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Requirements: Extended eventhandlers (xeh) by Solus & Killswitch (included)

Version: 2.1
Signed: Yes, key included

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Date: 2008-05-29 06:25

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STM dynamic viewdistance
[GLT] Myke

Well, basically it extends the VIEWDISTANCE setting you have in the video options to something more flexible. Instead of having one fixed viewdistance, you set a min and max range (where min range should reflect your actual viewdistance setting) and the addon will increase/decrease viewdistance depending of your height above sea level. This is what it did before and this is what it still does.

New in v2.1:
When playing large scale mission with a lot of units and scripts runnin, you could have serious performance hits and increasing viewdistance would it make it even worse. So i included a FPS counter and whenever a lower limit of FPS is reached (can be set by user), the addon tries to reduce viewdistance to come back to playable performance/FPS. But it will never go below the min viewdistance you've set (although i'm thinking about to introduce a allow override function in it).

I've also included a min height level. If the player is below this lower limit, the viewdistance will not raise. Only when you go above this level (in area or in air vehicle, no matter) it will start raising viewdistance. But also here, below this "offset value", viewdistance will not go below your set min limit.

Copy the stm_dyn_vd_cfg.hpp into your ArmA/Dta folder and the stm_dyn_vd.pbo and the stm_dyn_vd.pbo.stm.bisign into your addons folder.

You may use the standard ArmA addons folder but i recommend the use of Modfolder. If you do not know how to use mod folders have a look in our FAQ.

Included .pbo files::

This is a signed addon, the serverkey is included in this download.

You have to change the settings to your need. To do this, open the STM_DYN_VD.CFG.HPP

These are the settings you may change:
STM_minViewDistance = 2000; //Define min allowed viewdistance. It will not fall below this value
STM_maxViewDistance = 4000; //Define max allowed viewdistance. It will not raise above this value
STM_estFlightLevel = 1000; //Define at which height the maxViewDistance should be reached
STM_TargetFPS = 25; //Define min FPS where DYN_VD should start to reduce viewdistance to get back to playable FPS
STM_groundOffset = 0; //Define min player height before raising viewdistance
STM_configHint = 0; //Show Hints to find best settings, 1 = ON/0 = OFF

Basically these are "set-and-forget" settings like the viewdistance in the options.

One word about STM_TargetFPS.
This is not a "magic setting" which will boost your PC to High-end performance. It will only make sure that if FPS drops, this addon will not be the cause of it.
So in worst case, on heavy scripted large scale Missions, it might be you get no raise of viewdistance at all. So don't even think of applying a value like "100", you better choose a value that you consider as "below this it is unplayable".

Known issues:
The first time you pass an area in a plane or a chopper, there will be noticable stuttering. This is caused by ArmA since it has more data to load (landscape, textures and objects) than usual. This stuttering only happens on first fly-over, from the second pass on it should be gone and you should have good performance and higher viewdistance. Sadly there's no way to reduce or even eliminate this effect.

Credits & thanks:
The idea for this addon i had from 2 others addons:
ECS which have dynamic viewdistance built-in (didn't used any code out of this).
InstantViewDistance by radical.ghost which adds an Actionmenu to the player to change viewdistance on the fly.
So credits to those 2 addons for the inspiration.

Also credits goes to:
for helping me getting this thing to work. Without them i couldn't do it.

And also credits to BIS for ArmA

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