Author: Nexiss
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Requirements: Exile Mod

Version: 0.1.9a
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This mod will allow you to craft extra arma3 / apex / Exile objects on an exile server for base building / crafting, aswell as giving additional functionality on some ingame items.

Date: 2018-03-12 18:56

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wilderness bits and bobs


This mod will allow you to craft extra arma3 / apex / Exile objects on an exile server for base building / crafting, aswell as giving additional functionality on some ingame items (read the version history).

You may freely use this mod on your server/s, if you make changes please let us know as we might like to use / include them in a future update for everyone to enjoy.

This is the first release of this mod, we have alot planned for future updates, as I learn to do new things, but if there is something you want to see let us know and I'll look into / learn how to do it.

All server install instructions are in the readme file inside the mod.

This mod requires Exile and will not work without it!

To install wilderness bits and bobs you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

For usage instructions and information of how to use the wilderness bits and bobs please refer to the included documentation and/or example mission.

Credits & Thanks:
Exile Team

V0.1.9a Hotfix

1. Replace the server key
2. Replace the @wilderness bits and bobs folder
3. Replace or Adjust your trader files (Depending on how you have your traders set up, where possible I have indicated what has been added in V0.1.8, this time around its just the new helicopters if you want to use them)
4. Repack your mission
5. Start your server
6. Have fun (very important)
FIXED - WSM_Item_Land_GymBench_01_F - Changed magazine model to exile crate from gas stove
FIXED - WSM_Item_Land_GymRack_01_F - Changed magazine model to exile crate from gas stove
FIXED - WSM_Item_Land_GymRack_02_F - Changed magazine model to exile crate from gas stove
FIXED - WSM_Item_Land_GymRack_03_F - Changed magazine model to exile crate from gas stove
FIXED - WSM_Land_House_Native_01_F model corrected, was spawning the ruin, that is now fixed.
FIXED - WSM_Land_House_Native_02_F model corrected, was spawning the ruin, that is now fixed.
ADDED - WSM_AH1Z_GREY_Cobra - AH1Z Helicopter Grey
ADDED - WSM_AH1Z_CAM_Cobra - AH1Z Helicopter Camouflaged
ADDED - WSM_AH64D_MR_US - AH64D Apache
ADDED - WSM_AH1_MR_BAF - AH1 UK Variant of Apache
ADDED - WSM_WEP_M197_MachineGun - Gun for AH1Z Helicopter
ADDED - WSM_MAG_750Rnd_M197 - Ammo for M197 Gun for AH1Z Helicopter
ADDED - WSM_WEP_AIM9X_Sidewinder_Launcher - Launcher for AH1Z Helicopter
ADDED - WSM_MAG_2Rnd_Sidewinder - Ammo for AH1Z Helicopter
ADDED - WSM_WEP_FFAR_Launcher - Launcher for AH1Z Helicopter
ADDED - WSM_MAG_38Rnd_FFAR - Ammo for AH1Z Helicopter
ADDED - WSM_WEP_Hellfire_Launcher - Launcher for AH1Z Helicopter
ADDED - WSM_MAG_8Rnd_Hellfire - Ammo for AH1Z Helicopter
ADDED - WSM_WEP_M230_MachineGun - Gun for AH64D Helicopter
ADDED - WSM_MAG_1200Rnd_30x113mm_M789_HEDP - Ammo for M230 Gun for AH64D Helicopter


Lots of new items added, please see version history included inside the mod.

Added the mission files that I forgot to add in the V0.1.5 upload.
Sorry my bad
Server key and mod have not changed since V0.1.5, just the mission files added.

New Items added and some small fixes

Please read version history
Walls and Gates added (locks can be added to some gates)
Other items added please read the version history thats included with the mod

New items and functions added

V0.1.2 is an Exile compatibily update, this mod will not work as intended on versions of Exile older than 1.0.3, simply replace the mod and server key, you do not have to change anything in your mission file at this time,
you should have already removed the "ExileServer_object_construction_database_load.sqf" overwrite if you have updated Exile to 1.0.3.

Compatibilty update for A3 Launcher

Metal Barrel config updated, can now be used to drain / refuel vehicles (read install instructions you need to add included custom overwrites to your mission)
Trader files updated ammended.
Crafting recepies added, tweaked, fixed etc.
Menus and interaction objects updated / ammended accordingly.

Military Buildings
Electrical Items
Storage Racks
Mission traders, crafting & interactions will follow shortly

assets added

Exile ConcreteMixer
Enhanced Workbench
Gas Stove
Gas Canister
Slingload Ammo Container
Slingload Cargo Container
Slingload Medevac Container
Slingload Repair Container
House slum Container
Cargo10 blue Container
Cargo10 brick red Container
Cargo10 cyan Container
Cargo10 grey Container
Cargo10 light blue Container
Cargo10 light green Container
Cargo10 military green Container
Cargo10 orange Container
Cargo10 red Container
Cargo10 sand Container
Cargo10 white Container
Cargo10 yellow Container
Cargo20 blue Container
Cargo20 brick red Container
Cargo20 cyan Container
Cargo20 grey Container
Cargo20 light blue Container
Cargo20 light green Container
Cargo20 military green Container
Cargo20 orange Container
Cargo20 red Container
Cargo20 sand Container
Cargo20 vr Container
Cargo20 white Container
Cargo20 yellow Container
Cargo40 blue Container
Cargo40 brick red Container
Cargo40 cyan Container
Cargo40 grey Container
Cargo40 light blue Container
Cargo40 light green Container
Cargo40 military green Container
Cargo40 orange Container
Cargo40 red Container
Cargo40 sand Container
Cargo40 white Container
Cargo40 yellow Container
Large MetalCase
Medium MetalCase
Small MetalCase
Large PlasticCase
Medium PlasticCase
Small PlasticCase
Cargo Net Pallet
Pallet of MilBoxes
Cargo Box
Paper Box closed
PaperBox open empty
PaperBox open full
East Ammo Box
East Ordinance Box
East Vehicle Ammo Box
East Grenades Box
East Support Box
East Weapons Box
East Launchers Box
East Special Weapons Box
Inpendant Ammo Box
Inpendant Ordinance Box
Inpendant Vehicle Ammo Box
Inpendant Grenades Box
Inpendant Support Box
Inpendant Weapons Box
Inpendant Launchers Box
Inpendant Special Weapons Box
NATO Ammo Box
NATO Ordinance Box
NATO Vehicle Ammo Box
NATO Grenades Box
NATO Support Box
NATO Weapons Box
NATO Launchers Box
NATO Special Weapons Box

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