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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.08
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: Mod BundesPolizei adds to the world of ARMA 3 division of the German police special forces. The mod contains modern equipment,which in the future will become more.

Date: 2019-08-09 18:10

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BundesPolizei und Spezialeinheiten


Mod BundesPolizei adds to the world of ARMA 3 division of the German police special forces. The mod contains modern equipment,which in the future will become more. It is also planned to create equipment at the time of creation of this task force.

You can also help the development of the project.:
Visa- 4276 3800 9305 7755

-- Uniform (2 variations)
- P6 Universal vest (6 variations, 2 coloring pages)
-Plate Carrier H1 (3 variations, 2 coloring)
-- Helmet Ops core (2 coloring pages)
- Helmet Hoplit TSO (2 coloring pages)
- Zenturio 1300 Helmet
- Balaclava (2 variations)
-- Assault backpack (2 variations, 2 coloring)

To install BundesPolizei und Spezialeinheiten you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Future plans:
I don't stop there:
In the future, it is planned to add weapons ,equipment and, accordingly, new equipment.

Don't forget to visit our official group:

Credits & Thanks:
Special thanks to Alexander Alich for posts and test group!
With love, Phoenix TREAL (E. P. S. M. Project)!

Dear friends, Asgaard update for BundesPolizei und Spezialeinheiten is out!
This update is dedicated to the German PMCs Asgaard.
Asgaard specializes in the provision of professional security services in high-risk areas, as well as in the training of state security forces.
What was included in the update ?
1)a re texture
New skins for the helmet OpsCore
New coloring pages for CryeGen 3 uniforms
2) Added new Tasmanian Tiger Plate carrier vest
In 4 colors and 4 variations
3) Added new PMC uniform.
Crye Precision pants+ modified jacket
4) Added officially business suit.
It will play a special role in the next update
5)Added cap.
In variations with headphones and inverted visor arrangement
6)Added face mask
Version of ballistic and tactical goggles
7)Added new mask variations
Your nose
8) Added patches for all previously sold units.
KSK,SEK,GSG9,Polizei+ Asgaard, Germany Flag
9) Added hidden wearing body armor.
First class of protection, no storage space
1) Normal Wiesel tower display
2) Normal display of patches on uniform
3) Natural glare on glasses
4) Removed the artifact with a white texture took
5) some models have Also been replaced and edited
6) Edited color scheme of all models
System innovations
1) the Visor now has full protection( thanks for the tip Peter Katczinsky )
2) Wound is now displayed on uniforms.
1) Added flags and banners in the Prime of the German tricolour, as well as with the Asgaard logo
2) Added Asgaard units
That's it ! With love, EPSM Project !

Dear friends, I am pleased to announce that the update "KSK" for BundesPolizei came out !
This update is dedicated to the military unit of special purpose as part of the Bundeswehr.
This is probably the biggest update for BP mod,and the theme has become more extensive, in this regard, the mod will be slightly renamed the style. Now the mod will please not only brave fighters against crime, but also fans of militarism.
Full list of changes:
1) Added new variations of the Hoplit helmet
*New additional elements in the form of cameras, infrared beacons.
*Camouflage flectarn in 2 variations, as well as sand and olive colors.
2) Added new PNV - GPNV18 in two coloring pages
3) Added new mask variations. Now there is a version with ballistic glasses.
4) Added a new backpack Halft Track Backpack in 5 coloring pages
5) Added a new Plate Carrier in the colors of forest and desert flecks.
6) Added retextures of Crye Gen 3 for desert and forest flectarn.
7) Added group leader jacket in grey coloring
8) Added new uniforms in desert and forest colors, in several variations
*With knee pads, t-shirt, no knee pads and leader jacket
9) re texture the old carrier's
10) Added a re texture Fenek reconnaissance vehicles and infantry fighting vehicles Wiesel
11) Fully updated units. Now in the editor and in Zeus there are all previously added units !
12) in Addition to all of the above, some models have been tweaked.
That's all.
With love, EPSM Project !

Dear EPSM Project subscribers ! Update "SEK" BundesPolizei finally saw the light.
Work on the update was delayed for certain reasons, but ,in spite of everything, it came out. I hope you enjoy the new features.
List of changes:
1) Added helmet Zenturio 05 in two colors - blue and black
2) Added bulletproof vest SEC in three coloring pages - blue, black and brown. The body armor is presented in variations both with shoulder pads and without them. Specialty - medic, Rifleman, specialist.
3) Added a new uniform in the full version and in a version with a t-shirt. Two coloring pages - brown, black.
4) Added super light uniform in mind t-shirts and shorts. 4 coloring pages at the moment.
5) Added aor2 coloring for Ops core and Hoplit TSO
1)Fixed texture on am 95 visors
2) Cleaned up the seams on Cryengen3
3) Updated the keys for the server
4) Now all vests have Camo selections.
Thank you for staying with us. With love, EPSM Project !

Keys Fix

-Wet Earth Camo fix.
-Script fix

Update "Redux" is now live ! The state of the mod at the moment has improved significantly ! A huge number of models and textures have been reworked. The change affected both the helmet and the uniform. A platform has now been prepared to work on the following units. Stay with us.EPSM Team !

Tactical Black Vest Fix.

Dear friends, the "GSG9" update is out !
List of changes:
1) fixed balaclavas.
2) Added new variations of the PLATE CARRIER (Medium, heavy)
3) added helmet-95
4) Added new unloading black GSG9 vest
5) Added a large number of retextures
6) Added the ability to lower and raise the visor(See settings-manage Addons-GSG 9)

That's all. Good luck in your anti-terrorist endeavours !


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