the other - we retreat, but I've got to fly over the front every single day risking to get shot down. Today it's finally calmed down, our convoy moved out to Obregan, and our superiors were generous enough to give me a leave. I'm gonna paint this town red.

To install the mission just extract the .pbo into your ArmA\Missions folder.

Flight instructions:
Your A-10 ground-attack aircraft is equipped with 5 air-to-surface missiles "Maverick", automatic Gatling cannon and 28 FFARs, which makes it deadly for enemy ground forces.
Press [TAB] or defined joystick button to lock the target (switches between all available targets). To aim through sight press [V] button. It will help you eye the target, which is very helpful when using unguided weapons.
To attack the convoy, approach it from front or back at low speed (about 250 km/h) and 400-300 m altitude. Thus you will be able to attack the whole convoy with one FFAR burst while hedge-hopping (it is not recommended to attack diving). Gain speed and altitude immediately after attack, leave enemy AAA range, turn and repeat the attack.
It is more preferable to attack medium and heavy armored vehicles with cannon than FFARs. Several shots will easily penetrate upper armor of such tanks as T72. FFARs are better against enemy troops and wheeled vehicles.

While on combat flight you should keep in mind the following order of target importance:
    1)Direct threat to your plane: anti-aircraft artillery like ZSU23H4 "Shilka", and so on.
    2)Threat to allied ground forces: tanks and APCs.
    3)The last thing: cars, enemy infantry.
Credits & Thanks:
- Mission developed by sansey.
- Mission was tested by OTK creative collective.
- Voiced by CasterTroy, Huligane, sansey, SniperGRU, SLAYER, BKMZ.

- Particularly grateful to:
StumbleR for translation.

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