Author: halcyon_arma3
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.8.3
Signed: Yes

Short description: Adds COXHOUND themed content to your game, in the form of new camos, unit insignias, and various other things. This is mainly content for use in missions made by my own group, but I figured uploading it as public wouldn't hurt.

Date: 2020-04-13 11:59

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COXHOUND Content Pack

Halcyon & You Gotta

Adds COXHOUND themed content to your game, in the form of new camos, unit insignias, and various other things.
This is mainly content for use in missions made by my own group, but I figured uploading it as public wouldn't hurt.
I wanted my group to have some variety in camo choices, without having to download a bunch of faction mods, honestly.

The current version is 1.7.1, which makes the content of the mod up to par with the current version of the game
Note: some of the images above are kind of dated; as we've updated some things to be consistent and refined
Also, this mod can be considered a bit incomplete. We're still adding to it for fun, but there's a lot of placeholder images and inconsistencies. There's also a LOT of new things added and it can take up space in the Arsenal menus

COXHOUND Bonus Content
It includes custom billboards, flags, more, and fursuit helmets!

This mod includes around 50 insignias and 200+ retextures altogether of vests, backpacks, uniforms, and headgear, for factions or team based scenarios, or for general use. Plus more things!
We used to have a list of how many camos were in the mod, in the description here, but we had to cut it down so we can add more details!
It's also completely signed for multiplayer use.

Every bit of the mod can be utilized where possible, such as 3DEN inventory editing, scripting commands, and of course the Arsenal, and each item inherits the inventory capacity, weight, and armor values of the original vanilla equipments.

Please let us know of any issues you might have!

Some of these are jokes, but many are IRL camos, or are based on them.
The shirts and Tactical Pattern uniforms are mainly for use in team based scenarios. The Tactical Patterns are black backgrounds with colored stripes.
The sweaters are Guerilla Apparel reskins, and they have pants with varying camo patterns.
The XOC uniforms are all the way at the bottom of the Arsenal list, if sorted alphabetically.
Some of the uniforms will have placeholder inventory icons.
Gaming-based camos, including ones from STALKER, Metal Gear Solid, and more!
XOC Special Forces camos, retexturing the NATO uniform
Foreign Legion fatigues, which look similar to South Korean camos
Camos based on Digital, Flecktarn, Woodland, Lizard, DPM, Tiger Stripe families, plus more!
Grey, Green, Black, Tan and Blue colored sweaters with varying camo designs for pants
Colored shirts with khaki pants
COXHOUND Prototype Tactical Patterns, in primary and secondary colors, and then some
Tons of joke camos, and more!
And many more we couldn't list! We're running out of characters for the description.

The uniforms support unit and multiplayer squad/Arma Unit insignias.
Some of the camouflages are independent of any faction or nation, so they're good for making your own faction!
They're also unlocked for everyone, so you can pick them up while playing on any side. Most of them have versions with the sleeves up, too, so that doubles the number of uniforms almost.

Most of these only cover our first sets of camos, and some others, but eventually we'll cover more!
Single color helmets, both Modular and Combat, as well as booniehats and tactical vests, and backpacks
Full equipment sets for some of our camos, including helmets, vests, and backpacks
Black and Green GL/Special rigs without flags
Striped Modular helmets, and Combat helmets with multicolor patches for quick identification

Camo patterns are from this Facepunch thread for retextures:
--if any of the original camo designers want us to remove any of these, please add Halcyon. I can't stress it enough that this mod would be impossible without the generous people over at Facepunch, thank you so much for this camo thread!!--
The authors of some camos are as follow:
-Rusty-, ShadeOps21, PotonForry, recolor, Tounushi, TheObscure, Kosai106,
Millenia, Nightmare 515
thank you so much!!

Uniform templates are from this BIStudio thread:

There are several types of insignias in the mod, including some flags, references, and factions.

Most of them are inside jokes or things thrown in for preference.
The flag patches don't look pretty.
Flags based on each group member's nationality, as well as some extra misc ones
Gaming related insignias from Metal Gear Solid, Half Life, and more!
Multicolor team based patches, for PVP or quick identification, plus a medic patch

The unit insignias will work on most uniforms, if they support insignias!
There's no general theme for them, they're mostly just jokes.
You can equip them in the Arsenal or in unit settings in 3DEN, under "identity", and they're also accessable through script commands

PROP: Santy (courtesy of PotonForry)
HEADGEAR: Santy Mask (courtesy of PotonForry)
VEHICLE: CWV-AE86 Fujiwara (courtesy of PotonForry)
Prop and vehicle are available in the 3DEN editor.

Please report any issues or bugs you might have!

To install COXHOUND Content Pack you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Please don't reupload this in any way, or on any other websites, and please don't lock any of this mod's content behind a real, monetary paywall. Please don't reupload it in a modpack, either, as Steam Workshop lets you do so without reuploading, through the Collections feature.
(but of course, you can obviously use the facepunch thread textures on your own, though)
Besides that, use it for whatever you'd like! We encourage it.
Additionally, the only reliable download is available here, on the Steam Workshop. Any other websites hosting it will have unreliable and/or outdated builds of the mod, and thus are officially unsupported. Reliable and relatively bug free versions and updates will come from the Workshop.

Another disclaimer: Almost every bit of this mod is retextured from vanilla assets, new textures, insignias and the two models are the only real additions. The screenshots may contain content from other mods for added flair, and we'll add a screenshot modlist in the Discussions section once we've compiled it

In short:
Added some parity between uniform types, new XOCPAT camouflage type, 11 new camouflage varieties, and redesigned inventory icons for everything.
In depth:
For this update, we remade (almost) all of the inventory icons, added AAF versions of XOC and FL camouflages, added a bunch of new camouflages, and added an entirely new variant of TACPAT, called "XOCPAT". This update took about 3 months to complete, in between other projects and various life events, and is the penultimate COXHOUND Content Pack update.
Unless we decide on adding a new retexture variant, or new insignias, this will more than likely be the final update. It's been a long ride, people, and we're proud of where we've come! We're definitely going to be updating our other mods, but this is the probably the last stop for the Content Pack.
As far as continuity is concerned, if another Arma game comes out, depending on the circumstances, we may look into porting this mod over. But that's far ahead of us now, so no promises.
We hope you enjoy our final tribute to this mod!

COXHOUND Content Pack Update 1.8.2: The Rainbow Update
Added a bunch of single color uniforms, jumpsuits, vests, and stuff.

Added MULTICAM, Airborne and FL Winter camouflage uniforms and equipment, and also edited the sweaters and the XOC Nightfall camouflage. Additionally, all of the displayName entries for just about everything have been changed, so they're grouped up in the Arsenal better for quality of life.

COXHOUND Content Pack Update 1.8.0.: Subsistence
Added equipment variants of every main camo, and also refined some of the faction based content.
Also, some new camos have been added. Additionally, there's placeholder images for them as well (god i fucking hate making inventory icons thats why)

Added .bikey files to a folder within the Arma 3 workshop folder, because we're idiots and we didn't include them (whoops)
COXHOUND Content Pack Update 1.7.1: Subsistence
Added equipment variants of our 1.3 camos, along side five new camos
we've also updated some older camos, to make the patterns stand out a little less. for example, the CADPAT squares were too large, and to demonstrate this change, one of the new camos we added is based on the US Army UCP camo
COXHOUND Content Pack Update 1.7.0: The Long Overdue Anniversary Update
it's been a while since our last update!
life tends to interrupt such a thing
General Changelog:
The Fujiwara APC has been updated to comply with the Tanks DLC's features, plus its config has been cleaned up and now it'll automatically inherit any future Marshall APC changes, as it should've
Also, (almost) every item in the mod has an inventory icon. There's a few exceptions, such as joke camos, and the last minute XOC camos and equipment we added.
Speaking of which, we added one new XOC Camo (Dusk) and also equipment for each, in the form of vests and helmets. They don't have inventory icons because they were added last minute
Please report any bugs!

I'll write a changelog soon
we've added vests, headgears and backpacks based on the original camos we released, alongside some single color equipment and new uniforms
in terms of filesize this is the largest update we've released
after this though, for sure, we'll be releasing the faction mod

Fixed a bug where some vanilla vests wouldn't appear, because they were overridden by our configs

The Final Coxtier

Changelog Summary:
Added helmets, vests and backpacks for the upcoming COXHOUND Factions mod, and added some snow camos
Lots of these have placeholder textures for now

+Added Modular Helmet [FL Urban]
+Added Modular Helmet [FL Woodland]
+Added Modular Helmet [FL Seaborne]
+Added Modular Helmet [FL Arid]
+Added Booniehat (FL Urban)
+Added Booniehat (FL Woodland)
+Added Booniehat (FL Seaborne)
+Added Booniehat (FL Arid)
+Added Military Cap (FL Urban)
+Added Military Cap (FL Woodland)
+Added Military Cap (FL Seaborne)
+Added Military Cap (FL Arid)
+Added Beret (COXHOUND)
+Added Beret (Drama Alert) -- don't ask
+Added Beret (Foreign Legion)

These currently have incorrect icons, but they still work!
+Added Assault Pack [FL Urban]
+Added Assault Pack [FL Woodland]
+Added Assault Pack [FL Seaborne]
+Added Assault Pack [FL Arid]

+Added FL Carrier GL Rig (FL Urban)
+Added FL Carrier GL Rig (FL Woodland)
+Added FL Carrier GL Rig (FL Arid)
+Added FL Carrier Special Rig (FL Urban)
+Added FL Carrier Special Rig (FL Woodland)
+Added FL Carrier Special Rig (FL Arid)
+Added FL Tactical Vest (FL Urban)
+Added FL Tactical Vest (FL Woodland)
+Added FL Tactical Vest (FL Seaborne)
+Added FL Tactical Vest (FL Arid)
+Added Custom Carrier Special Rig (COXHOUND)
+Added Custom Carrier GL Rig (COXHOUND)
+Added Carrier Special Rig (Black/No Flag)
+Added Carrier Special Rig (Olive/No Flag)
+Added Carrier GL Rig (Black/No Flag)
+Added Carrier GL Rig (Olive/No Flag)
+Added GA Carrier GL Rig (Black)

*Changed Flecktarn camo (hopefully it looks better)
+Added Combat Fatigues [Harvest]
+Added Combat Fatigues [Harvest] (Rolled-up)
+Added Combat Fatigues [SNOWPAT]
+Added Combat Fatigues [SNOWPAT] (Rolled-up)
+Added Combat Fatigues [Winterstripe]
+Added Combat Fatigues [Winterstripe] (Rolled-up)
+Added Sweater/Camo Pants [White/Winterstripe]
+Added Sweater/Camo Pants [Black/Harvest]
+Added Sweater/Camo Pants [White/SNOWPAT]
+Added Foreign Legion Sweater (FL Urban)
+Added Foreign Legion Sweater (FL Woodland)
+Added Foreign Legion Sweater (FL Seaborne)
+Added Foreign Legion Sweater (FL Arid)

Changed some uniforms, added a bunch of camos. This is a big update!
The Foreign Legion and Mercenary fatigues are preludes to the Faction Content Update (1.5.0)
The camo patterns exclusive to the sweaters have been made into separate uniforms (e.g. there's an AUSCAM sweater, but now there's an AUSCAM uniform too)
The IRA uniforms were made as a special request, we didn't make these to endorse any sort of political stance or party
We also added white and black shirt uniforms, along with more joke camos.
All of these so far use placeholder images again, but we'll fix that for 1.5, which will be the final update until at least October. (we're taking a break, and then we'll work on the faction mod before then)
*Changed the Fujiwara APC's engine and designation (CWV-1 = CWV-86)
*Changed the Zeitai's camo scheme to make it more realistic (we found a way)
*Changed the saturation on the blue sweaters
*Changed the Red ERDL's pattern
+Added Spring Uniform
+Added Blue Lizard Uniform
+Added Canyon Uniform
+Added AUSCAM Uniform
+Added AUSCAM Navy Uniform
+Added Zeitai (alt) Uniform
+Added Flecktarn Uniform
+Added Foreign Legion Uniforms (our first legitimate camouflage pattern)
+Added Mercenary Fatigues
+Added more joke uniforms
+Added Firefox broswer insignia
+Added Chrome browser insignia
+Added Internet Explorer insignia
+Added Natty Boh insignia
+Added Baltimore Orioles insignia
+Added A Really Pure Emotion
+Added Whole Foods insignia
+Added M'abumbe's Legion insignia
+Added IRA Fatigues, in three variations (DPM, Drab, Spring)

Added sweaters with camo pants, changed the ordering of the multicolored shirts so they're easier to find
The Sweater/Camo Pants combinations are generally different colored Guerrilla sweaters with different camo patterns for pants.
Some of the patterns are new, some of them are old.
Currently, they use placeholder inventory icons.
*Changed shirt names from "Combat Fatigues [_color]" to "Combat Fatigues [Shirt/_color]" so they're grouped together and slightly easier to find in the Arsenal
Added Sweater/Camo Pants [Black/Autumn]
Added Sweater/Camo Pants [Black/Flecktarn]
Added Sweater/Camo Pants [Black/Spring]
Added Sweater/Camo Pants [Black/Squares]
Added Sweater/Camo Pants [Blue/Blue Lizard]
Added Sweater/Camo Pants [Blue/Police]
Added Sweater/Camo Pants [Green/AUSCAM]
Added Sweater/Camo Pants [Green/Autumn]
Added Sweater/Camo Pants [Green/JSDF Flecktarn]
Added Sweater/Camo Pants [Green/Spring]
Added Sweater/Camo Pants [Grey/AUSCAM Navy]
Added Sweater/Camo Pants [Grey/Bricks]
Added Sweater/Camo Pants [Grey/Clear Sky]
Added Sweater/Camo Pants [Grey/Mountain]
Added Sweater/Camo Pants [Grey/Red Urban]
Added Sweater/Camo Pants [Tan/Canyon]
Added Sweater/Camo Pants [Tan/Tiger Stripe]
Added Sweater/Camo Pants [Tan/Tokyo]
Added Tractate's Outfits

Added more colored shirts, made more COX ERDL's, added inventory icons for COX ERDL and Yellow/Blue/Red shirts, added some insignias.
*Changed name of "Combat Fatigues [COX ERDL]" to "Combat TACPAT [ Red ]"
*Updated all of the colored shirts
*Made some minor author changes
+Added Turquoise shirt uniform
+Added Orange shirt uniform
+Added Purple shirt uniform
+Added Drab/Green shirt uniforms (they're extremely similar aside from a slide change in shade, ones darker than the other)
+Added TACPAT uniforms. (Tactical Pattern)
in colors: Yellow, Orange, Red, Drab, Turquoise, Blue
Added Peace Emblem
Added "Goodnight Alt-Right" insignia

Added CWV (COXHOUND Wheeled Vehicle)-1 Fujiwara to the content pack. (it's an AMV-7 Marshall reskin so there's no dependencies yet)

+Added CWV-1 Fujiwara (under BLUFOR> Foreign Exports)

Remade all the camos in a new format, added Yellow, Red, and Blue shirt uniforms, added COX ERDL camo
*Remade all of the camos so they look good
+Added Yellow shirt uniform
+Added Red shirt uniform
+Added Blue shirt uniform
+Added COX ERDL camo

*Unlocked all the camos so every side can use them
*Changed the Taiga camo's name to XOC-C-9b to keep the order

17 new camos, inventory icons for 1.4. camos
+New inventory icons for some camos
+XOC Arid camo
+XOC Desert camo
+XOC Forest camo
+XOC Mountain camo
+XOC Savanna camo
+XOC Nightfall camo
+XOC Stealth camo
+XOC Urban camo
+XOC Taiga camo
+XOC Winter camo
+Bill Ding camo
+Dazzle pattern camo
+Fine China camo
+Leopard print camo
+Mr. Worldwide camo
+Ice Cream camo
+smol uwu camo

Local Man Breaks The Whole Mod

Fixed a bug hopefully

8 new camos, 7 new insignias, updated the textures for the COXHOUND camo and the Combine camo.
The new camos are using placeholder inventory icons for the moment, sorry
+Combine (Alt) camo
+Driftwood camo
+Granite camo
+Lizard camo
+Gucci camo
+Santy Pattern camo
+Santy cosplay
+Black Mesa insignia
+Black Mesa (alt) insignia
+Combine insignia
+Cabbage insignia
+Santy insignia
Fixed the elbows on the original Combine camo
Updated the pattern for the COXHOUND camo

Added a new prop
+ Added Santy

Added a new helmet (a preview of what's to come)
+ Added Santy Mask

Fixed some more bugs. (hopefully)
Please clap

Fixed some bugs.
Fixed path to Delta icon
Fixed Zeitai camo not being shown

12 new camos, proper credits, 3 new insignias, new mod icon, new camo inventory icons.
Autumn camo
COXHOUND stripe camo
Ocean camo
Oman Modern DPM camo
Reeds camo
Dark Reeds camo
Aesthetic camo
Splitter camo
Shadow camo
Tokyo camo
Woodland camo
Zeitai camo
Mafufda's Flag patch (may not work)
That One Delta Thing From Halo 3 patch
GameStop patch
Proper credits have been added for the camos.
New mod icons and inventory icons for the camos have been added.

11 new camos
Tiger Stripes
Canadian CADPAT
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky camo
Kuwati Police
MGS3: Spirit Camo
MGS3: Squares Camo
MGS3: GA-KO Camo (ducks!!!!!!!!!!!)
Dark Woodland

1 new patch
Viper the Rapper insignia (courtesy of Based_Boss)

Mod release

Steam Workshop:
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