Addon-Free ArmA Radio by phronk
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Phronk released an updated version of his Addon-Free ArmA Radio script on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    'Addon-Free ArmA Radio' is a script which enhances the in-game VON by adding simple radio effects when communicating with other players, while factoring distance between the sender/receiver of the transmissions. This script does not require any addons and setup is easy.

    • Added:
        • Added: Automatically detects your in-game "Push To Talk" keybind
        • Added: Larrow to credits; suggested inputAction command
    • Adjustments:
        Tweaked: Radio only checks for friendly players (AI not supported)
    • Fixed:
        • Fixed: Players in vehicles couldn't directly receive transmissions
        • Fixed: Players could hear radio key-ups of players beyond radio range
        • Fixed: Your 3D radio would get hidden when someone else stopped talking on radio
        • Fixed: Radio noise / 3D radio weren't deleted efficiently
        • Optimized: Rewrote how script references source of sender/receivers when handling distances
        • Optimized: Distance check uses switch structure, instead of if()then{exitWith{};};
        • Optimized: Radio checks distance once on keyPress, instead of 8 times
        • Optimized: Removed vehicle player reference in distance check
        • Optimized: Deletion of attached radio effects to player
        • Optimized: 3D radio / noise attaching/detaching to players
        • Optimized: Detection of whether player is in a vehicle or not
        • Optimized: Shortened comments and positioned them better in script
        • Optimized: Filesize of script reduced to 14kb, down from 20kb
    • Removed:
        • Removed: Davidoss and R3vo from credits; contributions not used

Written on 2017-03-09 15:21 by Armaholic  

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