Author: Rabid Squirell
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 0.3.3
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: These are textures for your gear and weapons, that will turn on while it is raining, which should add to the immersion and experience of fighting while it is raining in Arma 3.

Date: 2016-12-02 20:49

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RS - Rain Textures

Rabid Squirrel

About Rain Textures:
These are textures for your gear and weapons, that will turn on while it is raining, which should add to the immersion and experience of fighting while it is raining in Arma 3. The changes are subtle and it shouldn't distract you in combat, but they are exagerated under direct light, which makes it fanstastic to look at at night with street lights hitting the water drops.

How does this Mod work?
When the "rain value" in game is above 50%, doesn't matter whether it is in the Editor, or the Singleplayer Campaign, the textures will apply to the gear. If at any point the rain calms down, or stops, the textures will be removed from the weapon. This was designed with seamless integration in mind, it should be fully compatible with any missions or campaigns that contain Vanilla Arma 3 Content.

Rain Textured Plate Carriers
Rain Textured Backpacks
Rain Textured NATO Helmets
Rain Textured NATO Uniforms
Rain Textured MX Family of Rifles
Rain Textured P07 Pistol

To install the RS - Rain Textures you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Future plans:
(Re-textures of the Following)
30-09-2016 : NATO Gear (Complete)
Timeframe Unknown : CSAT Gear
Timeframe Unknown : AAF Gear
Timeframe Unknown : FIA Gear
Timeframe Unknown : NATO Vehicles
Timeframe Unknown : CSAT Vehicles
Timeframe Unknown : AAF Vehicles
Timeframe Unknown : FIA Vehicles
Timeframe Unknown : Marksman DLC Weaponry
Timeframe Unknown : Helicopters DLC

Possibly(?) Not Planned Features - APEX Expansion Re-texture

Continuous Work:
Over time all textures will be improved and upgraded along with the release of each new set of re-textures.
All of the current features will be tweaked and altered dependent on user feedback, for the best all round experience of this modification.

Regarding the FPS (Performance Effects) of this mod:
I haven't done extensive testing with regards to FPS yet, you will probably receive a minor FPS dip while the changeover of textures occurs, but after it finishes everything should return to normal... this will depend directly on how many units are in the mission you are playing, because it will have to change over the textures for each of them. Depending on feedback I may change how the script works for better performance, but at the moment you shouldn't notice any problems with your FPS. If you do, alert me right away please. You can do this is the Bug Reports Discussion. Thanks!

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Changed: Refactored the Gear Switching Component of Rain Textures, using setUnitLoadout and getUnitLoadout introduced in the Arma 3 1.58 update. Thanks Bohemia

Added: New Rain Textured Weapons ... Katiba Rifle*, Rook 40 Pistol*, ACPC2 Pistol*, 45 Pistol*, Zafir LMG, Rahim Marksman Rifle, GM6 Sniper Rifle, RPG32 Rocket Launcher.
Potentially Fixed: Script Error that Causes Gear to Duplicate in Certain Circumstances on a Dedicated Server (Testing Still Underway).

Added: Script Handles for modifying dry-off time based on time of day, weather etc.
Added: Script Handles for dynamically altering textures (should prevent having some gear inversely swapping rain gear when it was meant to be dry).
Fixed: Error caused by incorrect Bikey.
Fixed: Error in Script Handles for drying when inside a vehicle or building, should work as intended now.

Added: Textures for a Large Number of Caps, Hats, and Beanies.
Added: Textures for Crew Helmets for NATO and CSAT.
Added: Textures for Heli-Pilot/Crew Helmets and Uniforms for CSAT, AAF, and NATO.
Added: 2 Weapons - Mk.14 EBR, and M320 NATO Sniper Rifle.
Removed: Access to items in the Arsenal (All changes should now take place behind the scenes)

Fixed: Error when a Unit is deleted that has Rain Textures Running.
Fixed: Gear should be returned to the correct place now (i.e. If it was in your vest it should be put back in your vest).
Fixed: When playing in MP Functions should only be run once per unit now.

Fixed: Broken Server Key and Bisign

Fixed: ACE Compatibility Error

Added: CSAT Uniforms, Vests, and Helmets
Added: CTRG Uniforms
Added: AAF Uniform Rvmats (No Uniforms Yet)
Changed: Texture Maps for Several Backpacks for more Natural looking Rain Effect
Changed: Reworked Pretty Much all of the Functions
For details view: For Mod Makers
Fixed: Cannot load texture 'rain_tex\vests\data\equip_chestrig_khk_rain_co.paa'

Compatibility: Minor Changes to the Way the Functions work, should fix "Enhanced Movement Modification" Compatibility Error.
Added: Chestrig Rain Textures
Added: Tactical Vest Rain Textures
Added: Goggles Rain Textures (For Some Glasses and Goggles).
Changed: Reworked the Normal, Colour, and Specular Maps for the Grenadier Plate Carrier.

Fixed: Compatibility with ACE and CBA now working.
Changed: Textures for all the Backpacks, Vests and Uniforms (Should make the fabric looks less "Hydrophobic").
Tweaked: Specular Maps for the Helmets.

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