Author: nEXaus
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Requirements: Arma 3 Malden
Island(s): Malden 2035
Playable options: Multiplayer & Singleplayer

Version: 1.3

Date: 2017-07-01 17:19

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nEXaus's Malden Sandbox


About Malden 2035
The map Malden, originally featured in the original ArmA series is set in the Mediterranean region. The map includes two airports, one on mainland and one north of the island, several major towns and a military base off the eastern coast of the island.

Sandbox Features

    Virtual Arsenal
    Virtual Vehicle Spawner
    VAS Script by Tonic
    AI Recruitment by Moser
    ArmA 3 Revive System
    Fully functional Strategic Map
    Admin Controls (ie Teleportation & Zeus)
    Enemy Outposts & Strongholds
    Practice Range
    HELO Jump
    USS Freedom (ArmA 3 DLC Aircraft Carrier added in Jets DLC)
Known Issues & Bugs
    Inability to teleport to USS Freedom
    Upcoming Additions
    Teleportation for all players
    More detailed enemy outposts
    Addition of another enemy stronghold
    Better optimisation for multiplayer

Note from the Author
Thanks for downloading and playing my map! A lot of hard work and hours were devoted to getting this map developed as soon as possible. This is my first proper, well developed mission so please forgive me for mistakes and issues in the mission. Feedback is highly welcomed in both the comments and on the discussion pages.

I hope you enjoy the map! Please leave a rating and feedback!

- Arma 3 Malden

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