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Requirements: SFF Vehicles and Static Weapons, Community Base addons A3, VSM - Accessory, VSM - Uniforms, VSM - Vests and Helmets, NIArms AK Rifles, NIArms Core, Community Base Addons

Version: 1.2
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Short description: The Hezbollah are a Lebanese Shi'ia Islamist political and military group.

Date: 2018-07-07 08:23

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Hezbollah [SFF]


The Hezbollah are a Lebanese Shi'ia Islamist political and military group. The position of Hezbollah as an organisation is tenous, as it is both a legitimate political party and a terrorist organisation. This faction is based on photographs and video footage from August 13th, 2013 to December 30th, 2016.

The Hezbollah organisation was founded in 1985 to oppose Israel. It has since expanded to become of the largest and most well organised factions in the Middle east, comparable and possibly even more powerful than Islamic State (ISIS) It is currently fighting against both the Western World and ISIS at the same time.

The Hezbollah is a large Lebanese organisation, drawing soldiers and forces from the entire Shi-ia Islamic Middle East, and they have carefully concealed their military force's size- estimates range from as few as 5 thousand to as high as over 70,000, greater in power than the actual Lebanese Army. The majority of Hezbollah fighters have mixed military and geurilla equipment, with AK-74 rifles as standard, and they have more uniformed and issued equipment to portray their organised structure compared to other terrorist groups.

The Hezbollah has a Elite military and Special Forces unit, known as 'Radwan Unit', in tribute to a Hezbollah member, who are superior fighters and have better equipment than the regular Hezbolla fighters. They are known to wear black, but confirmed photos of the unit are very rare. They are armed with modernised AK-74M's, with heavier armor and black equipment to differentiate them from the infantry.

They are supported by light and medium armor, such as BMP-1's, T55's and ZSU-23-4 'Shilkas', as well as static weapons.

Faction has full Editor, Zeus and ALiVE support (faction name HZ ) Also supports ACE3 Medical system.

To install Hezbollah [SFF] you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Tanks DLC update-
Complete re-build of the faction from the ground up, with a NEW classname - OHZ

New units include a massive range of additional vehicles and static weapons, including anti-tank, anti-air and anti-infantry static guns, artillery and mortars, BMP-2's and BMP-2 HQ variants, T-72's both with and without ERA armour. Tanks DLC SPG-9 technicals have also been added.

The Infantry and SF forces have been rebalanced for ALiVE, so SOF should be rarer and infantry and support infantry more common. About a dozen new squad types have been added to the Infantry, Support Infantry and SF units, with stand-outs including ATGM and dedicated AT teams, medical, engineer and IED teams, as well as sniper teams as a SF group.

The units have had most of the AK-74's reduced in numbers, replaced with the more common AKM and AK-47 in the region IRL, and the Radwan SOF team has been downgraded as the images I was using for references were parade/display gear, and they did not actually have enough of it to fight with. NVG's and more advanced gear are still more common in SF than infantry, but they should not look radically different as if they were a different faction.

Crewman Unit and Fireteam Leader Units.
Static weapons.
ZSU-23-4 Shilka's


- SFF Vehicles and Static Weapons
- Community Base addons A3
- VSM - Accessory
- VSM - Uniforms
- VSM - Vests and Helmets
- NIArms AK Rifles
- NIArms Core
- Community Base Addons

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