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Version: 1.03 - 18.6.2018

Date: 2018-06-18 08:50

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WarMachine PvP game mode


Advance And Secure PvP game mode for Arma 3, with dynamically generated missions. Game mode is for 24 vs. 24 players. Well playable even for 1 vs. 1 player. (Players are squad leaders, AI is enabled)

Every created mission is unique. In the mission generator, you can select any place on the map, set up mission parameters, or leave it randomized. You can easily create missions from small scale infantry combat to battlefield style scenario with all the vehicles, artillery and close air support. Capture points and FOBs are every time different.

Improved AI respawn system is designed to populate battlefield with low number of players. AI units follow squad leader (player) and respawn at his position, or in the vehicle occupied by him. AI units need to be led by the player. Occupy the squad leader positions first in the lobby, or select BECOME SQUAD LEADER in the actions menu

Your main task is to fight with your team for victory. All weapons and vehicles are available from start. No restrictions to unlock equipment. No complicated logistics. Choose your favorite weapon and fight.

Advance And Secure game mode consists of two phases. First phase of the scenario is a sector control game, second phase is an attack/defend game

SECTOR CONTROL: Both teams fight for 1-3 sectors. You win first phase, if your team holds all the sectors and opponent’s tickets are reduced to more than half, or if enemy runs out of tickets.

ATTACK/DEFEND: Team, that won the first phase, gets the command to attack the enemy forward operating base FOB. Enemy team has to defend. Attackers win, if they capture enemy FOB and opponent’s tickets are reduced to more than half, or if defenders run out of tickets. Defenders win if attacker’s tickets are depleted.

MISSION GENERATOR (Actions menu): Create mission. Opens setup dialog window. Select area of operation, set up mission parameters, start mission.
BECOME SQUAD LEADER (Actions menu): You can become leader of your squad.
REQUEST PATROL BOAT (Actions menu): As a squad leader, you can request a patrol boat once per game.
REQUEST BOAT (Actions menu): Small transport boat is available for the squad leader after each respawn.
PUSH THE BOAT (Actions menu): Player can push the boat into the water (Boat will be moved 15m in front of the player)
CUSTOM LOADOUT: You can create custom loadout in the virtual arsenal, supply box on the base. Custom Loadout is available in the respawn menu: Default > Custom Loadout.
COMBAT SUPPORT: Every squad leader can access combat support by pressing 0-8-(support type). Transport helicopter and supply drop is available from the mission start (every 5 minutes). CAS and artillery is obtained as a reward after capturing a sector. (every 20 minutes)
SECTORS: The capture area of the Sectors (Fob) has a radius of 50 meters. Capturing speed depends on the number of players and AI units present in the area. More players / AI units = faster capturing. Reward: respawn position, combat support.
FLAGS: Flags serve as a teleports for fast travel between Base, Fob and Runway.
EQUIPMENT: Appropriate equipment is required for special actions. No role restrictions. Medkit - revive teammates. Toolkit - repair vehicles and defuse explosives. UAV terminal – hack and operate UAV.

Zeus is available for admin or server host.
Mission generator can be available for anyone, or only for admin.
Virtual arsenal can be disabled.
Enable DLC content.
Refresh Zeus - To refresh list of the editable objects press 0-0-0
Become Zeus - To become Zeus press 0-0-1
Unassign Zeus - To unassign Zeus press 0-0-2
Teleport - Press 0-0-3

You can use ZEUS to play the mission as COOP. Zeus is available for administrator and server host.
Create and start the mission. Open ZEUS interface and place created enemy units and vehicles at the objectives. All playable units and vehicles are editable by Zeus. Tickets are reduced when player dies, or if playable unit controlled by AI respawns. Do not delete any of the playable units or vehicles created by the mission generator. New units created by Zeus don't affect tickets.

0 > supports > Helicopter transport (BIS function, only BIS can fix it)
For proper functionality, if you call the helicopter, get in as a last one, after all teammates are onboard. Also disembark as last one, after all teammates are out.


- War Machine community on Steam
- BI Forums


1.03 - 18.6.2018
Fixed script for random creating area of operation AO

1.03 - 28.5.2018
KNOW BUG - If you get stuck in the map press 0-0-0
Some times, when you join the game, you get stuck in the map and can't close it. In that case pres 0-0-0 on your keyboard.
Fixed script for creating area of operation AO manually

1.02 - 13.4.2018
Added Tanks DLC support
All DLCs ON by default (Can be disabled in the game lobby parameters)

Update 1.01 - 1.3.2018
Virtual arsenal restrictions fixed (Thank you UD1E)
Hint “Become squad leader” fixed
Added automatic assignment of newly joined players

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