Author: tortuosit
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 3.04

Short description: This mod enables permanently moving weather. It can be used as mod or script.

Date: 2018-09-15 09:23

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DynamicWeather 3 - Script and Mod


I decided to call this "Version 3", because it is a big code change. And stop confusions. Will maybe start a new thread at some point.
Guys, this is just numbers and says nothing.
Plan is, to include the same code into the Addon and maintain script and addon version, but this can not happen soon.
Script has no addon requirements
MP compatible? I have no idea. I can say ground fog is off in MP, which is necessary. It does setovercast/fog/rain/wind in small doses and quite often (<1minute)
tort_process_weather overall - and tort_process_overcast/tort_process_rain/tort_process_fog/tort_process_wind are special variables, in mission you can set them to true or false in order to stop+reset/restart the processing.

Installation / Usage:
For usage instructions and information of how to use the DynamicWeather 3 - Script please refer to the included documentation and/or example mission.

In Eden place a game logic on your map: Right pane, Tab: Assets -> Systems (F5) -> Logic entities -> Object -> "Game logic" (or just search for "Game logic")
Double click the just placed object and put my code into the init field.
Done. Preview mission, save mission...
In Eden, you can save the object for later use (Rightclick, "Save as custom composition").
So later you can use 4 objects, one for rain, one for wind, one for overcast, one for fog. Whatever you want to control.
You can also, for testing, paste the code into the debug window (press escape in mission).
Or use the mission files and freely copy/paste code, or use execvm, yadda yadda

ps, the lines like "waitUntil {!isnil "tort_rain_overcast_threshold"};" are obsolete, they exist because I define the global variables somewhere else.

Also, I just recognized names are not completely unified -> "Weighting" and "Tendency" is the same.

Important bug fixes
Mod added
Fog abruptly disappearing fix (I hope). Happens when value goes to 0, but decay has "thick fog" values.

- Important bug fixes
- Global variables tort_<module>_debug (e.g. tort_fog_debug) always have the complete current state of important parameters.
- Added sporadical gusts to the wind module (may happen on overcast > 0.5), since the engine side "setgusts" command is broken.
- i.e.: for 10 to 20 seconds, wind blows 15 to 30 m/s, direction may also change more drastical, then returns back to normal.

3.00 was seriously flawed.


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