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Requirements: ARMA 2 + Expansions
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Version: latest

Date: 2016-08-03 15:23

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Defeat the 5 local up-risers on UTES island.

The Razer team has been ordered to go to UTES island on a secret mission to take out some of the locals that have been causing trouble for our top priority benefactors. No one outside of the island must know about this mission. As we don't want the rest of the world to know what's going on here.


-Take out each local leaders 1 by 1 , set up in random positions around the island, once a leader is taken out, radio in their co-ordinates to HQ, so we know the situation.
-Take out AA guns if you want air superiority (optional)
-Don't allow all 5 Razer team operatives to die as the mission will not be able to be completed if they all die
-Use whatever is available at your disposal, vehicles, weapons, medical tents, xtra weapons and ammo placed around the island at specific bases we've set up.
-Radio reinforcements if necessary, there are a few xtra soldiers available to you, but they are limited.

most importantly - SURVIVE

This mission can be played single player or co-op.

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