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Requirements: Extended Init Eventhandlers (XEH) (included)

Version: 1.01
Signed: Yes, key included

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Date: 2009-01-08 15:05

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CH M1Abrams Pack
CH addons

This addon contains M1A1HC (Heavy Common) and M1 in several paint schemes.

A lot time has passed since last update of M1A1HA but we finally managed to finish the new version. Although it doesn't have Tank Fire Control System, new interiors or even new backpacks on turrets Crazy Hussars Team hope that you will like this new version.
This new version have been completely reworked. File structure, class names, model sections and scripts have been changed.

    - models based on BIS sample models
    - loader position with mounted M240
    - custom markings
    - custom textures
    - custom parts
    - new armor values
    - new ammo values
    - new sounds
    - main gun recoil
    - FLIR system (need to be turned on via command line)
    - Smoke screen by Xeno (need to be turned on via command line)
To use this addon simply put ch_m1abrams.pbo and ch_m1abrams_cfg.pbo with
theirs bisigns in Addons folder. Also Extended Init Eventhandlers by Solus and
Killswitch are required.
Additionally if you do not like new sounds provided with the addon you can use
optional configuration files that can be found in no_sounds folder. Thanks to those
files M1A1HC and M1 will use default ArmA sounds or sounds from your favorite
sound mod.

Included .pbo files:

This is a signed addon, the server key is included in this download.

New Abramses can be found under CH � Armored (West) and CH � Armored
(Independent) class in mission editor. Note that some classes do not have paint
scheme described in their name while they use same texture as some of the other
tanks (e.g. M1A1HC and M1A1HC (NATO)). Those classes should be used with
custom textures feature.

For more information on how to use them please check theirs ReadMe files.

Unfortunately this new version will not be compatible with old missions.

Known bugs:
loader can still rotate the turret while he is turned in

- fixed textures not visible after mission load in singleplayer

- reworked file structure, class names, model sections, scripts
- reworked armor values to fit ArmA 1.14
- tweaked textures
- optimized markings textures
- optimized all resolution LOD's
- fixed loaders optics color
- fixed shadow artefacts on markings
- fixed AI could not get in loaders turret
- new skate mount model for loaders M240
- added ammo belt animation for M240 and M2HB
- added CWS model to commanders turret
- added EAPU model to M1A1HC
- added M1 in 4 different paint shames
- added custom textures feature
- added FLIR script
- added smoke screen script
- added separate configuration files
- added sctringtable.csv to the configuration files (english and polish)

- fixed XEH compatibility (Extended Event Handlers required)
- signed addon with new privatekey
- fixed tracks visible through armor
- changed ammo count for M2 and mounted M240
- fixed M240 magazine class so it will not overwrite class from rifles config
- fixed some sound problems (new sounds are now defined in main config file)
- added T-72 with new armor values and fixed hit-points (based on NonWonderDogs Tank FCS)
- added more markings
- added reload sounds for MGs
- tweaked gunner sights so it's easier to shoot targets at 600m range
- updated ReadMe.pdf and editor sample mission
- added markings.jpg that shows all markings available in this addon

- first release

Credits & thanks:
Mateck - model tweaks, textures, configs
T_Bone - textures
Crazy Hussars Team - beta testers

Special thanks to:
RobertHammer - for M240s and M2 sounds
Apache-Cobra - for IFF panel model
NonWonderDog - for great resource of ammo and armor values
Xeno - for smoke screen script
XAM Team - for the idea of FLIR script
BIS - for ArmA itself and for releasing sample models
and many other community members for help and support

Forum topic:
- Armaholic forums
- Bi forums

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