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Requirements: Community Base addons A3

Version: Alpha 1.7
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Short description: My life is getting crazy busy, and i want to be able to let you guys play with this stuff while it is. So heres the Alpha. Have so much fun my friends.

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Date: 2018-06-10 09:18

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Project Zenith


After a fairly lengthy hiatus I'm back to working on my mods pretty regularly again. With that a few things have switched focus for me. Instead of big blankets of general gear the way VSM has been up till now, a million camos of every variety, I'll be focusing more on making unique gear that is more about making your character one of a kind, instead of a face in an army. That being said I will have a handful of camos in this pack, just not the insanity VSM became. I am also working on a more character driven story that i may or may not release, but part of that story is following a unique group of tactical operator dudes, Project Zenith, in this case. So I needed some original camos. I took inspiration from what originally got me started in modding, the project honor camo pattern, and tweaked it/recolored it into 4 (so far) patters. A m81 themed woodland (pictured at the top), a more green themed jungle variant, an altis/malden based arid pattern, and an arctic pattern. I'll be basing this project on my Crye Gen 2 uniforms that i started on before my hiatus. As well as a handful of new vests, helmets, gloves, weapons, and any other gear that may come up as i work on this project. But, not only for western themed units! I will also be putting a rebel faction, and an Opfor faction together. 99% original new models to arma, some small things ill reuse, but i want to focus on new content here instead of reskins. I want this mod to make arma feel sorta Tom Clancy themed.

So! My life is getting crazy busy, and i want to be able to let you guys play with this stuff while it is. So heres the Alpha. Have so much fun my friends. I know theres a ton of issues, mainly shadows on some items being wrong or missing entirely, or the magzines not having a travel path/using stock reload animations while im working on custom ones. But youll enjoy it all i hope. Stock balistics and such for now. I'm going to keep the download link a steam thing as far as what im hosting because my dropbox always gets owned. and I want to update often with little fixes and items during this alpha phase, so thatll be the easiest way to stay up to date if youre taking place in the alpha.

To install Project Zenith you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Credits & Thanks:
Krebs AK (model)- Sarvs (game banana)
flashbang (model and texture)- Siemenko (game banana)
SRSS Bulldog (model)- 586 studios(The edge) (game banana)
R5 (model)- SYN (game banana)
DDM4v5 (model)- Denys K (sketchfab, purchased on turbosquid under a different name i can no longer find)
Protec a-alpha (model and some textures) - Keksuska (turbosquid)
Z tac headset (model and some textures) - Kenprol (turbosquid)
Magpul flip ups (model) - Keksuka (turbosquid)
MICH (model and some textures) - 3d Molier (turbosquid)
Opscore (Model and some textures) - StiffMe1steR (turbosquid) & RoadRunner (bi forums)
416A5 (model) - coD67 (turbosquid)
MK16 (model) - VR Master (turbosquid)
Beards and hair (model) - CG ART Studio (turbosquid)
G2 (model) - CG ART Studio (turbosquid)
LBT 6094 (model) - CG ART Studio (turbosquid)
CRYE belt and suspenders (model and some textures) - CG ART Studio (turbosquid)
Polo Neck Sweater (model) - CG ART Studio (turbosquid)
UTOC (model) - Game Ready Characters (turbo squid)
Balaclava (model) - Kama MT (turbosquid)
JPC (model) - Ravenov s (Pack3D)
M4 (model) - gmoske (cg trader)
RU556 (model) - ImBrokeRU (game banana)
Drop leg holster (model) - 3D Molier (turbosquid)
Pouches (model) - CG ART Studio (turbosquid)
Chestrig (model) - VAndropov (Unity asset store)
All other vest additions (models and some textures) - Spectre (bi forums)
All other weapons or weapon parts (models and some textures) - Tim Chamfer (
Tons of tutorial help, weighting help, and soon-to-be-added 3d models - Zeealex (bi forums)
Emotional support - CrazyCorky (bi forums)
Weapons and Gear info - Jarrad (bi forums)
This list will grow and change as the mod does. <3 Sorry if i missed you, let me know and I will add you in!

Alpha 1.7
Update texture path error in 416's

Alpha 1.6
Crye Field uniforms
Crye Field Uniforms Rolled
Crye G3 uniforms
Tactical pants + polo uniform
Ranger Green vest variants + hidden selections
Helmet hidden selectons + multicam Variants
Gloves in glasses and NVG slots
Single Tube NVG with Satchel
Weapon optimization at about %50. A good chunk have correct inheriting values and sounds, as well as the optin to be overwritten with sound mods ( I highly recommend the JSRS beta)
Added 16in Fotis AR15
added tan variant of CX4
Added MPX
Added AK - Alpha
Added AKM
Added HK 416
Added HK 416 10.5in
Lots and lots of config work. Many thanks to the authors that donated to the project, whether it be through their tireless efforts in creating gear, or in their cash to pick up new assets off of the web, I appreciate you more than you can Know!

Alpha 1.5
Fixed stretched texture on ACU's
added m81 and multicam black to ACU's
Added hidden selections to gorkas
Added Opfor Tiger (OT) pattern on Gorkas

Alpha 1.4
Added ACU's in many colors
Fixed coverall's shadow bug
Added many varitons of the DDM4 v5
Added a Hat with Sordin headset in many colors
Added hidden selections to all previous headgear
many small fixes and changes were made from when i lost my drive, so I apologize if you have any naming issues.

Alpha 1.3
Added Opfor uniforms, Gorka uniform. ASOLO boots, SPLAV gloves. Only one color for now while im working on finishing them up. I'll add hidden selections asap. Then ill throw my PSD's on my drive with the others. But for now just the one.
Added a radio to the JPC's
some minor config clean up

Alpha 1.2
Added AOR 1 and my custom Dazzle Arid (PZDA) to the main units, all jacket units will be getting the other camos in the next patch
added a story specific (for the Zenith campaign im working on) AR15 PDW variant. Its a bastardized version of a few of the AR's in my pack already that a particular character will be carrying in game. There will be a few more of these type of kitbashed guns at some point.
few other minor tweaks
a shit version of flight gloves i was working on are in here but theyre gonna be replaced soon texture wise.
enjoy :)

Alpha 1.1
fixed muzzle flash issue on m14 and m4
Added Project Zenith Woodland and Project Zenith Jungle camo patterns to the g2 sets, cold weather gear soon!
Added OD and black version of the standalone 511 gloves

Alpha 1.0
added credits file for alpha release

Alpha 0.9
Alpha 0.8
Alpha 0.7
Alpha 0.6
Alpha 0.5

- Community Base addons A3

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