Author: ORCS team
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Requirements: JAM

Version: 4

Short description: ICP Russian Forces Weapon Pack

Date: 2018-07-30 10:20

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Russian forces weapons pack

by ORCS team

Russian forces weapons pack


To install addon .pbos: place them in a mod folder of your choice. ex.:

Program Files\Codemasters\Operation Flashpoint\@mymodfolder\addons
Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\ARMA Cold War Assault\@mymodfolder\addons

If launching from a shortcut, right click shortcut, see "Target" path to the game's .exe
go to the library listing in your steam games, select ARMA Cold War Assault, right click, select "properties", select "set launch options"

-nomap -mod=@mymodfolder

select "ok"

then close recently opened windows and launch the game.


Included files:

Known issues:
- Some automatics animations can be lost on weapons when they're taken from crates

Attention! This addon isn't compliant with ICP_Weaponpack.pbo. If you have this file in your \Addons folder, please, remove it before installation.

Credits & Thanks:
Main models : Rus_Partizan \ Denorc[ORCS] \ Nightkiller[ORCS]

GP-25 Grenadelauncher model\texture: Earl

Makarov PMM : OU CS Mod

Additional work \ textures \ cpp: Denorc[ORCs], Rus_Partizan, DenVdmj

JAM compatibility assistance: Helping Hand

Consulting \ Beta test : Schmeisser[ORCS], LIS [ORCS], dezoom

Special thanks for SFM and personally Manfred for scope models

License / Disclaimer:
This addon belongs to ORCS Development Studios and it's freeware. Copyrights reserved for ORCS Development and all authors from the list above. Use this addon on your own risk. Commercial use, retexturing or remodelling this pack or any part of it only from authors's permission.

- New weapons with NSPUM night scope added (SVD-N, AK74N1, RPK74N1,PKN)

- AKMS with PBS-1 and NSP-2 night scope added

- RPK-47 and RPK-74M added

- New TT pistol model

- New PM pistol model

- Weapons crates added

- Magazines on-ground models added

- CfgMaterials for all textures added

- New quality of models and textures

- Working night scopes

- New automatics animation system

- RPK-74, AK-74M and AK-47 models fixed

- Optimized CPP: AI bullet dispersion added

- New sounds

- PSO optics fixed

- New optics model for PKM machinegun

- Muzzleflash lighting fixed

- Weapons are now JAM compatible (ver. 2.0 required)

- JAM3

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