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Requirements: TAF - Tanoan Armed Forces
Island(s): Tanoa
Playable options: Multiplayer compatible

Version: 1.22H

Date: 2016-12-22 22:00

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Pilgrimage Tanoa Edition SP and COOP


PILGRIMAGE Tanoa Edition is both SP and COOP versions of Pilgrimage 1.94 Beta6 mission ported and optimized for Tanoa with several news options added to the wide choice of options the mission already offers.

as this version is specific, in agreement with Rydygier on the initial Pilgrimage thread, I decided to open this thread to discuss about specific Tanoa Edition issues, updates and more.
this way, it avoids any "pollution" on the original Pilgrimage thread about issues or discussions for "non official ports" that Rydygier didn't made itself.

Pilgrimage is a free roam, semi-randomized open whole map SP mission with optional plot to follow set on Altis , made by RYDYGIER, winner of the "Single Mission Arma 3 Contest 2015".
due to success of this mission and players requests, "official" ports to another Arma 3 maps have been made and Pilgrimage has been extended to a COOP version too by Rydygier and updated to V1.94 COOP by myself with the help of Rydygier.

Mods friendly built, it has been updated and upgraded to open the mission to a wide choice of game level options and is very submersive to Arma 3 worlds.

some Arma 3 community fellows, like me, have made their own versions of Pilgrimage, with the respect of Rydygier's initial work and sight about the mission atmosphere
and offer thoses versions as "non official" ports as those have not been made by Rydygier itself.

Pilgrimage Tanoa Edition is made specificly for APEX assets and Tanoa map.
it brings a wide map modification, adding Military bases, jungle camps and observation outposts on the whole archipelado.
specific scripting for AI to randomly spawn in some of those camps.
new game options: blackout moe to turn off 99% of source light at night (war zone in pitch black ar full moon night) and "Incognito" mode, based on Incognito by Rydygier for AI to consider you as civilian as long as you don't act as a threat.
new boat, more choice of random uniforms and weapons on mission start, specific buddy "identity" to match with local people (face, name and surname are typical of natives people of Tanoa).
ability to use and attach chemlight on gear and vehicle when driving one -if you have chemlights in your inventory- and to push your boat back in water if shored.

current version V1.22H
- Hotfix of previous 1.22A version for Arma3 1.66 update (memory crash game occurs)
more changelog history on Pilgrimage tanoa edition thread here:

Credits & Thanks:
Released by Rsoftokz with permission of Rydygier

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