Author: ZluskeN
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Requirements: CUP Units, US Military Mod, CUP Weapons, Community Base Addons A3

Version: 1.8.27
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: American and Soviet 80's infantry units based on US Military Mod by Delta Hawk, with CUP Units and weapons (Vehicles optional) I have also configured support for ACE and TFAR equipment.

Date: 2019-05-01 20:30

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Cold War Units


American and Soviet 80's infantry units based on US Military Mod by Delta Hawk, with CUP Units and weapons (Vehicles optional) I have also configured support for ACE and TFAR equipment. Special thanks to -Rusty- and SomerenV on the facepunch forums for the camouflage textures I used.
Optional configs with equipment from BOW, VTN, RH and NI Arms are included.

Units can be found under:

- Cold War U.S. [Army, Marines, Rangers] [Desert]
- Cold War NATO [Desert]

- Cold War USSR [Airborne, Army, Marines] [Desert]
- Cold War PACT [Desert]


- Cold War Guerilla [Desert]

To install Cold War Units you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

- New uniforms and helmets for USSR
- Added M16A1 for US Army
- New uniforms for NATO
- Removed radar from AH-64
- Colt 727 for Black op (Day)

- NATO Land Rovers had no TFAR Radio
- Squat mod

- NATO Machinegunners have machineguns again
- Updated Legacy pbo to fix dependancy error

- Swedish MT-LB
- Motorized squads for Rangers/Airborne
- smoke grenades for Guerrillas
- All soldiers now carry four magazines instead of six
- NATO Crewmen and pilots now use L85 instead of FAL OSW
- Rebalanced magazine count for snipers
- Hiddenselections for Land Rovers
- Guerrilla Ambulance driver now sits on the correct side
- Headgear for Black op (day)
- Rear antenna for ranger Land Rover
- Ural ZU tires now visible again
- Texture on Soviet Desert T55
- Bipods from M24/M40 and added camo

- Fixed scope for Guerrilla units
- Fixed Uniform for desert Guerrillas
- Fixed spelling error in tank platoons
- UAZ Unarmed had incorrect texture
- US Machinegunner had wrong weapon classname

- Added MG Land Rover to NATO Faction
- Added Tank Platoons for European Factions
- US Pilot now use CUP Overalls and no vest
- German crew and pilots now use green overalls
- Black op (Day) now use woodland BDU
- BTR-40 Moved to PACT Faction
- Land Rover Ambulance moved to guerrilas
- V3S Moved to Guerrilas
- Hid Guerrila crewmen
- Fixed .p3d bug
- Fixed Uniform for desert Guerrillas

- UH-1 Gunship
- West German M113s with MG3
- West German Leopard 2
- Black Op (Day) now has black glock
- Added back the Tunguska as Red army AA Piece and hid the old ZSU
- Added randomization for the land rovers
- Added better green and desert skins for M163
- Added Mech and Motor squads for FIA, NATO and PACT
- Correct German identity types for the german faction
- Added T-55 to Red Army
- Changed texture on soviet UAZs, Urals, BRDMs and BTR-60
- replaced BTR60 with MT-LB for Red Army
- all units now use CUP Stanags instead of vanilla
- M249 can take more magazine types
- US now use the new CUP equipment
- Changed BAF Helmets
- Fixed linkeditems for all infantry base classes
- All flares are now useful at night time
- Removed BO weapon pack
- Removed USM dependency, sadly that includes the Ra145 :(
- Removed rocket pods from VMF Mi-8
- Removed T72BU and T-72A

- Added White phosphorous smoke shells
- Americans now use red tracers
- TOWs now reload in 20 s instead of 0.5.
- TOW HMMWVs now carry 6 TOWs instead of 12
- Static TOWs only have the one
- The Unarmed HMMWV and UAZ can now be used for (limited) resupply
- Cleaned up and included the BOW mod
- Retextured M1 Helmet
- Removed vests from german pilots and crews
- Added squad leaders for all special teams
- Fixed bad syntax for Pbv501 script
- Added Green T72 and ZSU to Red Army
Removed - missed reference to Chains LAW Pack in ZSN_Coldwar_Equipment
Added - BTR-60 for MSV, hid BMP-1P
Added - 2 Lynx variants and C-130 for NATO Faction, Mi6, Mi-24D and L-39 RKT for PACT
Altered - Classname for US Apache
Added - Reuploaded Disclose's soviet afghan mod to eliminiate the RHS issues, this mod is now purely based on CUP
Altered - VDV Now use the soft "crew" helmet, apparently that's actually what they used in combat
Altered - The SLA Helmet has been moved to the PACT Faction
Added - An-2 and Mi-8 (VIV) to VDV
Altered - Mi-24P Moved to Red Army, hid Ka-50, Mi-24V
Altered - L-39 CAP is now a one-seater, designated L-39MS
Fixed - Indep units had wrong uniforms
Removed - Czech Republic markings from L-39
Removed - Driver class from east, replaced with Political Officer (Zampolit), classname retained for backwards compatibility
Added - Officer cap to Zampolit
Altered - HLC M60 moved to the optional config, all US machinegunners now have CUP M60E4 by default
Fixed - TFAR compatibility for RATELO
Removed - one missed Czech Air Force marking from L-39
Added - Arm patch for Spetz Natz (Day)
Added - Squad leaders now have two tracer mags
Added - Soviet HLC Grenadiers can now shoot flares, ammo trucks updated
Added - You can now use the mortars with both the artillery computer and the ACE Range Table.
Known issue - they don't elevate high enough, they need to be placed on a slope to work as intended.
Added - Squad leaders now have two tracer mags (for real this time)
Added - Avenger for US Army Desert
Added - Tunguska for Red Army, Shilka moved to Red Army Desert
Altered - Soviet Machinegunners now have backpacks instead of "7.62 NATO" Bandoliers
Fixed - New workaround for mortars, they should now work with Artillery computer, ACE Range Table and elevate properly.
Removed - ItemRadio from all units except Spetz Natz and Black Op
Added - West and East Ammo crates
Altered - Coverall for US Helicopter Pilot
Altered - More diversity in random skins for Guerilla Datsuns
Altered - You can no longer put stuff in the ammo belts, ammo crates and trucks have ammo in belts instead of just boxes.
Fixed - Ammo trucks now have capacity for all the stuff inside them
Fixed - Optics Viewpoint for European Mortars
Added - AN/GVS-5 Rangefinder with accurate stats, placeholder model
Added - Ushanka hat for European Guerillas
Altered - Tweaked mass of RPG-18 and M136
Fixed - Red Army RPG18 gunners now have RPGs that can be placed in a backpack
Fixed - West ammo crate had no M21 magazines
Removed - NATO medic bag, it is now used by PACT Machinegunner, both NATO and PACT medics now use the SLA Medic bag
Added - Flare gun for all squad leaders
Added - Ammo crates and ammo trucks now have Anti-tank mines in cargo
Added - East and West German patches
Added - T55 for PACT
Added - Challenger 2 for NATO
Added - New vests for Soviet woodland marines
Altered - Soviet Marines now have Berets instead of hats
Altered - PACT troops now have caps instead of bandanas
Altered - Black Ops have different balaclavas
Altered - US Army Blackhawks replaced with Hueys
Fixed - M21 based on regular M14 instead of M14 DMR
Fixed - Soviets should now speak Russian
Removed - Garrison troops now only have one hat instead of two
Removed - T55 and UH1 from guerillas
Added - MG squad for Army, AT squad for Marines
Altered - Group compositions, Army squads now use AR only, Marine squads use MG only
Altered - Resistance Marksman now has Lee-enfield rifle instead of hunting rifle
Altered - Spets Naz now have telnyashka shirts, Marines don't
Fixed - Correct spelling of Spets Naz
Removed - Resistance Pilots
Added - Micro UZI for Black ops, Sa61 Scorpion for Spets Naz
Added - Two Bonus vehicles under BLUFOR - Other
Added - CARC Woodland and 686A Desert Storm camo for HEMTTs
Credits go to -Rusty- on the facepunch forums for the camo patterns and Vasilyevich for the Retexture Templates
Altered - LAW Soldiers no longer carry two Launchers, instead each army squad now has four LAW Soldiers
Fixed - Group compositions for mechanized and motorized squads
Added - Support for TFAR Radios in Factions and vehicles
Added - RBA LBE with radio to Black Op (Day)
Altered - Black Op (Day) now have M4 (XM177) and silenced Glock 17 instead of MP5 / Micro UZI
Altered - Spets Natz (Day) now have AK107 (AEK971) and silenced PB6P9 instead of PP19 / Scorpion
Fixed - Renamed Ka-50 to V-80
Fixed - TFAR no longer Required
Removed - AN/PRC-77 from RATELO, renamed to Runner, classname retained for backwards compatibility
Removed - M60 from US Army extended config
Added - Desert LAV-25 and BRDM-2 with squads
Added - Optional configs with RH M16s and HLC+CUP AK74s
Added - ACE Flashlight, Earplugs and Entrenching Tool and to all units
Added - ACE Clacker and Wire Cutters to demolitions backpack
Added - ACE DAGR to Pilots and Saboteurs
Removed - Night vision goggles from Black Op and Spets Naz (Day)
Added - Extra Assault Rifles to Ammo Trucks
Added - Unique backpacks for Spets Naz and Black Ops
Altered - Swapped vests between VDV Fire Team Leader and Spets Naz (Day)
Altered - US Pilots now have Tactical Vest instead of Ranger Body Armor
Altered - US Fire Team leaders now have Grenadier vests
Altered - US Squad Leaders now have pistol holsters (for their flare guns)
Fixed - A CUP Bug which prevented the AI from using Howitzers correctly
Removed - ACE Entrenching Tool from crewmen
Added - Flag to PACT Faction
Added - ACE Bodybags to ambulances
Added - Scopes for US Ranger and Soviet Marine AT Weapons
Added - Legacy pbo to eliminate problems with optional/deprecated configs
Added - Sapper classes for U.S. and USSR, replacing Zampolit and Driver classes, (classnames retained for backwards compatibility)
Added - Mine backpacks with ACE Defusal Kit, Mine Detector and two mines to be used by new sapper class
Altered - Ammo trucks now have CUP Mines and Satchel Charges instead of vanilla stuff
Altered - Spec Ops now have four CUP satchel charges each instad of vanilla demo charges
Fixed - Renamed all factions from 80's --- to Cold War --- (the ' was causing problems)
Removed - scopes from european AT weapons
Removed - euro_veh pbo, all vehicles consolidated in vehicles pbo
Removed - Equipment entries from euro pbo, all equipment consolidated in equipment pbo
Added - Faction radios for europeans (TFAR)
Added - Requiredaddons entries for optional pbos
Added - NATO Desert faction now has sand colored Harriers
Added - Itemradio to Officers, Squad Leaders and Fireteam Leaders
Altered - USMC Harriers now have VMA-211 livery (The Black Sheep did not use harriers in this time period)
Altered - USMC UH-1 Gunship replaced with Transport version (classname retained)
Fixed - Incorrect cfgpatches entry for east units
Added - Optional config with VTN Mod Equipment
Added - Flare gun ammo to crates and vehicles
Added - Pistol ammo to crates and vehicles
Added - Desert Camouflage pattern to Soviet Urals
Added - Woodland Camouflage pattern to Soviet BMP ZSU-23
Altered - Balanced Number of magazines for Spec Ops
Altered - cfgpatches entries for optional configs
Added - Optional configs with RHS Vehicles
Fixed - Bad colours on East German arm patch
Fixed - some grenadier classes had Wrong ammo types
Added - Personal Aid Kits to all ambulances
Added - Desert M113, M163, Ambulance and HQ to US Army
Added - Desert BTR-60 to Red Army
Added - Desert BMP Ambulance and HQ to Red Army
Added - Desert BMP ZSU to Soviet Marines
Altered - Desert Avenger moved to USMC Faction
Altered - Balanced Number of handgun magazines for Spec Ops (Day)
Altered - Replaced M136 AT4 with M72 LAW for US Army
Altered - Helmet for PACT troops
Altered - Overhauled all soldier displaynames
Fixed - Wrong texture on VDV Desert UAZ
Fixed - US Ammo trucks had M136 ammo instead of LAW ammo
Added - ACE Spare Barrels to machinegunners
Added - Radio 145 integrated with SFP Mod
Altered - Pbv 501 integrated with SFP Mod
Fixed - CUP Classname for the NATO Vests was altered, resulting in NATO units not having any vests
Added - CBA Extended eventhandlers
Altered - Soviet Desert units now have SLA Helmets
Fixed - Mortars were broken by latest CUPdate
Removed - Old eventhandlers
Added - New paint job for Guerrilla Land Rovers
Altered - Guerrillas and Rangers now have right-hand drive land rovers
Fixed - Some NATO, PACT and Guerrilla vehicles weren't visible in zeus interface
Removed - Guerrilla UH-1 from zeus interface
Added - Optional West german config using Faces of War equipment and HLC G3s
Added - West german config also equips US Crewmen with M3's and NATO Machinegunners with Brens
Added - LAW/RPG18 soldiers to marines
Altered - All US Crewmen now have M1911A1s
Altered - All Soviet Crewmen now have an AKS-74U
Altered - US Machinegunners now have spare barrel bags instead of bandoliers
Fixed - Loadouts for L-39MS were messed up since jets update
Removed - Autoriflemen from marines, old classname now spawns LAW/RPG Soldiers
Added - MG ammo in magazines to vehicles and crates
Altered - Assistant machinegunners now have ammo in bandoliers/backpacks instead of belts
Fixed - Soviet woodland Marines had no helmets
Removed - Ammo belts from vehicles and crates
Added - Thermobaric and Smoke RPG-29 Rounds from TMR Mod
Altered - Different camos of RPG-29 for desert and regular VDV
Fixed - Both types of RPG-29 can now use smoke and thermobaric
Removed - Reliance on Soviet troops afghanistan mod, since it cannot be found on steam

Added - Mod icon and description
Added - Optional pbos for NI Arms complete pack
Altered - Spets Naz Uniforms to make them look a little more different from regulars
Altered - West Snipers now have bipods, Rangers have M24s
Fixed - SVD had no scope

Altered - Swapped C130 and CH47 between Rangers and Army
Altered - Tweaked mod inheritance hierarchy
Altered - Completely overhauled loadouts of PACT and Guerilla units

Added - Desert guerrilas now use desert camo vehicles
Added - Black, Green, TTsko and KLMK uniforms for Red Army, VMF and VDV
Added - Soviet backpacks without flora camo
Added - Extra AT Soldier Class
Added - British smock uniforms
Added - ItemRadio to Pilot classes
Altered - NATO Troops use different vests
Altered - Bundeswehr use different vests
Removed - Smoke shells from euro troops
Removed - Hid garrison base class

Added - West German Feldgrau uniform
Added - New Soviet uniform based on Gorka
Altered - Germans now use flecktarn camo
Altered - Shifted around optional pbos, germans are now part of HLC config

Added - Ghillie suits for snipers
Altered - Different headgear for officers
Altered - New Vests for Sappers

Added - Surrender script
Added - Ability to squat like slav
Added - West German Crewman
Added - West German Faction to VTN Config
Altered - RSOV now comes in black and 686A Desert
Fixed - German flag config

Removed Surrender script (requires ACE)
Added lIght and heavy tanks for Red army in anticipation of the upcoming M60 from CUP

Added - T-72BU to red army
Added - M60 to US Marines and Army
Added - T-55 to Soviet Marines
Added - Repair vehicles now have Toolkits in cargo
Altered - PACT now use T-72s instead of T-55s
Fixed - M163 Desert now has correct turret color
Fixed - Guerilla Gustav soldier had no gustav ammo

Added - Tank platoons to Marine factions
Added - Compatibility with the old EvW Mod
Added - Repair Specialist class
Altered - Hid Army Heavy AT class
Fixed - Guerilla Gustav soldier had no gustav ammo

Added - Extra FAK to Black ops and Spets naz
Fixed - Some bugged EvW classnames
Altered - Black op (Day) now has OD Green Uniform

- US Army now use M1 Helmets
- PACT hind renamed to Mi-25
- All soldiers now have two First Aid Kits

- US Army now use M1 Helmets
- PACT hind renamed to Mi-25
- All soldiers now have two First Aid Kits

- US Army now use M1 Helmets
- PACT hind renamed to Mi-25
- All soldiers now have two First Aid Kits

- Added Desert M88 Uniform
- Added Desert BTR-60PB
- Hid shitty feldgrau uniform
- Removed NVGs from pilots
- German tankers now use berets
- Added CH-53G for german faction
- Soviet Army Officer now has black beret

- CUP Units
- US Military Mod
- CUP Weapons
- Community Base Addons A3

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