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Date: 2008-05-18 08:17

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Air Drop Expanded

Basically there's a marker where you put cargo you want to transport which then becomes available to be "loaded" onto enabled vehicles. Once loaded the cargo moves to a different marker for "loaded storage" and the pilot can then release the cargo when they want, altitude willing!

The included file includes a Single Player BPO example mission which walks you through how to load cargo and drop it and the mission files themselves for editing.

Required files:
Apparently I've bloated the script from 1 file to 9 required files! It's part of my trying to make things modular I guess. Here's the file list needed:

- Config Files:
- Event Handler Files:
- Cargo Control Files:
- Helper Files:
spawnVehicle.sqf (only part of this demo, not really needed for the script.)

NOTE: Check the included readme for a clear explanation of all the files.

You'll need the following pre-placed to use this system as written:
    1. A marker for where your cargo will start out from.
    2. A marker for where you'll store your cargo while in transit.
    3. EventHandlers added to your transport vehicle. See below.
    4. The scripts in place and configured for use by init.sqf. See below.
EventHandlers to add to your transport vehicle:
    this addEventHandler ["GetIn", {_this execVM "airdrop_getin.sqf"}]; 
    this addEventHandler ["GetOut", {_this execVM "airdrop_getout.sqf"}]; 
    this addEventHandler ["Killed", {_this execVM "airdrop_killed.sqf"}];
init.sqf configuration information:
    ADmindropheight = 70; // Configure min drop from height.
    ADmaxdropheight = 150; // Configure max drop from height.
    ADspawnpoint = "spawnpoint"; // This is the marker name for where you want to spawn your possible cargo.
    ADspawnrange = 20; // This is the range around the spawn marker you want to be able to keep cargo.
    ADloadedcargo = "loadedcargo"; // This is the marker name for where loaded cargo is stored.
    ADvehicletypes = ["Car","ReammoBox","Barrels"]; // This is an array of vehicle types that can be transported as cargo.

Known issues:
- Known Bugs w/demo:
The ammo crate won't trip the "cargo loaded" trigger.

- Known Bugs w/script:
In some cases the parachutes will "burn" on the way down when using MadMatt's ArmaEffects.
Vehicle options are visible to passengers and from outside the transport vehicle. (Not really a bug per se, just a lack of features included with this quick demo that would prevent that sort of thing.)

Future plans:
Build in more error checking.
Add in configurable smoke/message/usebox options from init.sqf
Always have an ammo box available as a drop option?
Max speed to drop at?

Credits & Thanks:
Kronzky for writing the AirDrop code in the first place and his permission to reuse his work.
ViperMaul from AToW for giving me the project of getting this working with our mod.
BarmyArmy from AToW for helping write better code and giving me ideas of how better to do things. Also for letting me use his code as well.
Myke from OFPEC and Armaholic for helping me learn scripting.
ArmA Theatre of War ( for being the best tournament ever!

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