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Requirements: Community Base addons A3, Community Upgrade Project - Terrains Complete, Chernobyl Zone, RHS: GREF, RHS: USAF, RHS: AFRF, RDS A2 Civilian Pack, EWK CIGS,
Island(s): Chernobyl Zone, Chernarus, Porto
Playable options: N/A

Version: 1.2

Date: 2016-12-01 11:40

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Shadow Fall


Some called him a loner. Some called him a friend. Others called him a hero.
And some would call him .... a madman.

Shadow Fall is a single-player campaign where you can influence the reputation of the main character by making key decisions in the early missions. Your actions are tracked as reputation points that will alter some NPC dialog, and determine the final campaign objectives.

Shadow Fall is an Arma 3 prequel to the much older Gambit Royale and is set during the Chedaki uprising of 2009 in Chernarus. While the main focus is Chernarus, some of the missions visit the island of Porto and the Chernobyl Zone.

Features of Shadow Fall include:
Over 60 Radiation hot spots simulated in the two Pripyat missions
Feral dogs that can attack you and anyone else in their way
Reputation tracking that alters some dialog later in the campaign and final objectives
Police that will respond to murders in one mission
Custom-scripted ambient vehicles and civilians
Fully voice acted
Detailed cut scenes
12 months of development

Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will cover the Community made releases.
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Fixed serious bug causing player to spin 180 degs during combat
Fixed problem with CBA_Defend not calling for some units
Enhanced script loading for all missions

  • M04 has more custom scenery and clutter added
  • refactored initial script load to reduce overhead when campaign starts
  • added logging to assist in troubleshooting if anyone has a game freeze at the start of first mission
  • it was possible to kill Mr Safe and still talk to his corpse in M06
  • fixed Baranov not raising his hands in surrender
  • fixed Baranov not being killable
  • fixed _action when function re-initialized in AZC_fnc_AmbientCivilianManager
  • made dialog text slightly larger
  • fixed dialog cut-off when talking to doctor at the end of the scene in M01
  • increased volume on numerous lines of dialog in M01
  • removed all APEX objects from M01, including boat drivers that the engine automatically placed APEX units within
  • add missing rifle grenades to ammo crate in M02
  • was possible to kill Uday and still talk to his corpse
  • fixed problem with -1000 rating per empty vehicle destroyed in M02
  • can't fix floating logs north side Green Mountain as they are a CUP Terrain bug
  • added 2DP rifle flaghlights to some mission ammo crates
  • made it less likely that Kharkovich and Shevchenko will show respect toward the player
  • fixed bug with ambient sounds in M06 selecting empty groups

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Community Upgrade Project - Terrains Complete
Chernobyl Zone
RDS A2 Civilian Pack
Community Base addons A3

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