Author: Axel Montini
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 0.0.2a

Short description: Place units on aircraft carriers, rooftops and more! (Zeus only)

Date: 2017-08-02 08:58

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ZEUS Surface Placing Fix

Axel Montini

Have you been crying when trying to place units on the USS Freedom or Nimitz?
Then, this script is for you.

You'll be able to place units/vehicles/... on top of every surface (a roof, an aircraft carrier, ...). Since zeus placing is not brilliant, you'll probably need something like this.

Three different fix methods:
  • AREA_DIRECT: just modifies the object elevation to the one of the area trigger; least reliable; works only for the objects placed inside the trigger area.
  • AREA_LINE: places the object on the first surface touched by the virtual line Zeus->Object; almost reliable; works only if the object is into the trigger area.
  • LINE_EVERYWHERE: just like the previous method, but works without area limitations; almost reliable; works everywhere.
  • ACCURATE_AREA: spawns the unit exactly where pointing, also makes possible placing on rooftops and such; almost safe; works only in the area trigger.
  • ACCURATE_EVERYWHERE: [Default] same, but works without area restrictions; almost safe; works everywhere.

Documented also in the readme file.
Extract the zip archive into your mission folder and execute the script, inserting this code into init.sqf:
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_handler = [] execVM "SurfacePlacingFix\initSurfacePlacingFix.sqf";
Now every player that plays as curator (zeus) will have this feature enaabled.

Included files:
  • README_SurfacePlacingFix.txt // The README file
  • SurfacePlacingFix > //Folder
    • initSurfacePlacingFix.sqf // The file to be executed (core script)

Just follow the installation and it will work while playing as zeus.

ZEUS Surface Placing Fix:
To use this, just execute it in a scheduled environment (using spawn) as said in the readme file.
It's still under development and it isn't 100% fail safe.

It's still not 100% reliable, but now the positioning is precise. Some problems when placing groups, because they might spawn on each other if there are big vehicles.
It's NOT 100% reliable: atm, the terrain conformation might make the vehcile not spawn right in the wanted position.

Added a more accurate placing method, using the cursor XY coordinates and the exact position pointed by Zeus.
! Known issues: placing groups is sometimes problematic. Be aware.

Created the project, 3 fix modes available.

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