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Requirements: No addons required, JAM compatible

Version: 3

Short description: Laser's U.S. weapons pack

Date: 2018-07-17 09:06

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LSR US Weapons Pack

by Michael Gavrilov aka Laser

This add-on represents a wide selection of weapons used by US law-enforcement forces and military. All of the weapons have their real-life counterparts.

The add-on is fully compatible with Joint Ammo and Mags program ver. 2.0. Versions of JAM-capable units are found in the editor under “LSR US SpecOps – Men (JAM)” and “LSR US SpecOps (‘90-s) – Men (JAM)”.


To install addon .pbos: place them in a mod folder of your choice. ex.:

Program Files\Codemasters\Operation Flashpoint\@mymodfolder\addons
Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\ARMA Cold War Assault\@mymodfolder\addons

If launching from a shortcut, right click shortcut, see "Target" path to the game's .exe
go to the library listing in your steam games, select ARMA Cold War Assault, right click, select "properties", select "set launch options"

-nomap -mod=@mymodfolder

select "ok"

then close recently opened windows and launch the game.


Included files:
LSR US Weapons Pack ver. 3.0 Readme.rtf

Credits & Thanks:
⦁ Inquisitor and corresponding authors (model and texture parts, M60 and ACOG 7,62 optics);
⦁ SJB aka Jackal326 and corresponding authors (model and texture parts, UMP, M9, P228 models and textures);
⦁ Earl (model parts, optics);
⦁ Valve and Ritual (textures);
⦁ King Homer (M82A1, SR-25, M1911);
⦁ Suchey (SMAW);
⦁ Tactician;
⦁ Raven Software and VAS (Mk.23 SOCOM);
⦁ FN Website; ; ;
⦁ PraetorianV (Eotech pics);
⦁ Kabal (M24);
⦁ MarineSniper (M40);
⦁ Wipman and DSA Drill Sergeant (ACOG model, textures) – still trying to reach Drill Sergeant via BIS Forums PM, here’s due copyright;
⦁ Cornhelium – JAM3 update;
⦁ BOH Mod team (base M249 model), and Thunderbird84 for arranging the copyright issue with these guys;
⦁ BIS for one hell of a game we still enjoy;
⦁ everyone else I somehow forgot (sorry, guys).

License / Disclaimer:
This is NOT an official add-on. The add-on is in no way affiliated with Bohemia Interactive Studios or Codemasters, which means they cannot be held responsible for any damage that might occur while using this add-on. Use it at your own risk.

All copyrights belong to Bohemia Interactive Studios and Michael Gavrilov aka Laser. All requests for model parts, textures or otherwise should be directed to Laser ( Any kind of usage without prior written permission from Laser is not advisable.


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