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Requirements: Faces of War, IFA3 AIO Lite

Version: 1.18
Signed: No

Short description: General Equpiments and Accesories (or GEAR), Now fitted to Faces of War webbings.

Date: 2019-07-15 09:41

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US General Equpiments and Accesories (FOW/IFA3)


General Equpiments and Accesories (or GEAR), Now fitted to Faces of War webbings.
Requires BOTH IFA3 and FoW
IFA3 for helmets and some weapons, which i find better than their FoW counterparts (like the m1 carbine and m1918 for example, way better animated) and also some weapons which FoW lacks like m1a1 carbine and m1928 thompsons

- M1943 jackets, standard infantry version and paratrooper version with modified pockets on their pants; ranks from Pvt to S/Sgt
- Mantels (With different boots)
- Tanker jackets (also with different boots/pants)
- recoloured IF m1941 jackets and webbings to fit better. m41 now has a more greener-beige OD3 look, compared to the yellowish look of the original
- M41s, in few variants
- HBT 1st and 2nd pattern uniforms
- M37 wool shirts also in few variants

- Added Winter versions of 101AB helmets
- Added burlap covered M1 helmets, parachute camo cover, late-war shrimp nets, scrim, and more net variants
- cheap jeep cap attempt
- M44 SWDGs available on Glasses and NVG slots, they fit m1 helmets of both FoW and IFA3.
- US Airborne felt pads on glasses slot, compatible with FoW m36 suspenders
- Helmet band that fits IFA3 helmets, available on Glasses and NVG slots
- some new US bandoliers (great now theres a total of 3 models of em), available as a backpack, and also as glasses/NV for decorative purposes
- M1928 Haversacks with some variants, be it M10 or M43 shovels
- M43 shovels in glasses/NV slots, hanging on the belt

- groups of guys wearing m43s, standard infantry, winter infantry, and airborne units: 101AB and its subunits (327th, 501st, 502d, 506th, and recon units), and 82nd, available in editor and zeus
- groups of US Divisions in midwar uniforms (m41s + hbts/M37s) and latewar uniforms (m41s + m43s + mantels) available in editor and zeus, including 1ID, 2ID, 3ID, 4ID, 2AD, 28ID, 29ID, 34ID, 36ID, 77ID, 90ID, and some i may forgot
- Unit Patches of 17AB, 26ID, 28ID, 30ID, 79ID, and 90ID
- several more unit patches made by bigstone, 1ID, 2ID, 4ID, 35ID, 36ID, 42ID, 104ID, 106ID
- Reskin of P47s, depicting the 62nd FS of 56th FG
- Reskin of US Panzers

To install US General Equpiments and Accesories (FOW/IFA3) you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

IMPORTANT! Optional Files:
In the directory, theres a folder called "optionale" there exists optional files:
1. simc_uaf_44_unhide:
unhides assets that are hidden to avoid clutter, but they will provide you with way more options for some more in-depth-barbie-dressing. these assets includes:
- Helmets with unit markings of 1ID, 3ID, 4ID, 5ID, 28ID, 29ID, 36ID, 45ID, 88ID, and 90ID
- a shitload of paratrooper helmets, that are historically accurate for post-normandy era (market garden and varsity), which has smaller net mesh and no camo scrims.
- Extra uniforms with ranks from tech Sergeant to Colonel (no officer ranks for HBTs and M41s tho)

Credits & Thanks:
- IFA3 team for everything; weapons for units, m1 helmets, rank and unit patches; real awesome stuff, and also Kju for introducing me to mikero's tools and giving me leads on it, helps alot
- FoW team for also everythng; making the webbings and packs, and weapons etc
- Bohemia Interactive for the arma sample models, made my jeep cap out of one of those beanies
- Ethridge for IF M41 textures
- Bigstone for advices and ideas, helmet band model, patch textures, and testing
- Jaki for advices and ideas, testing, some textures, and additional screenshots
- Justin N. for basically teaching me how to sculpt nice normal maps, all the newly sculpted uniforms wont happen if it wasnt for his instructies
- Schwienyy for UV-mapping the haversack, advices and ideas, testings, and additional screenshots
- Courtland: Garrison cap model
- did i miss someone?

License / Disclaimer:
Do not attempt to monetize this addon! I did not get paid to make this so neither will and/or should anyone else get some money from this

- Added bajonets (M1 and M1905s) attached to some web gear and bags (sheath model schwienny, bajonet grip model made by waxbutter)
- Added 7ID kwajelein groeps and helmets
- Added M1910 canteens (aluminum cap model also by schwienny)
- Added M1918 cartridge belts (texture also by schwienny)
- Added haversacks made in britain
- Added M1910 haversacks
- added deine mutter (big oof!)
- Added editor previews for units
- Separated config files from assets pbo
- Altered collar models for tanker jackets
- Added Assault Vests (OD3 and OD7)
- Added 87e Infanterie Divisie
- Added 2e ranger bn.
- Added Assault Vests to landing groups for 1ID, 4ID, and 29ID
- Added mk2 service shoes, replacing the mk3 shoes on some model (for example: veldjas od met woolie trousers hat nun mk2 footwears while one w/ hbt trousers hath mk3s)

- fixed wonk vert on leggings (again!)

- fixed rigging issues on leggings
- fixed broken ambient occlusions on usmc uniforms

- added marine webbings
- replaced all fow gear with new marine gear
- added M6 gas bags
- adjusted colours of OD7 webbings
- added transgender cartridge and bar belts
- added usmc musette bags

- fixed rigging issues on m41 torso
- forgot what else i did

- added armbands ass glass/nvg item
- new creases for m43 and m41
- fixed some configs
- added slots for left armbands to m43s and m42s

- added 3d scan jump boots to m42
- added ranger helmets

- updated hbt model
- updated boot normals

- changed texture for the 1/4 nets
- fixed AO issues in HBT uniform
- C47 textures

removed kanker

- added m1 helmets by motta and ethridge
- added webbings, combined work of Justin N., Tannenbaum, and brainfag
- added m44 packs
- added m36 packs/suspenders
- updated most existing models/textures (at least to some extent) to some extent
- Added Jeep cap Variants
- Added USN Deck Jackets
- Added Kapok Life Vest
- Added Paratrooper M1942 Uniform
- Added M7 Gas Bags (worn on legs and chest) and brassards (worn on right arm) as glass/nvg item

- added usmc (uniforms, bags, a bunch of)
- fixed shovel sizes (credits to motta)
- smoothened parts of uniforms (idk how to describe this)
- forgot what else
- some classname changes

- Added franky's m43 jacket
- Fixed some misnamings on E-Tool NVGs
known issues:
- 17AB and 82AB groups not appearing in Zeus, I think its a cfgpatches typo issue but keep looking and can't find anything wrong ):

- Added the not-seemingly-very-realistic rolled sleeve Airborne M43s, which is a mere bros in arms reference, pls become salzig not :):
- Added t-handle shovels as glasses/NVG, both attached to belt and to rear suspenders
- Added M43 shovels attached to suspenders; glasses/NVG

- Added 92ID
- Fixed winter group loadouts

- Added more haversacks
- Added M43 Shovels
- Goin publicc

- Added haversaccs
- US Airborne Felt Pads are now in NVG slot too
- Corrected the name for the assault gas mask bag, M7 instead of M5

- Added M37s with hbt trousers
- modified one of the 1st pattern hbts to have high-roller unbloused trousers


- Faces of War
- IFA3 AIO Lite

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