Author: Godlike
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Island(s): Takistan
Playable options: Multiplayer compatible

Version: 1.0

Date: 2017-03-19 12:29

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Operation TAIFUN


Operation TAIFUN is a COOP mission best played with 8-19 players.

It's March 2017. USA can't simply stand aside and watch how Russia is being called 'Hero' in mass media because they're the only one to support Takistan's government in their fight. We will strike today to show everyone that USA is still monitoring the situation. Your main objective will be to kill the regional ISIS leader Abdul Ak-Sahrim who is hiding inside a big town in far east. Feels easy huh? Well it is not because enemy has a lot of outposts between our forces and their leader. Not even counting armored support. Their vehicles and weaponry are mostly outdated but still deadly, you should know that best. We need to regain respect on the world and when you succeed we will commence another operation, this time on a big scale. Don't dissapoint us son.

  • Replayability - Randomization
  • Vehicles and air support
  • Optional objectives that makes your life easier
  • Quick decisions with time-based event
  • Freedom - You can strike enemy base and gather vehicles or proceed on foot.

I tested this mission extensively with my friends and I can't find any bugs. Please contact me by steam or in comments if you see any bug or have a feature request! I will be happy to help.

  • CUP
  • RHS
  • [*]ACE3 (if you do not want to use ACE, just install it and disable all its functionality

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