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Requirements: Community Upgrade Project - Terrains: Core, Community Upgrade Project - Terrains: Maps
Island(s): Takistan
Playable options: N/A

Version: 1i

Date: 2016-12-05 06:24

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Takistan Insurgency


'Takistan Insurgency' is a cooperative multiplayer mission/game mode for ArmA 3, influenced by the A2:OA insurgency mission by PogoMan and Fireball.

•  PLUG N PLAY! Supported mods will automatically be used in mission, if host is running them
•  Random insurgent patrols in forests, valleys, hills, mountains, towns, and villages
•  Insurgents may also be mounted on static weapons, such as mortars
•  Civilian traffic, parked cars, pedestrians, and residents
•  Civilians may decide to pull out a concealed weapon or strap on a suicide vest
•  Domesticated animals and wildlife *WIP*
•  Randomly generated roadside IEDs
•  Randomly generated roadside VBIEDs
•  Call to prayer sound emits from minarets every hour
•  ArmA 2:OA style post-processing effect/color corrections
•  Basic wind simulation effects trajectory/velocity of fired rounds
•  Wind direction changes throughout the mission
•  Random wind and fog values, which change throughout the mission
•  Virtual Arsenal is accessible from the weapon racks at base, inside the warehouse
•  Simple scripted medical system with revive functionality
•  Respawn at base or on friendlies in your group, if enemies aren’t within 75m of them
•  JTAC role can call in CAS to drop explosive ordnance on a target location once every 10 minutes
•  PCML Launcher is a single-shot disposable weapon
•  Players can attempt to field repair vehicles, but E.O.D.’s with a ToolKit are more efficient
•  Vehicle rearm, repair, and refuel station in front of hangars
•  Destroyed vehicles will respawn at base after 2 minutes
•  Players can toss ropes from a transport helicopter they are in and repel down when it is stationary
•  Some vanilla weapons/grenades cannot be used in base (TK prevention)
•  Vanilla scripted VON radio system, if TFAR/ACRE2 is disabled (Experimental)

Takistan Insurgency is one of the most optimized insurgency missions out there:
•  Global Video Settings: Everyone has reduced draw distance for shadows, objects, and visibility
•  Garbage collection: Removes dropped equipment, destroyed vehicles, corpses, etc.
•  Optimized Scripts: Cleaned all scripts of needless content for optimal filesize
•  Improved AI Spawning: Slowly spawn AI units to reduce stutter and desync

•  Search buildings for INTEL
•  Question civilians for INTEL
•  Dead insurgents can drop INTEL
•  Once INTEL is acquired, a ? marker will appear on the map
•  The ? markers are clues within the vicinity of a cache
•  The more INTEL you find, the closer the ? markers appear
•  Weapons caches can be destroyed with remote explosives
•  There are nearly 100 grids occupied with insurgents to clear
​​​•  RED grids will turn BLUE after being cleared
​​​•  Complete randomly generated tasks for rewards


• Obtaining intel creates 2 intel markers on the map, instead of just 1 (Investigating)
• Medical gear is lost if wounded, then killed
• Players are able to get into civilian and insurgent vehicles again
• Sometimes the JTAC can have more than one "Request CAS" addAction
• Some script errors related to EOS, L_Civs, and COS

Installation / Usage:
Extract the .pbo file to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/MPMissions folder.
Extract the folder and its contents to your My Documents/ArmA 3 - Other Profiles/YourProfile/missions/ folder. (OPTIONAL - Allows editor use)

Recommended and/or optional addons and mods to use with Takistan Insurgency:
Community Base Addons - A3
Advanced Combat Environment 3
Community Upgrade Project - Weapons
Community Upgrade Project - Units
Community Upgrade Project - Vehicles
Taliban Fighters
Tactical Beards

Credits & Thanks:
Hustler (ATCAG) - Mission Creator / Scripting
Phoenix (ATCAG) - Graphic Design
Chaser (ATCAG) - Quality Assurance
M.Phillips - Intel / Cache Scripts
Sacha Ligthert - Intel / Cache Scripts
BangaBob - Battlefield Re-Spawn, EOS, and COS
Wolfenswan - Rebellious Civilians
LAxemann - Civilian Traffic
brians200 - roadside IEDs
Ghost - roadside VBIEDs
JW_Custom - JTAC CAS Requesting
[TcB]-Psycho- - Scripted Injuries
austin_medic - Pain PPFX
zealot111 - Field Repairing / Fastroping
Iceman77 - Vehicle Respawning
Xeno - Vehicle Rearming
=ATM= Pokertour - HALO Jumping
654wak654 - Singleshot PCML Launcher
Stealthstick - Bullet Wind Simulation
Kumeda - VON Radio System
Bake - Base Firearm Protection
Voiper - Immersive Map Tweaks
Nimrod - Map Loading Script
aeroson - Garbage Collection
Prien - Briefcase Intel Drops / Suicide Bombers
Jigsor=BMR= - Scripting Help

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Community Upgrade Project - Terrains: Core
Community Upgrade Project - Terrains: Maps

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