Author: Leopard20 (A.K.A ColonelKernel) & WindWalking
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Requirements: Community Base addons A3, WW AIMenu

Version: 0.70
Signed: No

Short description: This is a really simple mod that adds a few needed commands for otherwise either buggy or incomplete behavior for friendly AI units in group.

Date: 2017-10-06 16:15

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All-In-One AI Command Menu - A "WW AI Menu" Patch

Leopard20 (A.K.A ColonelKernel) & WindWalking

As you know, the WW AI Menu was one of the first and best AI mods released in the early days of ARMA 3 release. It addressed a lot of issues and shortcomings with the vanilla ARMA commanding system, and packed a lot of handy features including:
- Infantry commands such as healing, garrisoning & clearing building, rearming, ....
- Vehicle commands such as engine on and off, horn and eject with parachute.
- Waypoint system with the ability to assign multiple waypoints to your squad members.
- Weapon accessories (silencers, flashlights, ...)
- Unsticking units.
and ....
Read more about the mod:

Unfortunately, when Windwalking left the community some of the features ended up broken, and due to the community rule forbidding people from taking over and/or changing an author's work without their permission, nobody has stepped up to bring this mod back to life. Until now.
I decided to bring this mod back to life in a way that respects the community rule and the author's work. Namely, "patching" the original mod by adding features and fixing broken ones. As a result, you will need the original mod installed for this one to work.
You can activate the menu by pressing Y .If you use the "Y" key for Zeus or anything else you can either map those commands to another key (I personally use "Ctrl+Y" for Zeus) or use the .hpp file in the userconfig folder to change the key for the menu. Note that you might need to enable "file patching" for the config file to work (either add the -filepatching commandline or enable it in the launcher parameters).

This mod is compatible with other commanding mods (such as C2). Although I don't recommend using both for issuing the same command at the same time (e.g when you use C2 to order your units to mount a vehicle, don't use the same command in this mod, as it may cause conflicts and unforeseen consequences)
I also recommend this mod as it makes issuing regular and frequent commands a lot easier: (you may need to change the default keys used by the mod, keys 1, 2, 3 , 4, as these keys are used for switching weapons)

All features were tested using the vanilla ARMA vehicles/weapons (including all DLCs up to the time of release), and work as intended. However some features (the most important of which being weapon accessories) may not work in other mods (such as RHS or CUP). I'll probably add support for those mods in the future.

Note that I've been learning ARMA scripting for about two weeks now (at the time of release), so my code may look a little too simple (and sometimes silly and ridiculous!) to some professionals.

Here's a quick overview of what is changed (screenshots and videos will be added soon):

- Waypoint system.
- Garrisoning and clearing buildings.
- Rearming and Inventory.
- Vehicle Controls.
- Unstuck unit.
- Fly around area.
- Fly in height.

- Changed arrangement of items in the menu (obviously!)
- Fixed weapon accessories (almost each item in the menu didn't work)
- Modified landing (added aircraft landing as well)
- Modified healing (including new features such as taking cover as well)
- Fixed "Follow Target"
- Removed attributes (replaced with Set ROE - see below)

. Infantry Commands:
. Set R.O.E - Careless (now supports individual units instead of entire group), Fire on my lead (now supports individual units instead of entire group), No launcher and Unit targeting (enabled or disabled) - see the "notes" section for further description.
- Take Cover : Units will take cover behind nearby objects.

. Vehicle Commands:
- Switch seats : Only is shown when you select a single unit and he's in a vehicle. I assume the name is self explanatory.
- Mount : A replacement for the incomplete vanilla mount menu (key 4) by sorting out the vehicles according to their class (car, armor, helicopter, boat, plane, static weapon) and the option to choose the vehicle role. Only vehicles that are on your side and within 200 meters of you or your "distant" group members are shown. You can also pick the vehicle from the map (within 1000 meters). It's still incomplete and needs a bit more work.
- Resupply - refuel, rearm and repair at the specified vehicle within a 2000 meter radius of the unit's vehicle (objects are not supported at this moment).
Currently you need to wait for the vehicles to resupply completely (will fix it soon). They will let you know in the group chat when their action is complete.

. Weapon Management:
-Switching weapons between handgun and rifle.

. Actions:
- Sling Loading : Load and Unload cargo.
As you know, the vanilla ARMA has no option in the actions menu for sling loading. You have to point at the object you want your units to slingload and select the corresponding option, and even then, you sometimes see the AI piloted chopper circling around the object for minutes before getting the job done.
I've written a new script for sling loading. It's not necessarily faster (or prettier!) than the vanilla slingloading but it's more reliable (only tested it with the Ch-67 Huron & RHS Mi-8 but should work with other helicopters as well). Note that you can only slingload compatible objects (e.g you can't slingload a car with the Hummingbird!).
This option allows you to select the object you want for sling loading from the menu - or pick the object from the map. You can also select unload cargo to drop the cargo at the player's aiming position (or if the map is open, the clicked position on the map*). If at any point during the slingloading process an issue occurs (e.g the object is destroyed), sling loading will be aborted, and your unit will let you know in group chat. I recommend that you sling load stationary objects (e.g not a moving vehicle!).
I had to come up with a trick to make the AI fly helicopters exactly over the object's position (creating a vector from the chopper to the object and then extend it and use the end of the vector as the new position) and it's still off by a couple of meters. If you know a direct command that can do that please let me know.
- Disassembling static weapons :
If you select one or all of your units, this is basically the same as the vanilla version of disassembling (one unit dismantles the weapon).
However, if you select two units, both units will move up to the weapon, dismantle it and take the backpacks! (they drop their own backpacks near the static weapon)
- Assembling static weapons :
If you select 1 unit, the unit will "attempt" to assemble a static weapon with his backpack at the nearest backpack on the ground in the direction that the player is facing. You can either point at a position or select it from the map.*
If you select 2 units, one unit will place his backpack at the cursor position (or selected map position) and the other one "attempts" to assemble the weapon with his backpack in the direction the player is facing.*
- Take Weapons :
Same as the vanilla version except weapons are sorted out according to their type (rifle, handgun, launcher). You can order them to pick up weapons that are on the ground or in a nearby ammobox (within 200 meters of the selected unit)

I've also added an option for making all units in your squad playable.

Objects in the menu (such as vehicles, slingloading objects and weapons) are sorted by their distance from the player.
In the lines marked with asterisk (*), note that you must open the map first before selecting the respective option if you want to select a position on the map (for example, to drop cargo open the map, then navigate to Actions > Sling Loading > Unload Cargo and then click on a position on the map)
When you want to assemble a static weapon, you don't have to keep looking in a direction for your unit to assemble the weapon - only the direction you're looking when you select Assemble matters. You can look anywhere you want afterwards!
By "attempt" in the above section, I mean I haven't added any command that checks whether the unit has a static weapon part on him, or there's a weapon part on the ground. So the script continues its job regardless. You should be the one that selects the appropriate unit(s).
I've written the "No Launcher" command for "ASR AI". If you have used this mod, you probably have noticed that as soon as your squad units spot a vehicle they take out their launchers - which means they may stand up or crouch when you're sneaking past the enemy and ruin everything! (this may be the case with other AI enhancement mods as well, such as Vcom AI) This option works only when your units' combat mode is set to "Stealth", and will remove the launchers from the selected units' inventory! To give them their launcher back (!) all you have to do is switch to another combat mode (like "Aware" or "Combat"). I also tested it to make sure saving and loading doesn't cause any problems, and it checks out.
"Unit Targeting" is useful when you want to sneak past the enemy as quickly as possible, and disables the AI targeting. It works in all combat modes except "Combat". When you've disabled a unit's targeting, do one of the following to re-enable it: 1. Change their combat mode to something else (note that their combat mode may change automatically if you set their combat mode to "Aware" or "Combat", as these two are dynamic combat modes and adapt to the situation). 2. Simply select enable from the menu (Infantry Commands > Set R.O.E > Unit Targeting > Enable)
As you know, the AI have a habit of taking off as soon as they get in a plane (or are already in one). Which is why they always take off as soon as they land! To fix this, in my script I "empty" the AI planes' fuel tank once they land! In order to give them their fuel back, you can do one of the following: 1. Order them to move to a new position or regroup. 2. Order them to disembark. Same thing goes for aircraft refueling, rearming and repairing (they use the same landing script).
"Combat" healing mode only works when your units are in combat mode, and makes them take cover before the medic starts healing them.
Units that take cover change their stance according to the type of cover (for example they crouch near houses, cars and tanks but go prone near bushes and trees). If you change their stance or order them to move out of cover (regroup or move) they will reset their stance.
In the "Mount" menu, you may see that some of the vehicle positions are greyed out. This might be because the position is already taken. If you're sure the position is empty, you can select "Any" for the vehicle role. Here's the order in which units fill the positions when you select "Any": 1.Driver. 2.Gunner and Turret (generally being FFV & co-pilot) . 3.Commander. 4.Cargo (passenger)
Also, you may see that the commander position is available is some vehicles that have no commander positions! This is because the commander option also counts the first "turret" position, which is either an FFV position (as in HEMTT Transport) or a co-pilot seat.
If you see that some items are greyed out, it might be because the "requirements" are not met (e.g you need to select 1 unit for "Take Weapons", "Rearm", "Inventory", "Driver" position and "Sling Loading", and "Sling loading" requires the unit to be in a helicopter)

To install All-In-One AI Command Menu - A "WW AI Menu" Patch you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Future plans:
(At the moment, I'm trying to stay focused on bug fixing and optimization. So there will be no new features until the stable and final version is released. However, all suggestions and feedback are welcome. You can post them right here)
- Bug fixing and optimization.
- Adding CBA keybinding instead of a config file.
- RHS support.

This is an alpha release and therefore not signed (not online-MP compatible) - some functions may be broken and not work at all. Also I can't guarantee this mod is completely harmless. Please back up your ARMA 3 directory located in the "Documents" folder (C:\Users\YOUR_PC_NAME\Documents\) prior to using this mod (especially the file *.vars.Arma3Profile because that's the only file that may be affected).

Credits & Thanks:
- @Windwalking for his awesome mod.
- @Muzzleflash for helping me with showing objects on the map and also teaching me a lot about scripting. He's one of the best guys on this forum.
- @mad_cheese for allowing me to use the "Bounding Box" function used in his legendary mod, C2.
- and everyone else who kindly answered all my questions on the forum.

V0.70 (Beta) (10/6/2017, 10:21 AM, UTC):
Added two new defense modes: 360 Formation and Fortify Position. See the "Added" features section on BI Forums for more detail.
Added: Option for turning headlights on and off without changing the unit's combat mode. This feature may not be compatible with all vehicles, and for it to work, the vehicle must have well-defined hit points. The only way you can turn the headlights back on is through this menu.
Added option for NVG. You can turn unit's night vision on and off. (this option used to exist in the original mod, but I removed it because I thought the units remove their NVG automatically, while it was because of ASR AI! Thanks to @ineptaphid for reporting)
Added Limit Unit Speed: Force your units to move at a specific speed. This option is located in "Infantry Commands" sub-menu.
Added feature: Now the mount menu doesn't close automatically, so you can select multiple positions (you need to wait a couple of seconds between two consecutive selections for it to work properly)
Added feature: Mount and Disassemble cursor target. You can now mount enemy vehicles and disassemble their static weapons using these options.
Fixed units not being able to mount static weapons using the menu.
Fixed some menus not showing properly or disappearing instantly when the game engine was under heavy load.
Fixed units' assigned team color changing after using "Set R.O.E" and "Heal Up!" options.
Added support for many resupply vehicles by checking for their class names. If a vehicle is named properly, you can see it in the "Resupply" Menu.

v0.54 (Beta): (9/30/17, 11:04 PM, GMT)
Fixed units getting into commander and gunner positions of the vehicle of another group, thus making it their own! They now board either the Turrets or Cargo positions.

v0.53 (Beta): (9/30/17, 9:34 PM, GMT)
Fixed a small issue in the sling loading script.

v0.52 (Beta): (9/30/17, 8:02 PM, GMT)
Improvements to the mount script: Units now move slightly closer to vehicles when they want to mount them.
Improvements to the sling loading script: 1. Helicopters now follow moving targets! 2. They position themselves more accurately above the slingloading target. 3. They put the cargo down more slowly now to minimize the damage to the cargo.
Fixed a bug in selecting vehicles from the map where the cursor icon wouldn't return to normal when you closed the map while cursor was on a vehicle.

v0.50 (Beta): (9/28/17, 1:39 AM, GMT)
Development phase advanced to Beta.
Added CBA keybinding! You can change the keybinding in "OPTIONS > CONTROLS > CONFIGURE ADDONS > (dropdown menu) All-In-One Command Menu".
"Weapon accessories" now supports all mods (or at least it should).
The userconfig file has changed purpose. Now you can manually add support for your mods by editing its parameters.
Completed the "Mount" feature. It should work without problems now.
Completed the "Resupply" feature.
Some code optimization and bug fixes.

v0.21 (alpha)
Fixed cursor position changing in the Rearm script, which made units rearm at different objects.

v0.2 (alpha):
Overhauled Rearm: Added three rearm modes - automatic, at cursor, list of objects. Units now rearm completely (they also take weapons if they don't have any - see the "Added" section).
Fixed AI returning to formation after setting R.O.E. (thanks to @scimitar for reporting the issue). They now continue their previously assigned task.
Some improvements to the healing script.
Fixed units not switching weapons when they were watching a target.
Fixed a small issue where the "Commander" position was always available.

v0.11 (alpha):
- Fixed a small issue where you saw the message "AIO Initialized" even when WW AI Menu wasn't active. (9/16/17, 10:44 AM, GMT)

v0.10 (alpha):
- Initial Release (9/15/17, 9:46 PM, GMT)

- Community Base addons A3
- WW AIMenu

Forum topic:
- BI forums

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