African Factions for CUP by autigergrad
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Autigergrad released an updated version of his African Factions for CUP on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This faction pack allows players to create a wide range of scenarios in an African setting using only CUP mods. I will continue to add to this pack.

    Currently there are 6 fully fleshed out and playable African based factions in this pack:
    • An African Rebel faction based off of Somali Pirates set to Opfor Faction name: CUP_AFR_Reb
    • An Islamic African Insurgent faction based off of Boko Haram and Al Shabab set to Opfor Faction name: CUP_AFR_M_Reb
    • A full standardized African Army that speaks Farsi set to Independent. This force has Infantry, Special Forces, Tanks, APCs, Helicopters, and Fighter Jets. Faction name: CUP_AFR_Army
    • An African based UN Peacekeeping Force set to Blufor that speaks French. Fully equipped with UN vehicles and aircraft. Faction name: CUP_AFR_UN
    • An African Civilian faction. Faction name: CUP_AFR_CIV
    • An African Muslim Civilian faction. Faction name: CUP_AFR_M_CIV
    These factions are fully compatible with both Zeus and ALiVE.

    • Changed all faction generic names to African based
    • Changed the language of the IND Army faction and the Christian/Western themed Civilian faction to French

Written on 2017-03-12 21:01 by Armaholic  

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