Author: CHKW30k
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.0.3b
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: Add "HIGH-MACS" from "GUNGRIFFON THE EURASIAN CONFLICT" video game console.

Date: 2017-09-12 07:09

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"GUNGRIFFON THE EURASIAN CONFLICT" is a video game console of Sega Saturn by GAME ARTS.

"HIGH-MACS" is appearance as a "2nd Generation AWGS (Armored Walking Gun Systems)" at this game.
Name means "HIGH-Mobility Armored Combat System".
This special mech is capable of "3-Dimentional Action".

HIGH-MACS supports multiple functions.
Walking, Roller Dash, Boost, Jump, Silpheed HUD System, etc...

Can operate by solo player.
(Use this technic )

MP coop mission "HIGH-MACS TestMission" includes.

To install the HMCS addon you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

-HIGH-MACS is inside "AWGS" in BLUFOR.
-Basic control is same a Tank. And added some keys for special functions.
-Try remapping while checking keys list if happen key problem.

[All Keys List]
Guidance : Reload (default key "R")

Low Mode : Auto-Hover Off (default key "X")
High Mode : Auto-Hover On (default key "X")
Cargo Mode : Gear Down (default key "G")

Boost : Car Fast Forward (default key "W + Left Shift")
Jump : Heli Up (default key "Left Shift")

Fly Forward : Car Forward (default key "W")
Fly Backward : Car Backward (default key "S")
Left Turn : Car Left (default key "A")
Right Turn : Car Right (default key "D")
Cancel Jump : Heli Down (default key "Z")

<<< Action Mode >>>
-Action Mode decides HIGH-MACS's action.
-Can switch 3 type action Mode.
-HIGH-MACS is start "Low Mode" basically.

[Low Mode]
-Low speed walking for inside urban area.
-Easy to control and best fuel economy.
-Can switch to "High Mode" and "Cargo Mode".

[High Mode]
-High speed wheel running. ("Roller Dash")
-Can activate "Boost" and "Jump".
-Can switch to "Low Mode".

[Cargo Mode]
-For transpirting by helicoptor (e.g. "CH-67 Huron").
-Auto activate "Jump", when droping from sling 35m altitude and over.
-Can switch to "Low Mode".
-Cargo Mode setting is retained.

<<< Boost and Jump >>>
-Boost and Jump can activate in "High Mode".
-Astonishing mobility but worst fuel consumption.

-Boosting speed of running with thrusters.

-Short range glide flying with thrusters. Top attack on the tank becomes possible.
-Glide flying is start after rapid rising and gradually descend.
-Can control speed and direction (can fly backward). BUT CAN'T CONTROL ALTITUDE.
-Landing is automatic and safety. Always can stop Jump by "Cancel Jump" key.
-Jump don't stop on the roof. Use "Force Cancel Jump" (Hold "Cancel Jump" key). Jump function use altitude condition.

<<< Silpheed HUD System >>>
-Silpheed HUD System displays additional informations for HIGH-MACS.

[Incoming Sensor]
-Detect shellBase (e.g. 120mm APFSDS) objects inside 1200m and warning with display and sound.

[Status Display]
-Display operation mode, seat mode and system damage info.

<<< Seat Mode >>>
-Seat mode decides operation type for players.
-Can switch 2 type seat mode.
-"Single Seater" mode is operation driving and turret control by solo player.
-"Double Seater" mode is operation by 2 player. Each player operate driving and turret control.
-Use "Switch Seat Mode" in action menu while "no crew inside".

<<< NOT SUPPORT AI soldiers >>>
-Unavailable special functions when AI are entering this unit.
-AI gunner can't just aim. Because AI can't control double joints of HIGH-MACS's arm.

<<< MP Coop Mission "HIGH-MACS TestMission" >>>
-"HIGH-MACS TestMission" includes. (Mission pbo to "MPMissions" folder)
-Max 3 players coop game. Please check mission briefing.

<<< Attentions ! >>>
-Scripts are heavy. Dedicated server is recommended when MP if possible.
-Physx is a Monster, be careful.

Known issues:
-Slip suddenly. Easy to occur at low speed.
-Unexpected behavior by Physx.
-Unstable Action while on deck of "USS Freedom".
-"Single Seater" mode can't smooth running backward. (Currently add performance restrictions temporary)
-Animation issues in low resolution LODs.

-Jump can not smooth work in case that many objects are around.
-Unstable Walk animation.

-Tweak : Changes some task suspend time for smooth behavior.
-Tweak : "Footstep" sound volume is down.
-Fixed : When place HIGH-MACS unit to field at Eden editor, you get an error message.

-Tweak : Changes "RegulateSpeed" task suspend time for smooth behavior.
-Tweak : Changes unit display name. ("501th" to "Type12". But class name is not changed.)
-Fixed : Brake lights are always on.
-Fixed : 30mm Gatling is broken in some environments.

-Tweak : Changes "Stabilize" task suspend time for smooth behavior.
-Tweak : "Locked Warning" sound volume is down.
-Added : Supports "Insignia". (can use "setObjectTexture")
-Fixed : "HIGH-MACS VW-1 Urban" can't use in Zeus.

-Fixed : Do not show Guidance at getin.

-Added : Supports Dynamic Loadouts. (Can select other type Ammos in EDEN)
-Added : Add color variant. (VW-1 Urban)

-Tweak: Incoming Sensor dosen't detect "own cannon shell" and "SmallSecondary".
-Tweak: "Drop Jump" function is improved. Now can "Drop Jump" from 10000m.
-Added: Add 3 new color variants. (501th, 501th Desert, VW-1)
(thanks! LT | POLPOX and Battleinc)


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