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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 0.67
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Short description: BoxLoader is a quick n' dirty mod to allow you to use Vehicle in Vehicle loading without driving the vehicle being loaded.

Date: 2019-01-25 16:08

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BoxLoader - Vehicle in Vehicle loading


BoxLoader is a quick n' dirty mod to allow you to use Vehicle in Vehicle loading without driving the vehicle being loaded. Since Arma 3 internally supports loading physics objects like containers, this mod will let you load them as well. Vanilla vehicles include the Huron and Van, while mods like RHS add many flatbed trucks that can be loaded with stuff as well.

This is incredibly useful for things like small fuel containers, resupply/arsenal boxes, and other supplies.

Some notes on this mod: right now virtually every vehicle will have an option to "load to", even if there's nothing you can load. You also can only unload vehicles by being the driver and choosing the vanilla "unload all vehicles" option. I might tweak this later. This is a very early test version, but it seems to work so far.

To install BoxLoader - Vehicle in Vehicle loading you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Fixed .paa error with crates/vehicle ammo pallet.
Added CBA options to enable load weight limits for unloading, and for enabling/disabling the precise unload action. Note: you can still "unload all vehicles" either way.
Changed the repair pallet to be based off Slingload_Base_F, making ACE repair work properly.

Refactored the mod internally to split it into several different PBOs.
Added "precision unload" action, will place cargo EXACTLY at the VIV exit of a vehicle, so if you use it twice the objects will be placed inside of each other. (!)
Added some more fortifications, including:
A "wood wall" that can be built into a wall, ramp, small crossing, or even an earthen rampart.
A sandbag fortification item, which can be built into a thin sandbag fence, or a thicker sandbag wall. (the wall stops rifle rounds much better!)
A "foundation" you can build from the platform item, has to be on relatively even ground, but supports other structures and acts as flat ground itself.
Added concertina wire. It doesn't damage you, at least not yet.
Platforms, foundations, and ramparts must all be built so they are supported by either ground, or another foundation. (can be turned off in options)
Added a tool cart: acts as "tools" for building(can build any fortification, but can not fill them with dirt).
Added a pallet jack: can carry roughly pallet-sized objects VIV, can be itself picked up by the player, and can load vehicles at about its own level with the advanced loading mode turned on.
Maybe fixed the _retrofit error for real this time?
I might have missed some other small changes as well due to the amount of stuff changed.

Fixed error in fn_driveon.sqf that would cause an eden editor message.

Changed "filled" fortifications to use separate objects for filled/unfilled state. This allows for unfilled fortificaitons to be run over, and will make future persistence mod support easier.
Added the pre-filled fortifications as editor/zeus placeable objects.
Added a 463L pallet with repair parts as a repair vehicle.
Added a 40x48" pallet with ammo boxes as a cargo container.

Hotfix for error with retrofit cargo areas.

"Drive-on" system. Retrofit vehicles now use a custom(vanilla-like) "load vehicle" action for loading the vehicle you're driving, which is replaced with a more realistic one in weight-limit mode. When weight limit mode is enabled, you must be driving near the level of the cargo bed in order to load into the vehicle. A ramp or loading dock may be necessary to load vehicles into the backs of trucks in this mode.
This may be screwy for a while, as some of the VTV exits of the retrofits haven't been adjusted to work with this smoothly.

Retrofit areas now add their cargo mass to the mass of the parent vehicle, meaning you can overload trucks with cargo. The loading weight limits haven't been configured yet, so it's entirely possible to load an absurd weight on almost any retrofit vehicle. This shouldn't have any serious side effects.

Added (default on) settings that makes all repair-capable vehicles(ACE or non) act as construction vehicles or cargo loading vehicles. You can customize the maximum default weight repair vehicles can load, maximum height they can load, and the weight you can move on the ground.
Bucket addons are still included as a legacy option.

You can now use a vehicle capable of building fortifications from the outside by using the "select construction vehicle" action. This works similarly to "select loading target", but for enabling filling hescos and building container buildings, etc.

Added support for a few UNSUNG vehicles,: the ural, M37, Zil, and M35.
Added advanced loading support for RHSUSAF crane trucks, the UNSUNG engineer M113, the M7 FRS, and the Tanks DLC repair flatrack.
Vehicles can now be configured to define them as having ramps for advanced loading, changing their loading height to the ground, instead of the height of the cargo area. This effect is enabled by default on aircraft.

Fixed a potential issue with disassembling HESCOs.
Added the placed fortifications in the cfgPatches "units" list, fixing some issues.
Added toggle for "Push" actions in CBA settings, enabled by default, allows you to disable object pushing if desired.
Various internal tweaks, including to player actions.
New WIP optional "weight limit" load system, disabled by default, with multiple CBA settings:
Players will only be able to load objects light enough to be lifted or lowered into the loading area with it enabled. There are multiple settings to adjust player loading capacities.
Vehicles can have the ability to be self-loading, for vehicles with material handling equipment. They will also be able to load other vehicles.
The system is incomplete for now, and has no extra support for any mods. It also does not yet recognize ramps on aircraft.
The Nemmera is the only current vehicle capable of loading cargo into other vehicles.(due to its crane).

Added a Vehicle Ammo pallet, same base model as the regular ammocrate pallet, but marked with explosive signs. Acts as a vehicle ammo resupply, and does ACE rearm with the ACE compatability installed.
Added a 55 gallon drum pallet. The square pallet, with four green drums strapped down. Comes in a second variant:
Added a 55 gallon fuel drum pallet. Same as above, but marked with flammable signs. Is a refuel source, and provides 830L fuel with ace compatability.
Adjusted the M1077A1 flatrack to load from the corner, so you can load things side by side.

Added a new almost-decent 463L pallet model, featuring working slingloading.
Added a new pbo for Arma Public License files, separate from the existing PBO. This adds two new cargo objects:
A 463L pallet with ammoboxes in a cargo net, weighing 2000kg. Can store 45000 units of items. Fits into many trucks and can be singloaded. Great for an arsenal box!
A fuel SIXCON originally from DAR_MTVR, weighing 4000kg. Acts as a refuel source. With Boxloader ACE compatability, it provides 3406L of fuel. It is slingloadable, and being half the height and the same width/length as a TRICON, will fit into vehicles that can carry containers.
(One will fit a 4x4 MTVR flatbed, two on a mk23 flatbed, three on any flatbed that carries a 20ft container)

Removed the "boxloader_noretro" cfgpatches method, you can now disable/enable retrofit cargo areas using CBA Settings. Vehicles that have already been spawned in an active mission/save will not be changed.
You can also enable/disable the Hide Cargo actions separately in CBA settings, which will take effect immediately. Cargo that is already hidden will stay so until unhidden.
Rework of how Boxloader objects are placed. All VIV-carrying and a few other objects will now appear under the Civilian side in the editor. This allows for them to be placed directly, without swapping out from a dummy object on runtime. The dummy objects should still exist, but are hidden. Everything will still appear under Empty in Zeus. This fixes several placement bugs/physics whoopsies.

Flatrack loading system. Currently only used by my MTVR mod. Allows you to mount/dismount flatracks from the driver's seat of the vehicle. Two flatracks are included:
M1077A1 for carrying cargo VIV(cargo will jitter driving when loaded, this is an Arma bug).
M7 Forward Repair System as a repair vehicle. (Use the ACE compatability to use the ACE repair system instead)

Backend tweaks. Mod will no longer use Hide Cargo or retrofit attached loading system if "boxloader_noretro" cfgpatches entry exists. May cause unintended side effects if such a mod is loaded on an existing savegame.

Bobcat/Nemmera construction method changed, must now be done from inside the vehicle. Bucket addons work as they used to.
This now allows for any vehicle to be used for building if it has the variable "boxloader_build_fill" (hesco/roof) or "boxloader_build_tools" (wood platform/container structure) set to true.

Added CSAT modification project vehicle class support.
Fixed 463L pallet size.

Added support for CSAT Modification Project classnames of the Kamaz/Typhoon.

Added support for CSAT Modification Project classnames of kamaz/typhoon.

Fixed TRICONs being unmovable/undeletable by curators.
Reworked the packable tent:
Packed size is now slightly more realistic, and should fit into trucks with a lower cargo "ceiling".
Comes in all existing colors now(green hex, brown hex, green, brown, AAF digital, white).
Setup now involves more possible steps, but allows you to configure it in several new ways:
As only an outer tent fly (eg rain cover for unloaded cargo, camo vehicle shelter, etc).
As only an inner tent (eg desert conditions)
With or without a tent floor, and with or without a medical protective symbol on the inner tent.

Added a buildable packed version of the Laws of War tent. Currently only in OD green color. Find it under boxloader fortifications.

Made the wood platform packed-size smaller.

Fixed the Medical and Repair vanilla KAMAZ/Zamak having conflicting retrofit configs.
Fixed "Hide/Show Cargo" revealing unattached loader buckets, etc.

Fixed RHS Kamaz having a cargo area added to it, even though the RHS kamaz already has a dedicated cargo variant.
Added cargo areas to the CUP Datsun. One will fit a euro pallet (unavailable on the PK versions), the other will fit wide boxes like the vanilla weapon and launcher boxes.

Added pallet/container structure rotation system. When you've selected a loading target that can load the pallet or packed container structure, and are facing a similar direction to the object, there will be an option to rotate it to match your facing. You can repeat this to gradually turn it to face any direction needed. Use the compass to align container structures before building them.
Container structures are now marked for the "entrance" side(door of the house, bulletproof side of the post).
When a bucket addon is selected, you can push and rotate packed container structures and pallets even if they wouldn't fit in the bucket addon.

Adjusted iso20 cargo volume size, can fit big HESCOs like the tricon can. Report issues with things not fitting.
Added the Sand and Green variant textures to regular iso20s and tricons, renamed the old green to "rusty".
Made the portable structure containers sling-loadable.
(Internally: reworked the iso20 and tricon container configs to use preprocessor macros, it shouldn't affect anything in-game)

IFA3 Waco/Hadrian and Horsa glider support.

Added WIP cargo areas to RHS HMMWVs. Thanks to the structure of their classes it's a bit wonky, also you can load too-tall objects into the slant back armored ones for now.

Added bucket addon for RHSUSAF M113

Fixed HEMTT with flatrack locking the passenger seat.
Made flatrack slightly shorter, should still fit 20ft container sized objects.
Made the construction bucket less wide. Still fits two US pallets.
Fixed cargo area of CUP M1152.
Added bucket addon for CUP M113 APC.

Fixed "PORTABLE STRUCTURE" text being on the non-structure containers

WIP wood platform, can be built into either a 3x3m or 5x5m wood platform, great for making level structures or for those with climbing mods.
Note: currently has no fire geometry, as I couldn't get the fire geometry rvmat working. It will not stop bullets, not that wood can stop much in the first place. Requires a "work vehicle"(nemmera/bobcat, vehicles with bucket addon) to build.

Deployable container structures. Four color variants, all except the medical can be "unpacked" with a work vehicle into either the cargo post or cargo house, medical can only become a cargo house.
Tip on using the container structures: when unloaded from a HEMTT, the resulting container direction will face the "wall" side of the cargo post BEHIND the vehicle, and will face the door side of the cargo house TOWARDS the vehicle. So back it up to where you want to put it.

Also fixed an error message introduced in the new update.

Added a small "lip" of roadway to the medium and big hescos, to make stacking them, and walking on them, easier.
Made "low" carried hescos and fortifications be slightly higher, should prevent most cases of accidentally dropping something through a barrier you're building on.
Doubled the armor of the small hescos.

Fixed fire geometry of big hesco 3.
Made hescos destructible, requires very powerful explosives to do easily.
Known issues: destroying a hesco with another hesco or buildable on top will result in the top hesco floating.

First example of a packable bunker roof. Expands out from its corner as marked, then can be filled to make a thick bombproof ceiling.
I highly recommend a mod with the ability to climb up objects to use it. Enhanced Movement, maybe ACE, or others will work.

Small HESCOs, can be extended into 1, 6, or 10 hesco lengths.
Slightly upgraded HESCO models.
HESCO handling tweaks, picking up a packed HESCO will assume its saved direction, HESCO will conform to terrain, but can still "span" gaps.
Cargo pushing. Anything you can load, you can now push. Select a vehicle you can load it into, and use "Push" to push the object in the direction you are facing. Requires a vehicle capable of loading that object when empty.
Did you know the "concrete shelter" and other smaller concrete barriers can be loaded into large vehicles? Try it out!

Fixed cargo hiding, use your cargo aircraft properly again.

Fixed stupid error that probably broke everything, sorry.

Fixed some things not being loadable into the 20ft ISO.
Made the "hide cargo/show cargo" actions reside on the player, allowing for hiding cargo in natively-VIV vehicles. Use it to prevent horrid explosions in aircraft.

Filling HESCOs can now be done with the ugly "Boxloader_Bucket" object nearby(and visible). It's available as a vehicle rack addon for the CUP Ural (Empty), and the vanilla Zamak Repair variants. When equipped and enabled, players within range of the bucket can fill and empty HESCOs.

"Load this in target" action now higher priority for speedier loading of many objects.

HESCOs can be extended before filling, extending/collapsing does not require the Badger.
Empty HESCOs say EMPTY on them.
HESCOs now have dirt in them, instead of more HESCOs.

Constructable HESCO barriers. Can be transported and carried and placed, but requires the NATO Bobcat vehicle(ACE/real life name Nemmera) to fill or remove. Can be filled into 1, 3, or 5 meter lengths. Can be stacked. Stops bullets and other bad stuff.

Tweaked shipping container cargo volumes to better avoid clipping.
Added a silly little plastic hard case as a test project, made from photos I took.

Fixed roof rack not being loadable.

Tweaked many of the retrofit cargo vehicles to have proper unloading zones, most of them should unload to the rear now, or at least not directly in front. Some of them still need work.
Added a few texture variants of the boxloader 20ft ISO and TRICON, a white with red crystal aid skin, seabee equipment container skin, and a black skin.

Added cargo support to the C-47 from IFA3.
Fixed cargo support being on HEMTTs that don't have a cargo bed.
Added a flatrack to the "mover" base HEMTT. Requires roof rack box to install.
Fixed roof rack box and small cargo box not appearing in zeus.

Changed wood texture of pallets to be darker.
Made it so pallets can't fit infinitely tall cargo anymore.
Replaced the old 20ft ISO container with a quick custom model, supports sling loading, loading in vehicles, etc.
Added a TRICON container based off the new 20ft model.
Various tweaks.

WIP cargo hiding mode, prevents cargo from flying in your face while driving, allows AI to drive with cargo better.

Units you "switch" to, including remote controlled Zeus units, can now do logistics actions.

Adjusted assault/rescue boat cargo volume to fit square pallets. (and by extension, the CUP zodiac/PBX and the vanilla motorboat)
Added armed speedboat cargo areas front and back.
Added cargo volumes to the MTVR, Tatra T810 (unarmed and MG), UAZ.
Added roof rack attachment support for the M1025(HMMWV unarmed) and M1151 unarmed.

Fixed the Vanilla Zamak(KAMAZ) having one of its front seats lock when in cargo mode.
Fixed the tropical Tempest(Typhoon) not having cargo mode.
Added cargo mode to the medical HEMTT, Tempest, Zamak.

Added box of attachable roof racks, park a compatible vehicle nearby to enable the option to install a roof rack.
Roof rack support added to vanilla: Hunter(M-ATV), Ifrit(Punisher), Strider(Fennek), SUV.
Roof cargo net of Prowler must be installed from a roof rack box.
Cargo area removed from Huron due to explodiness.

Added CUP Praga V3S cargo volume.
Made CUP and RHS event handlers not load unless those mods are loaded.
Fixed a temporary error message spam when loading in next to a vehicle that has an added cargo volume.
Adjusted cargo beds of most large trucks to prevent clipping on the left side.

Huge rewrite of vehicle racks and other systems, fixes many game breaking multiplayer bugs. Tell me if you have any issues.

Added cargo space to the Huron. Rear FFV seats are available when in use.
Added several cargo spaces to the Prowler LSV. A small cargo area between the passenger seats, an installable rear cargo net in the back, and a roof cargo net that prevents the Prowler from being loaded in other vehicles.

Added cargo support for IFA's Studebaker, GMC, Opel Blitz, and Zis-5 trucks.
Added cargo area for CUP Ural.
Added cargo area for the vanilla rescue/assault boat, and by extension the CUP Zodiac and PBX.
Added cargo area for the civilian motorboat.

Addeed CUP (M998) transport HMMWV, HMMWV SOV, and M1152 HMMWV cargo areas.
Added Tempest (Typhoon) cargo area.

Added retrofit cargo space to the RHS flatbed GAZ and Ural trucks.
Made the quad bike front rack different from the rear, it can now load the ACE medical box.
Made trucks have absurd load capacity in weight just in case.
Made most retrofit cargo volumes unlimited in height to get around awkward model dimensions, newly compatible objects may cause clipping.

Fixed FIA offroad not having cargo mode.
Added cargo mode to the civilian flatbed truck-van-thing.

Added cargo space to the HEMTT and KAMAZ("Zamak") trucks. Both can fit 463L pallets, quad bikes, etc.
Made the 463L pallet slightly shorter in cargo height to fit in trucks. (It is still tall enough for most pallet loads. The supply boxes never fit anyway.)

Adjusted quadbike cargo positions down slightly.
Added cargo loading mode to offroad. Disables FFV seats when used. Volume is 200x130x200cm and holds 1000kg(10,000 mass).
Loading option now only appears on vehicles that can be loaded with stuff. Very slight performance cost.
Adjusted drag position of the 463L master pallet.

WIP US military 463L master pallet (fits in, eg, CUP C-130, some RHS trucks, CUP CH-47, CUP Mi-6, etc. Can hold four US pallets)
Slightly less WIP cargo-box-on-US-pallet, has ACE storage and inventory space, takes up the same space as one US pallet.
VEHICLE RACKS! First version, report any bugs.
Quad bike now has two vehicle racks, front and back, back requires you to toggle between passenger seat mode and cargo mode. Each holds up to 100kg(1000 mass), and is 40cm wide, 90cm long(sideways) and 100cm max height.
Laws of War van has one cargo rack, enabled only if the roof rack is installed. Holds 300kg(3000 mass), and is 420cm long, 140cm wide, and up to 150cm max height.
Known issue: vehicle racks do not change the loading volume of the vehicle they are on, so clipping can result.

Added sling load support for pallets.
Adjusted the max capacity of the pallets to ostensibly resemble their max load.

Added 20ft ISO container prototype. Uses the vanilla container, and attaches a loading object to it. May break horribly.
Added US pallet size, slightly narrower than the square pallet, fits 8 to a 20ft container.
Added background stuff to allow for an ACE compatability addon. Yell at me if everything breaks.

Tweaked the US pallet's model, should be slightly less erratic in behavior.
Added a EUR-1 pallet, it's narrower so it will fit in narrower spaces.

Added config values to the pallet for ACE specific fixes:
Adjusted drag position to prevent high speed sliding.
Disabled carrying to prevent feats of herculean strength.
Disabled ACE loading to prevent bag of holding recursion.
Made "Stop loading target" text red to help differentiate it during frenzied loading sprees.

Added a distinct pallet unload action as well, and added server keys. Totally done with annoying tiny updates for now.

Fixed pallet cargo config preventing you from loading it completely, should fit six vanilla ammo boxes on one pallet now.
Reworked the pallet config in general, better for future expansion.
Added a dedicated "load pallet" action on pallets, distinct from the normal load action, making it easier to tell if you're loading the pallet or something that's on it into a vehicle.

Added an experimental pallet, found under "Boxloader" in the "Supplies" category. Should work in zeus as well. The pallet can be loaded like any Vehicle in Vehicle object, and itself can be loaded. You can put several ammoboxes/fuelcans/etc on it, and put that pallet in the back of a plane or van. Though unloading it from something by the boxloader action is rather difficult right now, you can't really tell if you're aiming at the pallet or something on it. It might also have weird physics behavior. But it works. Progress!

Added an action to unload the object you're looking at.

Initial version.

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