JBOY Dog by johnnyboy
Editing and Scripts

Johnnyboy released an updated version of his JBOY Dog script on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Arma 3 Script allowing dogs to be controlled by player or AI units via scripts.

    • Tracking
        Dogs pick up a scent trail and follow it.
        Scent trails end when tracked units cross water or get in vehicles. Trails begin again when tracked unit exits water or vehicles.
        Via barking, whining and growling, dogs indicate to player if they have found a scent trail, if trail has ended, or if enemy is near.
    • Swimming
        Dogs follow handler in Heel mode and swim (fixes arma problem where vanilla dogs walk underwater on seabed)
    • SITREP command:
        Dog barks once when given this command. This helps know where your dog is in the dense jungle.

Written on 2016-12-30 11:30 by Armaholic  

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