Author: {RP}Alan
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Requirements: IFA3 AIO Lite

Version: 1.97
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This adds many additional features to the Iron Front 44 Panzer.

Date: 2020-01-15 17:31

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Iron Front 44 RealPanzer


Iron Front 44 RealPanzer

Real tank motor idle and movement sounds.
Improved and additional tank textures.
Improved vehicle movement.
German tank turret movement causes the motor to turn on.
Tank turrets have their correct powered rotation speed.
More historically accurate tank speed and turning.
More historically accurate suspension settings.
Tank motors operate at optimal revolutions and torque, where possible.
Tanks have historically correct transmission ratios and gear ratios and engine and torque curves.
Tanks have the historically correct number of forward gears.
Realistic fuel level and consumption rates.
Gunsights have their correct magnification level and some are full screen instead of a peephole.
StugIIIG has scissors periscope for gunner with 10x magnification.
Firefly has 2x magnification levels.
Sherman tanks have smoke dischargers.
German tanks have S-Mine dischargers in the commander position and smoker dischargers in the loader position.
Added inventory to all tanks, weapons, flares, tool kits, first kits, ammo like one would find in a tank.
Turret turn and gun elevation sounds, electric, hydraulic, manual custom made for all tanks.
The M3 Stuart is available to the Russians as a lend lease vehicle.
Smoke and S-mine launchers have correct ammo loadout and rate of fire.
All tanks have more AP rounds than the standard loadout because they are expecting a tank battle.

To install Iron Front 44 RealPanzer you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

For more realism and a sense that your tank has been hit turn on cam shake effects in options. It is a standard A3 feature.
If you have a better sound that you would like to see used in the mod, please contact me, and I can assess it and see if I can replace the existing one with your new one. The sound must be of good quality with no background noises such as music, a moderator or crowds. If I take the sound up, I can credit you as a mod contributor if you want. Same goes for textures and other things that you might be able to offer and would like to see in the game.
When using the excellent ACE mod, tank wrecks emit a shell buzzing sound, this can be fixed by removing the pbo called rp_weapons in the mod Addons folder.
I recommend using my adaption of the Smarter Tanks mod as well and the excellent Liberation Real Panzer mod.

Smarter Tanks mod for Iron Front 44 and Liberation
Liberation Real Panzer Mod

Known issues:
The Arma3 Nvidia PhysX sytem has some inbuilt limitations that hinder the making of a perfect tank simulation:
One cannot manually shift gears.
Only one turret speed so unpowered and powered turret turn cannot be simulated.
There is no off-road coefficient for tanks as there are for cars in ARMA3. This means that when a tank goes off-road the speed does not go slower to allow for the vehicle sinking into the softer ground. I have therefore adjusted the tank physx (vehicle handling) so that the tank is able to at least do its top reported off-road speed when off-road, downhill on smooth ground more is possible. This means that on a hard sealed surface such as a highway or runway the tank is unlikely to reach its top reported historical on-road speed. Given that tanks battle mostly off-road I found this is an acceptable compromise until a proper off-road coefficient feature is created by the manufacturer.
This mod was made and tested in single player mode and works well in that mode. In MP mode tanks sit too high on their suspension.

Here is my tip jar:
Place Bitcoins here 35fzccTottsbetg8ogZakAaJaG5CSnqiZf

Credits & Thanks:
The Iron Front 44 Development Team
For help with the turret turn speeds and general testing and ideas.
The growing list of users and subscribers that use the mod and especially those that report errors for me to fix and so help in mod development.
Gunter Severloh
For his help on the multiplayer tank sound effects, server performance, play testing and design of this website on Steam.
For answering some of my questions about real tank characteristics.
Ruediger at Zahnfabrik Friedrichshafen AG
For providing info on the Panther gearbox.
Munster Panzer Museum
For allowing me special access and help to measure tank wheels and answering questions such as how big and heavy the flywheel is on a given tank, the sort of information you can never find in a book or online.
[tf86]Shadow93, DonBlazer, Artyomka, NoobMunchies, Dr.Rebus, Rowdie, Gunter Serverloh
For play testing feedback and suggestions.

1. Fixed error message on map startup related to the Firefly.

* Corrected Sherman Firefly ammo loadout.
* Sherman tank has correct turret turn speed of 15s for a full rotation.

* Peephole gunsights for main guns are mostly gone. That is only for Hollywood and arcade games.
* Tank gun sight magnification is now correct.
* Tank turret turn speeds are now more accurate for the big cats thanks to Rowdied's research and testing and motivation.
* Sherman Firefly has its 2x gunsight magnification back.
* Stuart snow skin is now whiter.
* Firefly black/green and white texture improved.
* Support for IFA3 Liberation mod event handlers built into the code.

1. Fixed JS2 under AI control could fire off 2 shots in rapid succession.
2. Beefed up clutchstrength on some vehicles to improve uphill performance.
3. Big thanks to Rowdied for helping me with testing and making some very good suggestions on how to fix things-

* hotfix to remove rvmat files that were causing an error message to appear on load screen.

IF44 Changelog
* All tanks have optimised gear change values and clutches.
* All cars trucks and halftracks have better gear change and minor performance tweaks.
* T34 series tanks and JS2 brown and green skins are now darker brown.
* Wading Sherman has better skin.
* Wespe has darker skin.
* Sherman 75 and wading Sherman now show in editor menu list.
* Added a Sdkfz 251/16 Flame thrower halftrack. The 2 MG42s fire flame instead of bullets. A good workaround until someone makes some flame thrower 3d models to use.
* PIV gunner go now fire when the commander is unbuttoned.

IF44 Changelog
* German S-mine Anti personnel tank launched mine has shorter range and more immediate airburst effect for close in protection from close assaulting infantry.
* German tanks no longer turn on their engines when the turret moves. By popular request even though not really correct and is a stop gap until powered and unpowered turret turn code is written.

*Change US tank loader voice from Ho! to UP!. Thanks to Detcord21B for advice on that one.
*I44 Sherman physics tweak, now have correct off road speed and names.
*General macro commands used to make changes stick.
*Cleaned up close in support weapon code and comments.

1. Added Russian version of the tank shell reload sound. Thanks to players CaoSaoVang and Ein Iridescent for helping me out with it.
2. Fixed the length of the reload sound time in the Churchill howitzer. It was too short and is now 10 seconds long.

* Tanks have new reload sounds some with voices saying ready, geladen, ho or nothing. I did this once before and now it is back. If someone knows what a Russian loader shouts when finished loading please let me know in the comments section and I will add it in. A link to a recording or real sound file would be the icing on the cake.
* New StuGIIIg ambush camo skin.
* New Panther camo skin
* New Panzer IV camo skin
* Sherman 75 physics tweak for slower start up.
* New tank magazine reload sounds added.

* Sherman and T34/85 tank commander outside view no longer do the binocular hand boogie. Changed out the gunnerout animation model to a better one.
* Panther hit points adjusted down as it is historically weak in the sides and rear in real life but way too strong in the game. Front armour adjusted upwards.
* SU85 and StuGIIIg hit points adjusted for realism, were almost invulverable from the side whereas as in reality they were weak there.

* Corrected Wespe gun elevation and traverse.
* JS2 and T34/85 commanders inside cupola look around restored.
* Hitpoints on all tanks reworked.
* 4 new Tiger skins and a big thanks to Paraso for help with the grey one.
* Skin naming reorg to make them all visible in the selection menu.
* Tank naming and faction organisation sorted out.
* Sound definition upgrade for more surround sound shader effect for tank motors.
* AP shells have explosive filler to historically correct levels.
* HE shell have explosive filler to historically correct levels.
* All shells have been reworked with regards penetration and speed.
* All shells now make a metallic clang sound when they hit armour plate.
* JS2 engine and idle sounds levelled out.
* Tiger muddy wheels are darker.
* 2 new panther skins
* Corrected that some German tank round fired green tracer and now fire red.
* Light vehicles stop on zero throttle.
* Sherman drives a little better for a broken 3d model.
* Tank fuel tank leaks are slower.
* Panther sounds levelled out.

1. Darker grey skin for the Tiger.
2. Less rusty standard green skins for the Russian tanks.
3, Units now stack in the right category in the editor after the main game change.
4. Please provide feedback on the mod discussion page if you see anything new and strange that should not be.

1. Added Sherman Flame tank.
2. Added Stuart Flame tanks.
3. Improved OT34/76 Flame tank with better flame thrower from new Churchill Crocodile.
4. Tiger motor driving sound improved.
5. Tiger engine physics improved.
6. KT engine physics improved.
5. All RP vehicles now listed in editor menu for seperate selection.

1. T34 series of tanks slower acceleration.

1. Improved tiger driving sound.
2. Repaired T34 series driving errors.
3. Since that last main game update I have noticed that tanks zig zag more when driving and also that the main gun sounds like a PIAT and these new features are not my work and I am sure will be fixed by the IF44 team in due course.

1. Quick fix to catch up with main mode game changes and to get some of the tanks back under control again.

1. Removed the rp_weapons pbo as the tank shells were too powerful and will work on it some more. Thanks to Dick__Dastardly for helping find and test the problem.

1. Tank shells now make a metallic hit sound when they impact armour.
2. Wespe now has a proper HEAT shell with a penetration value and tracer.

1. Added AT version of Wespe and added historically correct final drive ratio.

1. Flakpanzer IV slower.

1. 3D sound definitions and refinements to most vehicles.
2. Vehicle handling improvements.

1. Minor sound definition fix for Wespe/PzIIF.

1. Added 3D sound definition for all tanks and most vehicles.

1. Fixed the array missing error message on startup.
2. Gave all external vehicle engines longer sound range in external mode.

1. Lots of vehicle sound and handling improvements.
2. There is an array error associateed with the PIV and Flakpanzer IV that I cannnot find. Just click the error message away for now.

Update: 5 dec om 16:47
1. Fixed syntax error that was causing a problems with ALIVE servers, thanks to Threedots for finding and showing how to fix the error.
2. Minor tweaks to truck sounds and driving.

1. Quieter engine idle sounds for T34, stug and tiger.
2. Phys tweaks for some cars.
3. Minor sound tweaks to many engines.

1. New King Tiger idle sound.
2. Cars and halftracks are back.
3. Many minor motor sound tweaks.

1. signed the files.

1.Physics tweaks. Tanks now roll on when the W key is released, also possible to adjust speed setting with the W key. Tanks drive better with AI in.

1. Physics tweaks after gameplay testing and user feedback. They are very good now the best they have ever been. Setting are now made on the following basis, 1. Adjust physics settings to achieve the tanks top road speed. 2. Set the maximum speeed to the tanks top off road speed. This way the tank does not lose any low end power and also does not go too fast in combat. This is a workaround until the tank class has an offroad coeficient.

1. Tank physics update to capture main mod changes.
2. New sounds for M3 and M5 tanks.
3. New sounds for T34 series of tanks.
4. Removed armoured cars and APCs while more work is done on them after the main mod update made them unworkable.

1. Physx tweaks for better vehicle pathing. Generally more turning force so that they do not change direction so much when driving.

1. Fix for KT so that it does not accelerate when turning and also paths better under AI control.

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