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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.04
Signed: Yes, key included

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Date: 2008-08-05 19:31

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Desert Bradley
vilas, G_H_Play_AKA_BOSS and Pauliesss

- M2 and M2A2 version
- M2A2 with explosive reactive armour (ERA)
- desert camo

Please delete your old version (if present) and replace it with this new version.

Extract desert_bradley.pbo from archive and place it in your "Bohemia Interactive\ArmA\AddOns\" folder or create a subfolder.
Run the game, enter the editor, and you will find these units under BLUFOR\Desert Bradley.

Included .pbo files:

Notes: you can find Bradley woodland in vilas VIBI pack, Bradley green will be in Project85 mod as 1985 version.

Change log:
Update 1.04:
Changes by modEmMaik:
- working hit-sections
- changed the optics to optika_stryker_gunner (I did not include the TOW-optics, because also other games like BF2 use the M2 Stryker optic for a Bradley)
- working hatches for driver, commander and gunner
- added flag proxy (for CTF)
- reworked driver cargo proxy (ability to look though the front windows)
- removed the tracers defintions, uses BI AP and HE tracers (should make it easier to adapt any tracer addon's)
For tracer addons: Bradley uses "VILP_300Rnd_25mm_BRAD_AP" and "VILP_300Rnd_25mm_BRAD_HE" amunition. Add those to the 3'rd party tracer definitions

Changes by zGuba:
- weaponry & config: now Bradley will use 3rd party tracers and BIS TOWs, also has more realistic Bushmaster cannon
- revised most of the displayNames to be in line with other ArmA units and weapons
- custom vehicle icon in team bar
- cfgPatches
- now AP rounds (based on 25mm_HE as I used it before) uses correct impact effects and vilp_jeep cfgpatch is corrected too

Update 1.03:
- no more crashing to desktop due to bad texture size (thnx to modEmMaik)
- real working dampers (thnx to modEmMaik)
- updated desert textures with more scratches and dirt

Update 1.02:
- added version with ERA armor (thnx to Miles Teg<GD> and wld427)
- working dampers (thnx to modEmMaik)
- 3rd person view for commander is now working, you can turn around (thnx to modEmMaik)
- increased armor value
- increased hit value for M242
- lower rate of fire (more realistic)
- new realistic Bradley sound and M242 sound (thnx to Combat Team and Miles Teg<GD>)

- added BI Sign Files
- fixed compatibility with vilas VIBI pack, now you can use both addons

vilas for great Bradley models and for advices
G_H_Play_AKA_BOSS for very nice desert textures and for testing
Pauliesss for tweaking the desert textures and for some other things
Miles Teg<GD> and wld427 for ERA armor
modEmMaik for working dampers and working 3rd person view for commander
Combat Team for almost realistic Bradley sound and M242 sound
Community for advices.

This is not an official addon, use it at your own risk.
Models and textures were used with vilas, G_H_Play_AKA_BOSS, Pauliesss and Miles Teg<GD> permission.
Sounds were taken from OFP Bradley addon released by Combat Team, with their permission.
Is strictly prohibited to alter/modify/release anything from this addon without permission of the authors.

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- BI forums

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