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Requirements: Community Base addons A3

Version: 007.6
Signed: Yes

Short description: I noticed a lack of any chemical warfare mods and I decided to fill the void the best I could. This mod will allow semi-deep simulation of a battlefield environment with chemical threats.

Date: 2019-09-02 12:12

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Chemical Warfare


This mod adds Chemical Warfare to Arma III.

I noticed a lack of any chemical warfare mods and I decided to fill the void the best I could. This mod will allow semi-deep simulation of a battlefield environment with chemical threats.

Helpful Tips
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-When you become contaminated your condition will continue to deteriorate until you are able to decontaminate, and you will continue to suffer any active side effects until you are administered an Antidote Kit. So don't think that just because you got your mask on that you are safe.
-Different Chemicals will have different side effects, symptoms, and level of protection required. So make sure you know the signs and bring the correct gear.

Multiple Contamination Levels
Bring only what you need. Some chemicals may only require a mask to protect you, while others may require a full chemical protection suit. And with three variations to choose from you can fight in the style you want.
Full ACE/CBA Integration
Fully utilizes ACE and CBA features to create as seamless an experience as possible. However if you don't like ACE, or a particular ACE module, it will adapt itself automatically to suit your modset.
Dynamic Contamination Zones
Change the battlefield mid-mission with custom Zeus modules and custom Chemical grenades. Deny the enemy avenues of approach or commit atrocities with the pull of a pin. Just don't forget to bring your own protective gear.

Frequently Asked Questions
Is x chemical/gas in this mod? / Can you add x chemical/gas to the mod?
This mod uses 'generic' chemicals/gas because most chemicals would have very similiar effects to eachother. So for example 'Mustard Gas' would have identical effects as 'VX'. So rather than attempt to add every chemical weapon known to man, I simply included chemical 'Genres'.

Can you add x mask/suit?
Unfortunately no. I'm not a modeler myself. All models in this mod were created by Mr. Skellington for a CBRN/NBC resource pack. And to my knowledge he is longer modeling for Arma.
However if you or someone you know has experience in this field I would love to collaborate on some more mask/suits.

Can you add x feature?
Feel free to post in this discussion. I welcome all suggestions and have quite a few community ideas lined up for updates in the future.

I found a bug/error
Post it in this discussion. I try to check it at least once a day, so any issues should be resolved fairly quickly.

To install Chemical Warfare you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Credits & Thanks:
-Assaultboy (Scripts)
-Mr. Skellington (Models)

-Fixed issue with mortars not respecting base class actions

-Remastered to V2.0

Check the github wiki for a full list of features and changes

-Fixed respawn bug on dedicated server (Thank you kamkill01011)

Update 007.3
-Fixed issue where respawned units were no longer affected by chemical weapons, thanks to kamkill01011 for the fix

A lot of optimizations and backend changes in this update to help reduce bandwidth usage. I've also attempted to remove and scheudled code from the mod as a best practices thing.

Fixed issue where using self interact with the Antidote Kit would not work properly.

AI Support
AI will finally react to chemicals intelligently. When a chemical area is detected they will call it out to the squad and don their masks. Then if they have detection kits they will check every couple of minutes if chemicals are still present. If no chemicals are found they will sound the all clear and take their masks off. If they become contaminated they will attempt to decontaminate and administer antidote kits.
This one was a long time coming and it may still have some issues. So please leave feedback when you can.
Reworked Item System
I refactored the code related to using items, it should be easier for modders/mission devs to hook their scripts into the CBRN item system now. Users won't notice much of a difference in terms of gameplay though.
Added a public Key
So now server owners can sleep safely at night.

Update 006
Showcase Mission
A showcase mission has been added to show off some equipment and teach people how to deal with a chemical attack. I wonder how many people will find the secret?
Contaminated Area Fixes
These damn contamination areas love to be difficult. I've fixed a few issues and made working with them a little easier. Baby steps people. Baby steps.

Update 005
Bug Fixes
Fixed a few bugs that were causing some strange behavior of contaminated areas.

Update 004
Fixed Error
Contaminated Area module was broken, sorry.

Update 003.1

Update 003
Removed ACE Dependency
It will now automatically detect what ACE modules you are using (If any) and adjust itself to accommodate your playstyle.
Added Settings
Several client settings have been added to the addon options menu to allow you to customize how the mod presents itself to you. So if you prefer not to have it in your self interactions you can turn that off and etc.
Added Customizable Keybindings
Added keybinds for activating various gear so now you can react to a chemical attack with a single button. Also this means ACE interaction is no longer needed so ACE haters can rejoice.
Bug Fixes/Optimizations
Various bugs were found and squashed as well as a noticeable increase in performance due to several optimizations. This also comes with the added benefit of function security and debugging ability (If that interests you at all).

Update 002
Fixed some issues where unnecessary data was being pushed across the network.
Added Contaminated Area Module
At the request of a user on reddit a module to define custom Contaminated Areas has been added to the editor. Simply sync it to a trigger and set the settings to your liking and it will work seamlessly.

Update 001
Various Fixes
Fixed various issues that were present upon initial release. Big thanks to everyone that reported bugs on reddit and in the comments. The in-steam change notes has each bug that was fixed if anyone is curious.
Added Settings
Some settings were added at the request of users on reddit. Noteably the ability to change the color of gas to either tinted for ease of gameplay, or white for realism. Also the ability to modify the amount of damage gas does to units so that users can adjust it to their preference.
This also comes with an editor module so that users can set these settings on a per mission basis.


- Community Base addons A3

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