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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): chernarus
Playable options: N/A

Version: 1.1

Date: 2017-09-05 15:15

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Chernarus Warfare


Since I noticed Chernarus base templates tend to lack on Arma 2, I decided to create a brand new one from scratch.
The base is hosted by Russian soldiers (OPFOR then), but everything can be changed with the editor.
I have included multiple scripts by other users to make this more interesting. Each script belongs to the respective user and must be given credit for it.

- Dynamic AI Modules spawning civilians, animals and military units around the player (CDF, USMC, Russian Army, Guerrillas).
- Perimeter patrol (can be killed) that will follow a specific pattern and react to threats.
- Inside-perimeter AA system (immortal) to bring down any enemy aerial unit.
- Air Taxi script by norrin. Select your destination on the map or call for extraction!
- Vehicle Respawn Script by Tophe.
- Aerial Cargo Script by sxp2high.
- AI recruit system by Foxhound. Recruit a number of AI partners including Specnaz and MVD.
- Multiple vehicles to choose from. Each one, once destroyed (not abandoned) will respawn back at base.

Everything is included, just extract the folder in your Arma 2 OA mission folder and load it either from the editor or from the mission menu.

- ACM will spawn random units in random places, you never know if it will be friendly or not. You may spot air units at first, but I assure you that ground units are out there as well.
- Air Taxi will bring you EXACTLY where you click on the map. This means you need a good open space for the chopper to land, otherwise it will go straight into buildings and break the mission.
- Air Cargo doesn't make vehicles and items "invisible" once loaded, this means that if you load a T-90 inside a Mi-8, you will see it coming out of the sides, but it won't affect the flight. It's a commond glitch.

Credits & Thanks:
norrin (Air Taxi Script)
Tophe (Vehicle Respawn Script)
sxp2high (Air Cargo Script)

- Removed UAV module due to memory leaks
- Added cinematic intro with helicopter insertion
- Added Air Taxi Script by norrin
- Various fixes and tweaks

- First release

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