Author: Karolus
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Requirements: TRYK's Multi-Play Uniforms, RHS: United States Armed Forces, RHS: Armed Forces Of The Russian Federation, Community Upgrade Project - Weapon Pack, Community Base addons A3, Community Upgrade Project - Units Pack, Community Upgrade Project - Vehicles Pack

Version: 1.05
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This mod adds new faction (Lithuanian Armed Forces) to ARMA 3.

Date: 2018-08-17 20:01

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Lithuanian Armed Forces


This mod adds new faction (Lithuanian Armed Forces) to ARMA 3. Faction currently consists of Lithuanian Land Force, Lithuanian Air Force and LITHSOF units and vehicles. Mod mainly does retexturing of various vanilla ARMA 3 textures and most popular ARMA 3 mods (CUP and RHS)textures.
Having in mind that Lithuanian ARMA 3 community is relatively small, mod gives great attention to LITHSOF, because special operations are usually conducted by small teams.

- Entirely new, playable faction;
- Various uniforms, helmets, vests, caps and balaclavas retextures, adding Lithuanian camouflage patterns or colors (woodland, desert and new camouflage design used by LITHSOF). Also uniform retexture with solid colors (used by LITHSOF only), ghilie suit retexture (to match more forested environment, like Lithuania) and pilot uniform retextures.
- LAF insignias (mainly LITHSOF);
- Mi8 and vanilla light helicopter (which is very similar to lithuanian used Eurocopters) retextures;
- Land rover (used by LITHSOF) retexture;
- Lithuanian names and surnames (only for land and air force soldiers). Also LITHSOF soldiers pseudonyms (for immersion, almost all pseudonyms are real Lithuanian partisans pseudonyms).

To install the Lithuanian Armed Forces you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

- Currently I have created only one co-op mission which includes this mod. I highly encourage ARMA 3 Lithuanian community to try create their own missions with my mod included, because it isn't that hard, especially after Eden update. Also, you can test most of the items in Virtual Arsenal

Known issues:
- Informational error while game initializes addons: "X requires addon Y". It has something to do with addon load order, I will try to fix it in the future. Just press OK and game/mod should run just fine.
- Placing vehicles in editor may give informational errors.
- Placing woodland HMMWV in EDEN editor places desert HMMWV. I'm not sure, but this may be eden editor problem, because in 2D editor it placed it correctly and same happens with RHS HMMWs. Solution: place empty woodland RHS HMMWV and add units to it individually.

- I'm only one modder working on this modification and before this mod I had zero modding experience (I have never scripted before, etc.), so don't expect mod to be perfect. I sunk many hours into this mod, trying my best to make mod as close to reality as possible, so I hope you will appreciate that.
- If you open virtual arsenal, you can find items which are not being used by actual soldiers. This is because some of them are older and I have replaced them with other meshes/textures, but didn't removed them from mod.

- Lithuanian flag on both soldier shoulders (I can't change this, because of ARMA 3 vanilla uniform texture UV map, which mirrors uniform sides);
- Insignia shapes. LAF currently unifies insignias to have same shape. Because they are new, it makes difficult or impossible to find a correct one.
- Weapons. Not all weapons, which are being used in my mod, are currently used (or widely used) by real LAF. To avoid a lot of dependencies to be able to use my mod, I currently added only weapons from popular mods. Some weapons used by real LAF are quite specific, for example, SCAR or various sniper rifles.
- Camouflage patterns. Shapes and sizes of patterns are not 100% accurate.
- Uniform meshes. Uniform models used in mod are far from reality. I don't have much knowledge about moddeling, so I can't model it myself. There isn't a lot of new uniform meshes created, most mods, which you can download, are just vanilla retextures; and new meshes usually have their own issues. So after trying various different meshes, I decided to stick with vanilla. I may change Lithuanian Land Force uniform later.
- Fixed-wing and helicopter pilot uniforms have same "Albatros" insignia on front. Currently this mod contains two different versions of pilot uniforms, but game loads only the one with Albatros insignia (I will try to fix this in the feature). In reality Lithuanian Air Force haven't got unified insignias and different pilots used various different insignias.
- Colors of various items or their parts are not 100% accurate. I found it that it is quite hard to find the correct color, because it looks that colors appears in game a little bit different than it appears in GIMP. Also some textures there done before ARMA 3 graphics update, so some textures might look not accurate.
- LITHSOF overall equipment, weapons, helmets, etc. In practice LITHSOF soldiers are quite independent on what they use, so it is impossible to have all possible variations in the mod. I tried to achieve as much diversity as possible.

Credits & Thanks:
- Karolus - mod author;
- Special thanks to OberCapo for his help gathering information on Lithuanian Armed Forces;
- Special thanks to Bohemia Interactive for allowing ARMA community modify their work;
- Special thanks to RHS team (especially soul_assassin) for allowing modify their work;
- Special thanks to CUP team for allowing modify their work.

- Adjusted pilot uniform colors;
- Reworked "Gelezinis vilkas" insignia;
- New units (officers) added;
- New beret retexture added;
- Units in editor are no longer merged in one group or are sorted in unnecessary additional groups.
- Units are now visible in Zeus after unlocking mods through game master module or manage addons module.

- L-39 retexture added;
- Mi-8 and vanilla light helicopter texture reworked;
- New vest retexture added;
- New backpack retexture added;
- New woodland cap retexture added;
- Minor fixes, some older retextures removed.

- Removed CUP and TRYK dependencies. Mod now only dependant on vanilla ARMA and RHS assets. This should make mod server friendly;
- Changed unit loadouts;
- Changed unit identities;
- Added groups for easier unit placement in editor;

- first release

- TRYK's Multi-Play Uniforms
- RHS: United States Armed Forces
- RHS: Armed Forces Of The Russian Federation
- Community Upgrade Project - Weapon Pack
- Community Base addons A3
- Community Upgrade Project - Units Pack
- Community Upgrade Project - Vehicles Pack

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