Author: special Ed
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Requirements: Cup Terrains Complete, East Vs West, Craig's SP Pack, Craig's US Pack, Map Builder Objects, CBA, PLP Containers, ASOR Roleplay Objects, BG21 Black Ebr
Island(s): Utes
Playable options: Singleplayer compatible

Version: 1.1

Date: 2017-01-25 09:03

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Operation Rising Tide

Special Ed

A rogue hostile force has taken over the island of Utes. The threat of invasion by this renegade force looms over the nearby country of Chenarus.. A small team of US Special Forces is secretly deployed to the island. Their main objective : to infiltrate the island unseen and cripple the enemies capabilities. With the team vastly outnumbered, the success of the mission hangs in the balance.. and the outcome will affect the safety of the entire region.

A new AI system - AI Modify - incorporated into the mission that allows enemy units to operate independently in combat while reacting to each other and allows units to be able to advance upon known enemy positions plus communicate such positions to other units nearby.
The AI system also provides enhanced support for suppressed weapon usage, therefore making stealth style infiltration tactics more reasonably doable.
Mission objective areas directly support stealth style tactics - in Coop mode players will find that coordinating their efforts can make a significant difference in staying undetected or not during various situations.
Highly detailed mission objective areas, including a large enemy base that has been meticulously hand worked.
Numerous portions of the mission are highly scripted to provide various forms of quality mission play immersion and give impactful results from players actions.
Full intro video including an optional short intro video for MP and in-mission music.
Major mission areas provide environments where a lot of enemy movement can occur during combat.
Polpox's Calm Animations integrated with various multiplayer fixes including full functionality on a dedicated server.
Mission is open-ended, there are no 'mission failed' conditions, and Coop mode provides limitless revive and respawn - respawn location is updated at a certain point in the mission.
Multiplayer version of the mission, Single Player version that gives the player 3 Ai units to control, and a bonus 'Solo' Single Player version provided that has no Ai units in the player group along with slightly reduced enemy unit count in the mission.
Mission time should normally be between 1 and 2 hours.

Download and install the required addons.
Put the OpRisingTideSP PBO and OpRisingTideSP_LoneWolf PBO into your Missions folder, located in the main Arma 3 folder.
Put the OpRisingTideMP folder into your MPMissions folder, located in the main Arma 3 folder - Note that the Mp version of the mission is intentionally not in Pbo form because it seems to help eliminate an Arma 3 Mp bug with the mission picture not showing.

General Information:
The video intro in Single Player can be exited by pressing the space bar. The video intro in MP cannot be exited, which is why there is an optional short version.
Any AI modifications being used when running the mission will likely break things significantly - the mission already has its own AI system installed.

Multiplayer Information:
The multiplayer version of the mission comes in folder style without having been Pbo'd. This is because during dedicated server testing it has been discovered that the mission picture does show properly in the server lobby when not in Pbo form on server side - there can still be a picture mission error on client side but nonetheless the picture has been showing. The missing mission picture in MP for Arma 3 custom Mp missions is a known issue.
Each player is in their own separate group. This is done to remove the automatically activated player controlled character voices during engagements which easily conflict with voice-overs and allows clean and clear communication between players.
There is a "short" and "full" length video selection available in the MP server lobby under the 'parameters' tab. One of the two options is always enabled, and the video cannot be bypassed during the MP version of the mission without aborting altogether. This is done to provide ample time for players to be properly loaded in and placed before the actual mission play begins. Note that the "short" video version does not include mission background intel.
Basic revive is enabled and available to all players with no medpack usage required. Once the revive time expires on an incapacitated unit, they will respawn at one of two possible positions - respawn location is updated at a certain point in the mission.
There are no "mission failure" conditions, only the results of objectives status upon extraction/mission end.
The Mapbuilder Objects addon by NeoArmageddon that is required by the mission is signed for dedicated server use. Also there is an alternate download link provided for Craig's SP Pack and US Pack which will give you signed versions of his addons for dedicated server use - note that the addon contents themselves have not been touched, they are only signed versions.
The mission can be hosted on a server with Join In Progress enabled and the support is imbedded in the mission, but technically the mission does Not allow true Join In Progress - This means that when a player joins into the mission at any point after it has started, they will be placed on an aircraft carrier and will have to wait for either the "bonified" mission participants to complete the mission or for the rare event that all true mission participants have left the mission - Note: there is roughly a ten minute initial delay at mission start before mission participants counts are done where if the count is zero, the mission is ended.
Regardless of the server settings, during mission play if the scripts detect that there are no players left in game, the mission will end within roughly 10 seconds.
Mission time can vary, and can go up to over an hour, it may be desirable at least for clans to consider planning on taking a 5 minute break half way through the mission.

Credits & Thanks:
Special Ed, Aka Mr Pibb (Ghost Recon.Net) : Author of Operation Rising Tide, Author of AI Modify.
genesis92x : All code inside the VCOMAI folder which includes - Take Cover function, Hit Near function and additional supporting code for those functions (permission was gained).
NeoArmageddon : Map Builder - Through the use of a modified version of his Map Builder editor, the base in the mission was created and it would not be what it turned out it as without his very well done Arma 3 editor. The Map Builder Objects addon (configs) is his as well.
jus61 : Providing the Ai Modify system on his dedicated server for testing.
POLPOX : POLPOX's calm animations.
Tpw : Integrated LOS and FOV supporting code from Tpw_Los script
KillZone_Kid : KK_fnc_inString function.
Heeeere's johnny! : For getting doors names for buildings from A2 by going through his Auto Open Doors script
Bis Forums Members that have helped significantly with questions about a vast variety of scripting issues:
das attorney
Heeeere's johnny!
Grumpy Old Man

License / Disclaimer:
One may extract portions of the code in this mission to be integrated into their own scripts/missions, including entire scripts - if so, please provide credit towards the author of the extracted code in your mission/mod.
One may Not re-release a modified version of Operation Rising Tide in a public fashion.
In the event of a public distribution of an *unaltered* version of Operation Rising Tide, the credits listing must remain exactly the way they are, and the author (Special Ed) and credits listing must be shown on the release page.

A number of tweaks to various units in the base to enhance support for stealth based tactics.
An improvement to the helo pilots scripted area.

Version 1.0:
Initial release

Forums Topic:
- Operation Rising Tide Official Support Forums

Map Builder Objects - Signed -
Craig's SP Pack - Official - Armaholic - Not Signed OR Craig's SP Pack - Repacked/Signed - Mega.Nz
Craig's SP Pack - Repacked/Signed - Google Drive
If Google Drive link does not work, wait at least 24 hours for bandwidth to be reset
Craig's US Pack - Official - Armaholic - Not Signed OR Craig's US Pack - Repacked/Signed - Mega.Nz
Craig's US Pack - Repacked/Signed - Google Drive
If Google Drive link does not work, wait at least 24 hours for bandwidth to be reset
Cup Terrains Complete - Cup Website
Community Base Addons - Armaholic
East Vs West - Armaholic
PLP Containers - Armaholic
ASOR Roleplay Objects - Armaholic
BG21 Black Ebr - Armaholic

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