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Version: 1

Short description: Carefully made bridge crossing Madman's Straights on Tanoa.

Date: 2016-07-24 01:09

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Bridge on Tanoa (Madman's Straights)


Here's a template for a bridge running from the central western island to the main island, the two posts on the eastern end that show up in the editor are taken care of too. The entire bridge has been made with high attention to detail, the surface is as flat as we could possibly make it. It's possible to drive at top speed from one end to the other in the hatchback sport without a problem however we would definitely recommend braking before you get to the end, especially if travelling westbound. Cars are fine, tracked vehicles may encounter some minor issue transferring from one bridge section to another however this can't be helped, care should be taken when travelling down the western transition. Put together by AhoyWorld the creators of Invade & Annex.

Installation / Usage:
Merge this with the mission you're making then remove the excess (player and car).

- first release

- Arma 3 Apex

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